American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 7 Finalists Revealed?

The American Idol 2014 spoilers for the Top 7 finalists are about to be revealed! Who was eliminated on American Idol tonight by the voters? Did the judges finally use their save, which means we’ll go through another Top 8 performances show next week? We’ll have all the American Idol elimination results for you from tonight’s show live as they are announced!

Sam Woolf and Malaya Watson duet

We predicted earlier today, based on our reader poll results and past voting records, that the bottom three American Idol season 13 finalists this evening would be most likely be CJ Harris, Dexter Roberts, and Sam Woolf. Of the three, we thought it most likely that CJ Harris would end up with the least number of votes.

However, we would not be surprised if the American Idol judges decided to use their save to keep CJ in the competition for another week, especially after his performance last night was interrupted by breaking news for a lot of viewers. Honestly, it would only be fair and would give the judges an excuse to use the save for a reason other than they just liked CJ better than, say, Majesty Rose last week.

No matter who got voted off American Idol tonight, we think it is very possible the judges may use the save. However, we could also see them hording it to the last possible moment in fear that one of the favorites might get sent to the bottom. It’s happened before with Chris Daughtry, Jessica Sanchez, Pia Toscano, etc. etc. etc. Sometimes the voters get worked up over saving their second favorite person, and forget to make sure their favorite has enough votes to be safe!

So who went home on American Idol tonight, if anyone? Here are the results…


Bottom Three:

Voted Off: Sam Woolf


Saved: Sam Woolf

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  1. I think you’re all wrong. I think CJ, Malaya and Jena/Caleb will be in the Bottom 3 tonight.

  2. We all heard Malaya last night in the duet, that could have played a part in the voting.

  3. Sam and Malaya’s duet should’ve been the most adorable and heart-warming. Sadly, it was the most disconnected and awkward of the night. Malaya was in a duet alone–Sam revealed in that duet what the judges have consistently critiqued him about. There he had before him a pretty, talented girl to sing to and he looked like a dear caught in the headlights. He could barely look her in the face and it was a love song! Sam may have put himself in jeopardy.

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