American Idol 2015 Top 9 Night Photo Gallery – Episode 22

As for decade theme nights, 80’s is about as far back as I like to go so this week’s American Idol 2015 Top 9 performances were a fun one for me, though not everyone singer was quite up to the challenge that night.

American Idol 2015 Hopefuls perform with Boy George
American Idol 2015 Hopefuls perform with Boy George – Source: FOX

But while the Top 9’s American Idol performances may have varied they weren’t the only thing on a wide spectrum. How about those outfits last night? Adanna Duru got all done up in her Wonder Woman costume and wasn’t even given the chance to sing. I’m only teasing. I like that she went with a daring outfit for the night as she needed to do something memorable.

Adanna wasn’t the only memorable moment in the night though as there were several guest performances including a visit by David Hasselhoff and Salt-N-Pepa who both brought some more 80’s magic back to the American Idol stage.

Check out all the photos from this week’s Idol episode and see who did it the best.

I don’t know who Nick Fradiani has pissed off, but this is the second week in a row his photos were excluded from the press released image gallery. So he’s not in the pics below but obviously made the cut to the Top 9.

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