American Idol 2014 Elimination Results Recap! 4/3/2014 [VIDEOS]

After the American Idol results tonight, will we end up with a Top 7 finalists or will the judges finally use their save? We think American Idol 2014 judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban actually have a good reason to give up the save tonight if the person who ends up in the bottom is CJ Harris. If it isn’t him, however, there are only a couple of other finalists we think merit another chance.

CJ and Dexter duet

In our American Idol recap last night, we noted that some viewers did not get to see CJ Harris perform due to a FOX news interruption about the tragic Fort Hood shootings. While we actually think CJ Harris probably should have been the contestant who went home on American Idol 2014 this week. Now, however, we don’t think it would be fair if he did.

We had at least 20 people in our Live Chat last night who didn’t get to see more than a few notes of CJ’s performance.  How many other members of the audience on the East Coast had the same issue? Whether or not any of them might have been swayed to vote to keep CJ by his song last night, we’ll never know. To be truly fair though, we think he should not be sent home if he does end up with the least number of votes.

As for the rest of the finalists, we don’t know if we would want the American Idol 2014 judges to use their save unless the person in last place was shockingly Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene Ascuitto, or Alex Preston. We think all three of them should go to the Top 5 at least. Honestly though, we don’t think any of them will end up on the bottom anyway.

Our readers also LOVE Malaya Watson, who ended up the fop favorite in our poll from last night, so we’d be very surprised if she ended up in danger… and the judges would totally save her if she was and probably should. She’s shown a lot of growth and has the potential to get even better as we go toward the finale.

So that pretty much leaves Jessica Meuse, Sam Woolf, and Dexter Roberts as the potential one who got voted off American Idol tonight. Of the three, we’d probably only kind of want the judges to save Jessica. (Don’t hate us Dexter and Sam fans!) We are intrigued to see what Jessica will do next, but we just feel like Dexter and Sam keep giving us the same thing every single week, even if they are more consistent than Jess overall.

So who got voted off American Idol 2014 this week and will they be saved by the judges? Tune in for our live American Idol recap of the elimination results show below and find out with us!

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And here we go! We start off with a bit from mentor Randy Jackson about how all the Top 8 performances were strong and it’s going to be a tough results show tonight.

Host Ryan Seacrest takes the stage to a screaming crowd in Hollywood. He tells us Chris Daughtry is performing tonight and we could possibly see some drama because the American Idol judges’ save is still in play. Then it’s on to introducing those judges as Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. take the stage. The audience is SO loud that Ryan can’t talk for a few moments.

Next up we have the ‘Idol dinnertime download’ with all the finalists sitting around reviewing their performances and critiques around the table. Caleb thought it was one of the best show’s they’ve done. They gab a bit and Jena Irene says she loves everyone and now it’s time for the first results!

The first person moving on in the competition to next week is Dexter Roberts! Wow, all the polls and predictions were really showing him in the bottom three this week. The next person to get good news tonight is… Jena Irene! We thought she would end up safe this evening, so no surprise with that one.

And now we have commercials… followed by a Ford commercial video with the American Idol contestants telling stories about driving in their cars. At least it isn’t a cheesy singing Ford commercial like they’ve done before.

Then it’s on to the fabulous Chris Daughtry with his most excellent song “Waiting For Superman” — can you tell we love the Daughtry? Chris will be on tour all summer with the Goo Goo Dolls. We have to go look that up… and here are the tour dates if you’re interested!

Back from another commecial break and the next person to continue their run in the competition is… no shocker here… Caleb Johnson. Also moving on will be… Jessica Meuse!

So we’ve got Sam, Malaya, Alex, CJ… the next person going on to next week is… Alex Preston!

That means the bottom three this week are CJ, Malaya, and Sam.

Another commercial, and back again to find out the person in danger of elimination tonight is… Sam Woolf! Wow, we really thought it would be CJ. Guess the judges won’t have to worry about saving him just because some people couldn’t hear his performance last night.

Now Sam will have to perform for the save tonight. He’s doing “Babylon” by David Gray. Will the judges give it to him? The screams to save Sam after his performance are deafening.

