Who Is Going Home On American Idol Tonight? 5/8/2014

American Idol 2014 Top 4 portraits

The American Idol 2014 Top 4 have performed and only three can make the hometown visits next week, so who will stay and who will go tonight? The frontrunner to win this is no longer clear, but what I do think is clear is who will be heading home tonight (or is it?). Let’s get to the predictions.

Who is going home on American Idol 2014 tonight?

Definitely Safe

Jena Irene. She’s at the top of our poll and even though her night was mixed, she’s been solidly gaining steam for weeks now and I think it’s paid off.

Caleb Johnson. He’s never been in the bottom and he’s never had a bad performance. I think it’s he and Jena for sure heading home for the visits next week.

Probably Safe

Alex Preston. Alex had a great night last night. There’s still a tiny chance he goes home tonight, but I don’t see that happening. He’s never been in the bottom and America seems to like him, so I think he’ll round out the top 3.

Possibly Going Home 

Jessica Meuse. She was in the bottom two weeks ago and probably was there last week (even though we weren’t told), so I think tonight is her last night. And not to mention, her performances last night weren’t as solid as they have been. At this point I think it’s between her or Alex, but I’m leaning more toward her.

Who do you think stays and goes tonight on American Idol 2014?




    • He also ruined bon jovi for crying out loud, he’s james durbin version 2.

      Every year since adam lambert there is a wannabe in it, But caleb is a wannabee of a wannabee of a wannabe.

      There will never be another adam lambert he has a unique voice, But look at him not even adam is that big so why would a copycat do better than the real thing?

    • To show that caleb is a wannabe of james he sings the songs he sanged.

      Maybe im amazed & don’t wanna miss a thing, he sung journey, he sung bon jovi

      • oh yes it was on top of the fact dude is nothing but a copy cat. totally would love for a rocker to win but please find own material to support.

  1. Anybody know if they are they going to release Jena’s song Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love”? I want to buy it.

    • I think the songs are routinely on iTunes. I don’t think Jena’s song will wear well. It lost the emotional sensibility. Every time she started to get into it emotionally, she screamed out and broke the mood in order to show off her loud, high notes.

    • OMG, I would hope no one will have to listen to that horrific performance of Jena’s ever again – are you saying you would pay money for it? Yikes.

      • Tonight, when Alex or Jess heads home, I’ll smile in your general direction.

      • You know people can spend their money on whatever they want, I wouldn’t buy it just because I can listen to it for free from anywhere else. Guest you need to stop bashing Jena, geez her performance wasnt anywhere near bad. I think you really should listen better. You obviously lack hearing or something.

      • I feel you have your opinion about her is great you like her, but I feel she needs to be stronger and feel she is weak. But you love her so that is great and Congratulations if she wins they all got there for a reason.

    • Icant believe people like Jessica after her attitudein Hollywood week I can’t stand her

    • i don’t anymore she should do toothpaste commercials, she’ll be successful at that for sure. i cannot see people wanting to buy her albums. she seemed like she’ll pull through for a while, but no sir it’s steadily getting annoying.

  2. Caleb is awesome, he rocked the stage as usual. He is an amazing talent and is going far. <3 Caleb!

  3. I am not getting the Jenna thing at all. How painful was her Lady Gaga number. I could not even watch it. Alex is consistent, talented and not given a fair deal by the judges.

    • I love Alex and voted for him but his second song was nothing to write home about, Caleb was the only one to have a solid night. Jena’s best song of the night tied with Alex, “Yellow” His voice is amazing.

      • I agree on Alex’s second song, but Jennifer would like you to believe he had two weak performances, and he did NOT. Jenna’s last song was good, but her second was horrid. Jessica sadly tried to sing Kelly Clarkson. I have yet to hear anyone sing a good remake of Kelly Clarkson. Caleb was great.

      • Look, take J-Lo’s reactions with a grain-of-salt… apologies for the cliche.

        I think people read too much into her reactions. I believe that was a heartfelt moment for J-Lo, perhaps for reasons we do not understand. Even Harry was at a loss for adjectives … someone needs to get him a thesaurus.

        Seriously, don’t ponder J Lo’s kissy-kissy moment too much. We’re not in her head, we can’t read her mind… I doubt Per Blankens told her between commercial breaks, “Pssssst… go kiss Jena after her next performance!!

        It may seem like undo adulation to the Jena haters of the world, and it may indeed seem over-the-top, but as Obama once put it, “there’s no there there.” 🙂

      • Her reaction was over the top. I an neither a Jena fan or a hater. I am just saying that performance was not deserving of that reaction. It just wasn’t, and you can’t ignore it because I am sure she got votes because of it. What about her Lady GAGA. That was the WORST performance of the night.

