American Idol Judges Should Save CJ Harris From Elimination

During the live broadcast of the American Idol 2014 Top 8 performances, a breaking FOX news announcement almost completely blocked out CJ’s song for some viewers last night. We don’t really think that was fair to him, and if he ends up in the bottom tonight, we think he should give the save or a pass from the producers.


While some viewers were able to see all of CJ Harris reprising his audition song on American Idol last night, quite a few viewers did not. Of all the fans in our American Idol Live Chat room during the east coast airing, only one did not have their broadcast interrupted by a FOX news broadcast about the tragic shootings at Fort Hood.

Based on the voting record so far, we have predicted CJ Harris as the contestant most likely to go home this week. However, we don’t it would be fair for him to be eliminated now after so many viewers didn’t even get to hear him sing last night. (And in case you were one of those viewers, you can watch his full performance in the video below.)

We thought if CJ did end up in last place in the votes that the American Idol judges might just give him the save. Especially since last night was actually one of his better performances, which makes it even more of a shame that so many people missed seeing it. Now, considering the circumstances, we think it giving CJ the save would just be the right thing to do regardless.

Do you think the American Idol 2014 judges should give CJ Harris the save tonight and give him another chance to come back next week?