American Idol Judges Should Save CJ Harris From Elimination

During the live broadcast of the American Idol 2014 Top 8 performances, a breaking FOX news announcement almost completely blocked out CJ’s song for some viewers last night. We don’t really think that was fair to him, and if he ends up in the bottom tonight, we think he should give the save or a pass from the producers.


While some viewers were able to see all of CJ Harris reprising his audition song on American Idol last night, quite a few viewers did not. Of all the fans in our American Idol Live Chat room during the east coast airing, only one did not have their broadcast interrupted by a FOX news broadcast about the tragic shootings at Fort Hood.

Based on the voting record so far, we have predicted CJ Harris as the contestant most likely to go home this week. However, we don’t it would be fair for him to be eliminated now after so many viewers didn’t even get to hear him sing last night. (And in case you were one of those viewers, you can watch his full performance in the video below.)

We thought if CJ did end up in last place in the votes that the American Idol judges might just give him the save. Especially since last night was actually one of his better performances, which makes it even more of a shame that so many people missed seeing it. Now, considering the circumstances, we think it giving CJ the save would just be the right thing to do regardless.

Do you think the American Idol 2014 judges should give CJ Harris the save tonight and give him another chance to come back next week?




  1. It apparently only got blocked out in California. In New York, I saw the entire performance. It wasn’t impressive. The judges would completely waste their save if they used it on C.J. They should save it for someone like Caleb, Alex, Jessica, Malaya, or Jena, should they have to sing for the save.

  2. I saw it and it happened during Jessica’s number but her music was in the background, we could still here it in Virginia.

  3. Just a thought, you put the songs up so we can listen to them again, any voter could have watched it online last night and heard it all before they voted.

  4. No just crazy, if they wanna hear him look it up. and watch it on youtube.

    cj was gonna be in the btm 3 anyways, so really whats the difference.

    • Not last night, he sang really quite well, and he has something special about his ability to perform, he also is likeable both as a performer, and as a person. I like he iTunes version of CJ’s studio recordings of the Idol performances. He has got an interesting voice, the tone and the raspy quality, combined with a lot of emotion that he puts out. It all plays together into the performance. My state got all of the singers without any news flash breaking in.

  5. I really like CJ, unfortunately he has been awful and out of tune, but last night was a much better performance but NOT great. The other contestants did outstanding jobs of singing and that puts CJ in the very bottom in my judgment. He seems like a really fine man, but it is time for him to go.

  6. CJ should have been gone a long time ago. He can not carry a tune in a bucket.

  7. I am sick and tired of Fox turning the camera on CJ’s girl during his performances.. in fact, all of the camera turns to see friends & family of the performers DURING the performances is such a distraction. So is turning to see J-Lo groovin’ in her seat. But, for some reason, they love to turn to CJ’s girl all-the-more.

    I’m tired of seeing her. She’s not on stage. She’s not up there to become the next American Idol—CJ is. At most, go with a split-screen shot.


    • It’s not just CJ’s girlfriend – I don’t really want to see any of the family/friends during the singer’s performances, I want to see and hear them. In other years, they have gone out of their way to hide anyone’s romantic attachments, and I’d rather they do that this year as well. They can show their family’s clapping after the song is over.

      • In past years they didn’t just avoid looking at the audience- they also didn’t look at the judges. Performances were viewed entirely on camera. Look back at recordings online from years past. I really wish they would stick to showing the performer.

  8. I agree that’s unfair. I predicted the judges would use their save tonight regardless because the performances were so strong, and they say that’s their criteria. I think he is most likely to end up in the bottom, but it would be a shame not to know if it was legit or due to broadcast. Not everyone is motivated or has resources to go online to review all performances.
    I agree.
    Should their be a hashtag #SaveCJ campaign?

  9. I didn’t get to see CJ’s performance, but I would have sent him home last week, instead of Majesty. His performances have been consistently out of tune. His personality has kept him on the show, not his talent. The judges said during his audition that he had pitch problems that could be corrected during the competition. The pitch problems are still there, and I don’t think he is hearing that he is slightly out of tune.

  10. If it was anybody but CJ, I would say it made sense to be fair and give them another week. However, I really want CJ to go. So I’m biased.

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