Tonight On American Idol 2015: Top 7 Performance & Results

Tonight on American Idol 2015 the Top 7 perform the American Classic hits with your votes up for grabs while the Bottom Two face another live elimination sing-off.

American Idol Judges on Top 8 Night Season 14
American Idol Judges on Season 14 – Source: FOX

We’ve seen the song spoilers list and there’s plenty of promise ahead of us tonight as we get set to meet the American Idol Top 6 contestants. Sure, not all of the songs are solid as we discussed but the opportunities are there for a good show.

Who do you think will fall in to the Bottom 2 and who should fly on through to next week? See the results of your votes from last week’s voting and get ready for who could be the last two standing on the American Idol 2015 stage tonight.

Join us back here at 8/7c for our live coverage and voting details for what should be a fun night of performances and an interesting introduction to a new twist for American Idol. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for more Idol all season.




  1. Rayvon may be in danger being in the bottom twice in a row. Quentin has been doing better, at least than he originally was. Nick has been flopping a lot, could cost him his chance for the title. Joey has been alright to me, I originally liked her in the beginning but I’m liking Jax a lot more than her. Clark and Tyanna are about the same for me. Clark is probably 100% safe as well as Jax, and maybe Tyanna. Most likely safe is Joey and Nick. Bottom for me would be Ravyon and possibly Quentin. But likewise Quentin could easily be switched with Nick, or maybe a shock with Tyanna?

  2. I think Rayvon and Nick both should be gone too. But Joey needs to stop acting so silly. Always rolling her eyes.

  3. Jax is the American Idol winner this year. She’s innovative, killer Vocals and exactly what the Industry needs now. She can actually sing awesome LIVE & has great stage presence. She’s radio ready. It’s time for the music industry to promote artists that can SING without autotune and back tracks. It’s ridiculous.
    Jax is the Only contestant that has the full package.

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