      • We’re not talking about her Gaga performance here. The topic was about J-Lo having a moment with Jena.

      • It was super stupid of JLo to do that. Could turn even more people against Jena.

      • Jena-haters are like the Sith, they only deal in absolutes. Either you hate Jena with them, or you are their enemy.

      • settle down……these harsh words…enemy hate..omG…scary.

      • I would say that Jessica’s “So What” number was the worst of the night, actually.

        But let me ask you a question – who, in your mind, would be the BEST female judge in American Idol?

        While I’m not saying Jennifer is flawless and as impartial as a blind billionaire unisex judge .. or Harry, but to-date, of all the female judges I’ve seen on Idol, this season, J-Lo has been far better than any of the past female judges (my opinion), even compared to J-Lo of the past set between Steven and Randy.

        It also seems that the primary cry for “Get Rid of J-Lo” is coming from female critics here. I do see a few male voices of consternation, but by-in-large, the females of this blog are anti-J-Lo.

        So, who would you have sit on the bench for Season 14? (and, you must have at least one female in mind). IF you mention Demi Lovato, I will scream “I love you; you love me” Purple Dinosaur songs in your general direction.

      • heelllpppp ………get the brain…..its getting out of line.

      • See, I want to hear / read from the ladies on this one. Most of the J-Lo Hate Crowd is comprised of the double-X chromosome holders.

        I want to hear what they feel would be a suitable replacement for J-Lo.

        I could careless, either keep J-Lo or let her go. I think she gets far too much attention of the camera crew as is… but, she’s also one of the best female judges the program has ever had.

      • I’m a lady! there needs to be a non-self absorbed serious female on this show. And these kids need better mentoring.

      • Apologies. I agree, there needs to be a non-self absorbed female on the judges bench. But, so far, I haven’t seen one.

        (It seems to be a prerequisite to be a female icon.)

      • First, I never said get rid of JLo,,,,what I did say las last night she was blatantly boosting up Jena, and dissing Alex. I have said I like, but last night she had a plan, and she should never play poker because she can’t bluff.

      • Generally, yes. I just didn’t get her last night. I am sorry but Jena’s performance was not that good, and Alex did not deserve the diss.

      • I think half of that was JLo feeling sorry for ruining Jena’s performance with an F-bomb that EVERYONE in the audience heard loud & clear… apparently.

      • Ok. I feel JLo is more modern, more poised than Paula was. Paula always seemed to be at a loss for what to say, or how to express what she felt.

        She was always trying too hard to come up with something appropriate that it never emerged from her lips before her time was up.

        JLo, on the other hand, has words ready right away… even if we don’t agree with them.

      • Her consistent, over-the-top adulation and praise of Jena has undue influence. That’s the problem.

      • Exactly it was over the top. The performance was good, not great, not mind-blowing. The best performance last night goes to Caleb(he isn’t my favorite, but honesty works)

      • have i used keep it simple stupid ……..
        i think i have….obama fan too …..
        pathetic………no word left for you my friend.

      • what gina gena genna jenna plain jane ….how do you pronounce that??

      • Just be thankful your mother & father gave you a name most people could immediately recognize.

        I’m betting you are jealous of Jena. All this effort to deride and mock her .. and anyone who shows support for her. Why all the effort?

      • what if i told you this is not my name??? what if i told you my real name is JJ?? jelous of who???btw
        you re the biggest mocker that’s why i like to pick on you,,,go pick up your brain in kansas…..its time now!!

      • was thinking of either two of Jena’s albums or a couple lumps of coal… maybe both.

      • i’ll be smiling w/u when jess leaves and no thank you i don’t care for geena jina album how do spell that again?? But i’ll take the coal, running low for my next bbq, that’ll come in handy.

      • hey this is cool we are both having our predictions come true and can smile in peace together good night Sp_cebux, have a great week.:)

      • sorry my bad i knew that by the way, but you fell for it anyway.

      • and you…need to see the wizzard of oz someone needs to give you a new brain.

      • I agree with you on all of that, Dancer! Alex did not have 2 weak performances like JLO is trying to make people believe. Her comment on his last song, “You needed that” made me so mad! She may not like Alex’s style, but that shouldn’t matter. Judges are supposed to judge on vocals and talent. Alex is the most talented of all and gets no respect!

      • I agree with your remark about Alex. Even Ryan Seacrest made reference to Alex having a rough night until his 3rd song. His first song was great!!!

      • who cares about jlo the only reason she’s on idol is; to promote her pappi album its a joke along w/her being the biggest joke. no other way would she have an opportunity to make people watch her.jessica is going home finally and the other female will be found out by the next week.

