American Idol 2014 Top 10 Elimination Results [VIDEOS]

On the American Idol results show tonight, the season 13 Top 10 contestants will be finally be revealed! In the same moment, they’ll also learn which of their new friends will be the one who was eliminated on American Idol tonight and won’t be joining them for the live tour. It’s going to be a very bittersweet moment for the American Idol 2014 Top 10 singers, we’re sure.

Alex Preston

We’re kind of hoping it is all a tease though, and the powers-that-be will actually retroactively decide all of the Top 13 get to go on the American Idol Live Tour this summer. Wouldn’t that be nice? After all, if you’ve made it this far, it seems kind of unfair to be the one who got voted off American Idol 2014 at the very last minute and be left in the dust.

After last night’s much more engaging performances, we are actually a little sad to see anyone go. Of course, not all the songs were terrific, but overall we thought it was probably the best night of the season so far. We were especially impressed by the performances of Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene Ascuitto, who we think both blew it out last night.

We were also happy to see CJ Harris and MK Nobilette step up their game, although we don’t know if it was enough to save MK from going home tonight. If it isn’t MK going home, we suspect it will most likely be Ben Briley, who gave another rather lackluster performance this week. However, there are a lot of our readers who think Malaya Watson or even Majesty Rose York might end up on the bottom this week after their songs last night.

Here we go! Host Ryan Seacrest says there were over 70 million votes, with a total of over 6 billion votes since season 1. Then he tells us that tonight’s outcome may just surprise a lot of people. Oh dear, we don’t know if we like what that might mean.

Ryan introduces the American Idol judges, talks about Harry Connick Jr. performing tonight, and then leads us into a montage of the Top 11 from last night.

Ryan says this is one of the most devestating cuts of the season because whoever goes home will not get to be part of the American Idol Live Tour. First to get their results tonight will be CJ, Caleb, and Dexter. We take a look back at their performances and critiques from last night. We think all three of these guys will be safe.

Ryan says… Caleb is safe. CJ is safe. And… Dexter is safe!

Before we go to break, Ryan says we are going to have a dedication to formerly eliminated contestant Munfarid Zaidi. Remember him? We are reminded of the cuteness of Harry Connick Jr. ‘cradling’ Munfarid in his arms while he sang for his audition. Hilarious!

Back from commercial, and former mentor Harry will be performing a medley of two of his hit songs. Harry may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s a seriously accomplished musician and he’s a seriously gifted jazz man.

Welcome back to Munfarid Zaidi! And yet again, Harry cradles him on stage while he sings a sappy ballad. Harry almost, but not quite, looks like he might blush.

Now it’s time for the next results with MK, Ben, Majesty, and Malaya.

Ryan says after the nationwide votes were counted, Malaya is… safe. And… MK is safe as well! Every time we think it’s her last week, she just keeps on trucking along thanks to her very loyal fans.

Somewhat shockingly, Ben Briley and Majesty Rose York are both in the bottom three for the first time. After their performances last night, we’re not that surprised, but we thought Majesty might still coast in the safe zone tonight.

Before we get to the next set of American Idol results, we have a guest performance from Mali Music. He’s a guy who sings and does rap. J-Lo wanted him to come on and perform. This particular song has a whole lot of him singing ya ya ya ya ya and yi yi yi yi — literally. Not such a big fan, although he plays a nice piano.

Now we have Jena Irene Ascuitto, Sam Woolf, Alex Preston, and Jessica Meuse.

Dim the lights and Ryan announces that Jessica Meuse is safe and has made the American Idol Live Tour. Joining Jessica in the safe zone is… Alex Preston. And the last person safe is… Jena!

That means Sam Woolf joins Majesty Rose and Ben Briley in the bottom three.

After another commercial break, Ryan Seacrest announces that Sam Woolf is safe! The last person safe tonight is… Majesty Rose!

That means Ben Briley has to sing for the save tonight and we don’t think the American Idol judges are going to give it to him. Poor Ben, no tour for him and that’s gotta hurt.

Ben sings “Stars” by Grace Potter and it’s rough and not going to save him. Keith Urban says they love him, but they can’t use their save. He’s going home.

What did you think of the American Idol 2014 results tonight? Did the right person go home?

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  1. I. Don’t. Believe it. Sam Woolf actually landed in the bottom 3. WGWG never lands in the bottom 3, especially not this early. And he’s actually a better singer than Phillip. However, I’m assuming that this just means he got the 9th most votes and that this happening will scare his fans into overdrive and he will be safe for quite some time now. I still think he’s gonna win. This also means Sam will probably NEVER perform without his guitar again. Also, congratulations are in order to MK for managing to stay out of the bottom 3 for once. Sad to see Ben go, but someone had to and Dexter beat him out week after week.

    • I have watched Idol for years and this bunch of contestants is the absolute worst ever! not a good singer in the bunch with the exception of the rocker guy. so long Idol!

  2. I honestly feel like because Alex doesn’t have “the face” he doesn’t have that big of a following even though he is indescribably amazing so I feel like if he does get voted in the bottom the judges will save him because they know what he can do

    • Alex talked through the whole song and sang a few lines at the end. That is not singing. ..I have yet to hear him really sing.

  3. I love Ben!!! I really want pink stripe girl to go home!!!! Very sad results indeed!!!!!

  4. It doesn’t matter who the best singer is it’s nothing but a popularity contest voted on by people that don’t have any idea what real talent is. If they did Joshua would have won last year instead of Phllip Phillips.That guy wouldn’t even have been around after the top ten

    • That’s simply your opinion. Many people don’t agree and it doesn’t mean that they don’t understand talent. Your statement was very arrogant.

  5. This show is SOOOOOO done! The only change that is working this year is the addition of Harry Connick Jr. He actually has constructive criticism. Everyone I know that used to watch this show, are no longer doing so. They are watching The Voice which has much better talent.

  6. Alex is super talented! As is Sam. But Sam has a huge confidence issue to overcome. And I just don’t see that happening in the time left. The rocker guy is great just not as truly talented as Alex and Sam. Jena could pull it out, but she had made some really bad song choices. Time will tell for her. CJ is cool, just not consistent enough, and again, as with the rocker dude, not as talented. I mean, people who can write music…good music…as with Sam, Alex and jena, have a distinct advantage over people who can merely sing others music. At least in my opinion. The others need professional voice coaches to bring them up to speed.

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