Tonight On American Idol 2014: Top 8 Round 2 Performances

They’re back! The American Idol 2014 Top 8 are at it again tonight for their second go at live performances in a bid for your votes to keep them in the race to the finale.

*UPDATE* – Watch the American Idol Top 8 performances in our full recap of Wednesday night’s show!

Top 8 backstage on American Idol
Top 8 backstage on American Idol – Source: FOX

We’re heading toward a new round of performances after last week’s reprise of audition songs so get ready for some 80’s fun in the new theme. But be careful because Caleb is threatening to wear spandex to get in the spirit of the theme in this week’s preview clip below.

Speaking of going back in time, we’re expecting a surprise mentor from a past season… David Cook! This will be great to see him again helping out the new finalists which will hopefully segue to a fun guest performance on Thursday night.

We’ll be watching for new American Idol spoilers today to find out what the singers will be performing tonight, but in the meantime check out our song picks for the Top 8.




  1. I’ve been posting everywhere I could for a couple of weeks that Dexter should sing “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” by the Georgia Satellites. He’s doing it tonight! YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

    • that is cool Stormy….I know what your saying, I have been shouting out that I want Caleb to do a Meatloaf song, not sure if he ever will, but it sure would be awesome..that dude can sing! I love watching his performances, Caleb rocks!

      • I also think Caleb is a natural for a Meat Loaf song. The problem is that those songs were written by Jim Steinman and nearly all of them are over 5 minutes long. It’s hard to cut a song that tells a long story condensed to 90 seconds.

      • I think Caleb should steer around singing Meat Loaf songs. When Meat Loaf came on Idol on season 5 and sang with, I think, Katherine McFee, he was very self centered. Worse, since then he has become a huge idol of Donald Trump (Celebrity Apprentice) so best for contestants to be careful of their affiliations. Also, Caleb needs to be more current.

      • hi Stormy….your right, didn’t give that much thought I guess I was just excited to the idea…Caleb really closed the show last night…I was like glued to the screen listening to his every word…I don’t know why I am so taken with this guy…there is just something about him that makes you want to hear more and more…he has an awesome smile and I love his personality…I hope the group tours Michigan…because I will do everything I can to go see him!

    • Where did you see that Dexter is singing “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”? I would like to see what the rest are singing too.

  2. My favorites are Caleb, Alex, And Sam. I think they are really talented. Caleb probably will win due he has what the other two does not: the outgoing stage presence. Alex and Sam are very shy and quite but boy are they talented. The one I really like and think is sweet with a kind and caring personality is C.J.. Can’t help it but Sam Woolf remind me so much of Ricky Nelson. Has the same soft mellow tone and even has the mannerisms to. I just see Ricky Nelson doing Garden Party when I see Sam.

    • I pretty much agree, but would add Jessica to the mix. I think the finale will be Caleb/Alex but Alex might just win. He is obviously more awkward and shy, yet his artistry and uniqueness shines through and he might be considered more likable than Caleb. If you look back at all of the winners, they were always very genuine and likable on their season. The ideal winner doesn’t exist this year but if we could combine the performance ability of Caleb, the artistry of Alex and the personality of C.J. that would be the winner.

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