Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 5/8/2014

Dim the lights, here we go! The Top 3 finalists on American Idol 2014 were revealed last night on FOX as Ryan Seacrest took the stage and announced your official results.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

So far we have made our own predictions and reviewed what readers expect to happen, but now it’s time for Idol’s official news. After last week’s twist flopped there will be just one elimination per usual instead of what could have been a double elimination around tonight. Anyone who survives this cut tonight will be treated to a grand homecoming event over the weekend.

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Host Ryan Seacrest reveals the results as we meet season 13’s Top 3 contestants.

American Idol 2014 Top 3 Contestants:

  1. Jena Irene
  2. Caleb Johnson
  3. Alex Preston

Top 4 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Tonight?:

What do you think of this week’s outcome? Did America get the votes right? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Jena deserves to win and so dose Caleb they are both my favorite I can’t decide!!!!!!

    • The top three deserve to win, I can’t make up my mind, but I would like to hear Alex sing, I write the songs by Barry Manillow. Imo, that would even the field. They are screamers while he is mellow.

      • At first I thought Alex was so mellow, he was sleep inducing. But, He has definitely up his game these past two weeks. With a couple of great performances.

  2. I figured Jessica would go home tonight. I’ve loved Jena since the start & I’m hoping she wins it all!

    • Of course she went home the judges haven’t said a nice thing to her in weeks, set her up for failure, I hope they cancel the show, the voice is 100 times better then this show.

      • I wouldn’t go as far as cancelling the show, but agree that the judges have certainly biased the audience against Jess. Too bad – she has a magnificent voice! I hope she will do well, just like Chris Daughtry did.

      • i think jess did it to her self during hollywood week. She acts as if someone owes her something

      • i agree with you. I think the singers on the voice are helped a lot more and showed how to perform.. Jessica was a great singer and i believe this is rig if that other guys wins i know it is rig

      • I partially agree with you. The talent on The voice is 100 times better. But, I from what I saw this week, Jessica got praise were it was due with her “You and I” performance. And she got called out on sub par performances.

      • The judges praised her last performance. Alex is the one they have been particularly hard on from week to week.

      • Not everyone knows about that. Everyone I talk to had no idea and they watch the show and vote weekly

  3. Jena has worked hard every single week and you can tell by the way she sings her choice of songs. She knows how to control her voice to make every song a story. On the other hand caleb has one tone of voice.LOUD. Jena is a born artist and no matter how the outcome will be, she will entertain people with her beautiful voice!!!!!

  4. There is a great difference between judging a competition and throwing one. This is the first year on Idol that the producers and judges are so biased that they are manipulating the viewers to vote for two contestants and against two others. Either Jena or Caleb is going to win because the judges have been throwing Alex and Jessica under the bus for weeks with a mix of put downs and negative comparisons. I’m very proud of Jessica and Alex for continuing week after week under this constant barrage of biased, critical harping. They will go very far without being “The Idol” as many other have done before them.

    • I really liked Jessica she has an amazing voice I think she is the one to beat when she really makes an album. She may have went home so did so many who lost and look at Hudson , Daughtry Lambert.

    • Preachin to the choir .. the judges and producers have completely swayed the vote. Jessica will come out of it fine, as she now has a serious following AND actually has song-writing skills to go along with her unique voice and incredible tone. THE-Jena has been thrown down the publics’ throats and there’s enough weak minded people that follow like the sheep they are to push her through. Only question now is which guy is going to get buried in the final. Zzzzz

  5. Jessica is a bar singer…she hardly moved for weeks. Cakeb needs to figure out je needs his fans and calling them retards is unacceptable for an American Idol. By far the most talented are Alex and Gena. T ghost ey need to be in the finals. Both very talented and unique. Sorry but Caleb sings the same every week and copies the songs almost exactly. Tired of his screaming. Hes next to go…yay!

    • This is from someone uses “Gena”. Holy cow, it’s 4 letters, you think you could master it.

  6. Jess has a good voice but can’t emotionally connect with the audience…also about performance people! Last night in one of her songs both my husband and I thought, she looks like one of the girls in that Palmer song way back when, there’s no tellin where the girl went…remember, the girls in the video had guitars and they were very stiff, like robots almost. Come on, Jess couldn’t emotionally connect, and that is the key, with dancing, singing, any of the arts.

    • But does Alex connect with the audience any better than Jess? Alex does not show much expression when he sings. His feet move up and down, but he doesn’t go anywhere. His eyes don’t show emotion, and there are few facial expressions. His up-tempo songs are usually weak. Between Jess and Alex, I choose Jess.

      • He connects with his songs for sure! You can tell he is feeling every single word. Jess sings sad/serious songs w a big smile on her face. She is just singing the words and not paying attention to the meaning of the songs. She slightly improved during the last week. But too late. Big difference between her and Alex

  7. They all four won they made it this far, but now here is the catcher do you remember any of the losers from seasons 1 through 10 a lot of them are gone gone gone. So it is best that they themselves want to move on. Who do we remember Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson who else?

    • Melinda Doolittle, Clay Aiken, Haley Reinhart, and Adam Lambert. I wish Melinda had made a CD of all the songs she did on Idol. I would have bought it right away. She has a great voice.

    • I still remember Tamyra Gray (season 1) .. one of the best contestants to ever appear on this show. Kelly had the All-American girl look and a great voice .. but Tamyra was actually the most talented singer that year. And there’s been others .. Crystal Bowersox was an amazing talent .. Bo Bice .. etc etc. You make of AI what you can .. and with Social Media, many of these runner-ups stand a much better chance to succeed with a little hard work. Jessica has a huge following and I have a feeling she’s still going to be the most successful of the bunch!

      • We remember some but their careers have not been better than some of the idols. Where is Bo Bice I voted for him now he is not even on the charts, and Taylor Hicks who won over Daughtry and Fantasia winning Hudson who do I need to say made it on the charts.

    • have you forgotten adam lambert??? who went on tour right after idol and is now fronting for queen!!!

  8. they all deserve to go home in my opinion. wheres the good talent when u need it. its always the ones that get booted off with the most successful careers. these people cant get but one song. just look at the past artists. this is why i watch the voice. they choose people based on TALENT not jus looks.

    • I agree that AL is lacking in talent this year, but I would hardly call this group good looking either. Caleb is an arrogant pork chop and Alex, with his spastic moves (aka pee dance), reminds me of Tiny Tim.

      • I have to agree with Zig. I wouldn’t call anyone jn this group of 3 someone anyone votes for. based on looks.

  9. Its a shame Jessica went home. I think the judges were successful in beating her down because of her emotions I thought it was a talent show.


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