      • Jena had a best song of the night? They were all sort of equally bad, poorly sung.

    • ditto. nailed that one. Alex is the only one left w/real talent. is it gina jina jane jenna genna ???????????can’t remember lol

  4. Jmo, Caleb may have run into a bit of trouble this week, he was strong last night and I voted for him. But I will not be suprised to see him in the bottom two. I hope he doesn’t go home.

  5. I love how since jena did wonderful last night everyone is attacking her weakest song lady gaga one. Her worst performance was better than the other contestants best performance.

    • Jena was her same crappy, sappy self last night. She did not do “wonderful” on any of her songs. She wrecked “Can’t Help Falling In Love” she sang it so poorly, messed up the melody, thought it was about her mother … it’s a love song, a grownup lovesong, about desire.

      • I think you probably need to watch her performance and use your ears next time. That performance was beautiful.

  6. 1. Jena
    2. Jessica
    3. Caleb
    4. Alex

    In that order is what i believe if you disagree you have your right, don’t comment stupidness like jena didn’t do good or didn’t deserve this or that. that’s not your call last time i checked you wasn’t a american idol judge.

  7. Maybe they won’t send anyone home, they all deserve a good Homecoming.. They made it this far.

  8. jena asciuto = is she greek or armenian? she should be booked at our Greek festival in 5 years since, she really isnt that good. alex is the true musical artist. Caleb is the runaway winner. Jennifer Meuse wont have to work at smokey bars anymore. Jennifer Lopez is all about her and her opinion. pls no more panning to JLo.

  9. jena is italian- and she is beautiful! inside and out! What an amazing performance last night!

  10. Since someone on another site compared Jena’s singing to having a moth full of mashed potatoes, I guess a Caleb/Jena finale would be Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes. I could skip that.

  11. What a sham the way they have shown favoritism for Jena and nothing for Jessica always talking down to her.

  12. I love JESSICA and CALEB!!! I really hope Jessica doesn’t go home because her voice(to me) is amazingggg!! I have already bought all of her songs on iTunes!! Jammin to them everyday!! Either way she is going to be picked up by someone! Whether she stays or not! Same with Caleb! It’s like the Rocker’s never win though. look at Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert. They didn’t take first but had a better career then the winner!! I can’t wait to hear the results tonight!!So nervous and excited!! I really think Jena has a good voice sometimes, but I do not like her at all and she’s not always consistent either.. GO JESSICA AND CALEB!!! <3

  13. I think Gina is the whole package. Alex is the next most talented and very professional. I don’t like Caleb. He looks like an old, ugly woman. He screams everything. I like Jessica, but she shows no emotion. She needs to show some heart for people to like her.

  14. RANKING – MOST LIKELY to be Eliminated from Top 4:
    1. Jessica Meuse
    2. Jena Irene
    3. Caleb Johnson
    4. Alex Preston

  15. I think the way Jalo is favoring Jena is a disgrace. Going up on stage and hugging her????????REALLY…..That’s not being an impartial judge. That was really going overboard. She should not be a judge next year. I think she put Jess down just to build up Jena. Jess did an awesome job considering the terrible reviews she kept getting. Judges need to get off her back. The last song she sang was GREAT.. LOVE her.. voted for her all 50 votes.

  16. Alex is the true artist of the group, but they all have strengths. Caleb can rock- but ought to learn to keep his “jokes” to himself. Jena is uneven at times- she can be brilliant, and sometimes disappointing. Jess keeps growing, but should just bite the bullet and do some Stevie Nicks. She’d be amazing. Alex is my man. He won’t win- or will he? Great range, humble, brilliant interpretations- sometimes ahead of the crowd. Gotta love him. I wish all of them well as they ALL have real talent!

  17. Welp, the lack of a “Shocking Results” tweet from Ryan Seacrest leads me to believe Jess is going home.

    • Evanescence is way better then her stronger voice Jena is weak she needs to train her pipes

      • She is a nice girl she just needs more training to make it perfect I love all of the idols. People are mad because they want their favorites to win I get it. I get mad because my favorite is Caleb and I did not even like him in the beginning. They are all stars now some will have their 15 minutes and some will do something with there talent.

    • Just because she’s supposedly the judges favorite has nothing to do with why she should go home.

  18. Oh my… Jena-haters & Caleb-haters, tissue boxes will be made available at your local city and county offices. Counselors are also on-hand, on a first-come-first-cry basis.

  19. Well to Caleb haters. If Caleb doesn’t win, than ALEX will. No way Jena will win. She has the runner up spot in the bag.. just sayin

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