Top 9 Guys Battle For Worst Performance On American Idol 2013

Devin Velez

The one thing you didn’t want to be last night on American Idol 2013 was a guy. The judges destroyed them and the fans are likely set to abandon them once again when the voting news is revealed.

What is it about the guys that pushes them down in the ranks as the girls continue to climb? They’re not “bad” singers, but they’re definitely being outperformed week after week. As we are continuously reminded, it seems like production handpicked this batch to guarantee a female winner this year and it looks like they’ll be granted their wish for American Idol 2013.

Looking over the results from the Top 9’s “who was the best?” poll the remaining guys hold the bottom two spots as three are tied for last and just one of them climbs up one point to tie for second to last with Janelle Arthur.

Who is the lucky guy to avoid the absolute lowest point in our poll? That’d be Lazaro Arbos. He’s popular with the fans, but critically is not the strongest singer in the group and the judges were busy reminding him of that last night to the point of bringing on tears.

After last week’s surprising results placed Lazaro in 4th place overall in the Top 10 I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pull another big move like that, but as the numbers dwindle he’ll be hard pressed to avoid the danger zone.

So let’s hear your thoughts. Which guy was the worst last night? Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez, Lazaro Arbos, or Paul Jolley? One of them will be eliminated from American Idol 2013 tonight, you can bet on it. Now the question is, which one?




    • I’m sorry but while not being a fan of Paul Jolley, and not being impressed with the first part of that performance yesterday, he wasn’t even in the same ball park as Lazaro’s performance. Lazaro’s performance would have you cringing in a Karaoke bar. Super guy, with a heart of gold, but not good enough for a competition like this. Still think he will get the sympathy vote though as he has all season and either Paul or Devin will be headed home. My bet is it will be Paul of which we assume are in agreement on.

  1. Lazaro was the worst of the guys, but whenever he gets voted off (which will be VERY soon, i think), he will be the one the judges save -_-

      • @Matthew and Rheyan: You both got that wrong – judges will save it until the closing weeks – even if Ryan is singing then. Burnell hasn’t impressed me either. In fact – he bores me. Looks like he is standing there getting ready for a high school debate – and his pronunciation of words are so bad – which may be a problem he can not control or fix – but will likely be something to prevent him from ever being a star. Let’s face it men – the girls are better this year – and one of them deserves to be the American Idol. Right now – I’m staying with Amber – love that Easy Listening music – and what an amazing voice.

      • Paul was great. Jimmy Ivine is the absolute worse by telling the contestants what to do one week and then when they do what he says, he complains. Idiot.

  2. the guys have to be lousy because it’s pretty obvious that the powers that be want a girl to win.

  3. Burnell is excellent and unique; Paul has a much better voice than the judges will admit; Devin has a wonderful voice and no charisma at all; Worst of the night…easily Lazaro. But he will not go home. I’d say Devin. People forgive many things, but not lackluster.

  4. This will be my last week watching. I am disgusted with watching what the producers have engineered. It’s just playing out according to plan. They would love the girls to go 1-5. They are alienating all future guy entrants as well as people who like fairness.

    • I think a large group of voters were the ones that destroyed the fairness aspect some seasons ago.

    • No unfortunately the girls are just better this year. I don’t understand why from the beginning they have to have equal guys and girls anyway. The top ten or 12 should not be gender specific.

      • Youre absolutely right. I’ve said the same thing about the gender separation. It is ridiculous.

        Great talent was eliminated earlier this season just because they wanted an equal number of guys to girls for the top 10.

        Has it always been this way? I’ve been watching for only last 3 seasons.

  5. Lazaro was crying after the lackluster critique from the judges, He’s lucky Simon Cowell is no longer on the AI panel! He’d be running off the stage balling his eyes out if Simon had been there!

  6. Paul Jolly is “NOT” a “COUNTRY SINGER”! He reminds me most of John Secada. May do some Justin Timberlake also.

  7. It’s crazy to think that this is a plot to cripple the guys. The top 4 performances were ounce again from 4 of the girls. They are not getting better advice or any other boost. They are just naturally gifted with great voices and timing and Angie is a cut above all of them.

    • But so many reputable sources have said otherwise. Of course its understandable that the judges would hang on to the save for Angie or Candice. I don’t know what to think about a fix truly being in the works. What does everyone here think?

  8. America you got it so wrong with Paul.(I am from Australia and first time I wish I could vote) He was the only performance where I stopped and looked up from my computer to watch I was totally absorbed by him. I can’t believe the action from the judges. He sounded great. I was thinking gee he might just be the winner.(Well top 3 as Kree will win) And believe me I don’t get it so wrong. In fact I have picked 7 out of 10 Idol winners and runner-ups from U.S idol and Australian idol.
    Where as I still don’t understand Burnell being there, he is so boring and sounds so flat to me and he has never wowed me.

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