The American Idol judges finally have decided and the vote is unanimous… they are… going to use the save!

Sam Woolf was voted off by America but saved by the judges tonight. No one is going home!


  • Dexter Roberts
  • Jena Irene Ascuitto
  • Caleb Johnson
  • Jessica Meuse
  • Alex Preston

Bottom Three:

  • Malaya Watson
  • Sam Woolf
  • CJ Harris

Voted Off: Sam Woolf


Saved: Sam Woolf




      • I remember well when they saved Casey and Pia was sent home. Jlo didn’t like it….

      • Whoa!! When JLo saves Jessica Rodriquez! that was unforgettable!!

        She stands up from her chair and grab d microphone from Jessica from singing.. she deserves thou!!

      • I remember Randy that night as well, ‘You vote for the best’ he said. meaning Jessica.

      • Jessica Sanchez* not Rodriguez. And while I thought it was bad that coming up on stage and grabbing the mic from Jessica was bad, Jessica definitely deserved the save. She had potential to win and ended up making the finale.

      • Wasn’t that Jessica singing backup for Jennifer –with Pia and the other idol contestant – red hair — ?

  1. Really judges! This kid is not worth saving. He sings like he is reciting the words with no emotions whatsoever. Should listen to the American public. He will be gone next week.

  2. why is CJ still there? In my opinion he is the weakest singer out of the bunch.

  3. It doesn’t really matter who they save unless it is Caleb or Alex. I don’t believe that there are any potential world class singers in the group except for maybe Caleb and Alex. As for Sam, I can at least listen him sing from start to finish. Malaya needs to go. I am always forced to fast forward through her performances. She isn’t a ‘bad singer’ by any means and I love her personality but her voice grates on me because I find it annoyingly nasal and shrill. I just don’t think that any form of ‘growth’ is going to solve that.

  4. They so messed up. Now a good singer will go home next week with CJ and the judges will have made a mistake!

  5. Dexter or Cj should have gone home tonight. Their time is over. Sam should never have been voted off at all.

    • Nope, the finale is in 7 weeks. Someone gets eliminated every week and then at the end of 7 weeks there is one person left. If they eliminated 2 next week they would run out of contestants before the finale.

  6. Come on… The save was so obviously used to keep the little girls happy. Without him, there really isn’t any girly guys for the tweens to loose their collective minds over. Obviously he can’t sing either. But its hard for his voters to tell that while they are screaming and crying the moment he hits the stage. This was a ratings call. Period

  7. I would have saved Sam if he had listened to the judges and tried to make contact with the audience when he sang for his save. He did not do that so he sang with little emotion even though it could have been his last time to sing. For 2 weeks now Harry has given advice to Mayala. His advice to Mayala is more technical, and I’m not sure what he is talking about. Has anyone taken the time to make sure she knows what he is talking about? The judges talk about the growth of the contestants, and I think Mayala is showing growth. Who on the show actually works with contestants on issues like Harry is talking about? Randy doesn’t seem to be giving advice that anyone of us commenting here could not give. Someone else needs to take over Randy’s spot so the contestants can actually get technical help. CJ is still sharp and off key when he sings. Mayala oversings the high notes. Sam shows no emotion. Dexter is nice but sings the same type of song every night. The expression on Alex’s face looks like he just ate a lemon before he sang, and Jena outsang him on their duet. I still like Jena, Caleb, and Malaya for the top 3.

  8. i think he deserved it, but i thought Alex should have went home before Sam. All those guitar players need to learn how to put it down & loosen up or just go home.

  9. Wasted save. I like Sam but I would have only used the save for Jena, Alex, and Caleb!

    • Two will not be eliminated next week. They set it up so that they had to use the save and not have a double elimination in order to keep on schedule.

  10. Great. Now Caleb, Jessica or Jena will get voted off next week and the judges won’t have the chance to save them.

  11. Wow. They should not have saved him. I figured he would be the next one voted off. At least save someone who you never thought would get voted off. Wow what a way to waste a save. I’m not saying hes not good, but hes not the best that’s for sure.

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