Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 3/13/2014

'American Idol' Recap: March 12, 2014

Dim the lights. It’s time for the results! Let’s find out who becomes the Top 10 contestants and secures a seat on the American Idol 2014 summer tour bus.

We’ve shared our prediction and your poll results to help judge which singers were in the most danger this week, and now it’s time to find out how what happened.

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American Idol 2014 Top 10 Contestants:

  1. Caleb Johnson
  2. CJ Harris
  3. Dexter Roberts
  4. Malaya Watson
  5. MK Nobilette
  6. Jessica Meuse
  7. Alex Preston
  8. Jena Irene
  9. Sam Woolf
  10. Majesty Rose

We’re compiling the Top 10 contestants as the results are revealed and we discover which singers are in this week’s Bottom 3 where they definitely don’t want to be.

Top 11’s Bottom 3 Contestants:

  1. Ben Briley
  2. Majesty RoseMajesty is safe
  3. Sam WoolfSam is safe

One of these Bottom 3 singers will get the chance to sing for his or her American Idol life with the return of the Judges Save.

Top 11 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Tonight?:

  • Ben Briley

Nope. The judges decide against saving Ben. He has been voted off American Idol 2014.

Did your favorite singers survive the vote or were they sent home?

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  1. Harry was good…. I hope they bring back Casey and Haley to do a jazz number this year.

  2. For some reson they have not mentored Ben well. They dressed him like an old man and then all critiqued him very harshly. Personally, I think with the right mentoring Ben could be a star. Out of this bunch Jena and Caleb are outstanding. By the way the BAND STINKS. THEY MAKE ALL THE CONTSTANTS SOUD BAD ESPECIALLY THE LOUD DRUMMING.

  3. Majesty sung badly last night but Ben only chose the wrong song. There is something that isn’t quite right about that to me. Maybe I’m in the minority but Majesty should’ve gone home. I do believe that Ben should have stuck with he does best which is Southern Rock/Country because the one time he (or anyone for that matter) doesn’t, he paid for it.

    • I’m glad I didn’t watch this week… I had enough last week. Ben was one of the best ones… there really are only 3 or 4 good singers and entertainers in the group… I’m not surprised… The show is so rigged– they already know who the winner is going to be — so, it doesn’t matter at this point who goes home.

    • I also should have said that MK should’ve been in the bottom this week and ultimately sent home. She wasn’t as good as the judges said last night and honestly, one halfway okay night shouldn’t keep her around.

      She also looked like she couldn’t have cared less about being there when Ryan called her group up to the stage.

      • That would be a major miss in my book and she, in no way, deserves to win this show.

      • Sorry, but I hope that doesn’t happen either. The show doesn’t need another WGWG to win.

      • Sorry again, but I don’t gotta love Dexter. Give me someone like Jena or Caleb or CJ any day!

      • Dex was mediocre and uninteresting and played a song he knew everyone would love.

        Jessica did a good job, even though the band fucked up and screwed her up a bit.

        Majesty had a bad song choice but she’s probably one of the best vocalists there.

        Sam’s performances tend to be boring. as do Mk’s but she did amazing last night with the emotion.

        Malaya is fine with these slower belting songs, but cant sing anything upbeat… though last night was meh.

        And while Caleb did good at skyfall, it sounded kind of odd to me for some reason.

        C.J was great. He’s the best of the country guys, singing Jason Mraz and doing his own twist on the song from this week.

        Jena and Alex both did incredible with their respective songs last night. But people like them never win… Look at Angie last year.

        Ben and Majesty deserved bottom two this week and they got what they deserved.

  4. You’ve GOT to be kidding. MK MUST GO!!!!
    She is not nearly as good as the others.
    Caleb all the way.

  5. America got it half right and half wrong. Jessica was the wrong half to stay in this competition. Why she’s made it this far is a mystery to me. Ben’s performance was weak but, at least he took a risk. Music is all about stretching beyond the comfort zone. No risk, no reward, right? In Ben’s performance though, I think he went too far beyond a risk–it proved to be a huge gamble when he chose to be ‘different’ rather than stretch what made him different to the others. Jessica on the other hand takes no risks whatsoever week after week. She consistently sings out of tune (“too sharp,” as Harry repeats each week after she performs), has an unsteady tone with a bleating vibrato that’s she is unable to control, no resonance in her voice with an almost monotone timbre, and the only color she offers in her ‘singing’ is the pink streak on her hair. How she’s made it this far defies logic! Compliments to the other real singers who finally gave us a competition this past week worth the price of admission: Jena (Fierce!), Caleb (as usual), CJ (nice clean-up!), Malaya (finally taking the competition seriously) & MK (soulful). Things are looking up!

    • I completely disagree with you about Jessica being the one who should’ve gone home tonight. In all honesty, it should’ve been MK. She has no strength or soul behind her voice. When I think about the finalists, she rarely comes to mind.

      • MK is a soulful singer–good song choices, good musical phrasing in her singing, beautiful, ‘chill’ ease to her tone and delivers with commitment to the song’s essence. Her voice has strength. What she needs to improve on is her confidence–which she’ll develop when she let’s herself just let go.

      • As I said to Sunny below, we’ll just have to agree to disagree because I totally and completely disagree with you on this one.

      • OK Jessica is my favorite, but I watched closely last night when Ryan pronounced her safe and she was just aloof and brushed past him to go back to the lounge. Now I’m not saying she’s cold or a Haley Reinhart or anything, but I’m wondering if she might be completely disillusioned about the entire show. The judges have been brutal, the band messed her up and I wonder if she might be being sabotaged deliberately to further the producers’ chosen winner. And yes, I do think they may pre-determine their fave.

      • Thank you for not only recognizing her serious talent, but for pointing out her depth, understanding, conviction & passion for what she’s singing! Absolutely adore her & look forward to her moving forward week after week!

  6. I am afraid Dexter is one trick pony. there are thousands of Dexters in every honky tonk bar in America. Nice guy, average voice. would I pay to see him. Never.

    • Your observation of Dexter is succinct and 100% right! I could not have said it better myself.

    • They said that about Scotty, Remember you do not fix something that;s not broken, Dexter is true country.

  7. Singing for the save at this point in the competition is a joke. No one is going to use it until later on especially now when it involves the top ten for the summer tours. Ben is better than Sam, IMO. Sam’s looks are helping to get votes for him. Is Vote for the Worst back in business? I agree with Sunny in that I would like to see Haley Reinhart sing on the show.

  8. Ben deserved to go home and i will never miss him…..he stunk worse than the shows ratings.

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