American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 4 Finalists Revealed!

When the American Idol spoilers for the Top 4 finalists are revealed tonight, we are expecting some furious outrage from the eliminated singer’s fans. No matter who got voted off American Idol tonight, it’s bound to get a bit ugly. Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene Ascuitto, Sam Woolf, Alex Preston, and Jessica Meuse all have a strongly loyal legion of fans who truly believe their contestant deserves to go all the way.

American Idol 2014 Jduges

We’ve already been seeing some nasty fights breaking out in comments here on the site and on Facebook over who should be the one who got kicked off American Idol tonight. The predominant opinion seems to be that either Sam Woolf or Jessica Meuse go home, but many Alex Preston fans are also  fearful he could end up in the bottom.

Based on the voting records so far on American Idol season 13, and the latest numbers from our fan polls, we are predicting it will end up being Jessica Meuse who gets the boot. We considered it might be Sam Woolf who went home on American Idol 2014 this week, but his #Woolfpack seems to still be going strong right now after being scared into paying attention when he was almost eliminated.

If Caleb Johnson or Jena Irene Ascuitto ended up last in the American Idol results tonight, there would be a full blown riot and we’d lead the pack. If they aren’t the last two standing when the American Idol 2014 finale rolls around, we’d be very surprised at this point. We are also pretty sure Alex Preston will not go home this evening, but it wouldn’t be a huge shock if he ended up in the bottom two with Jess. Even if we do think he’s the better musician over Sam Woolf. It just seems harder for people to connect with Alex’s quirky style than Sam’s poppy corn-fed cuteness.

We’ll be bringing you the American Idol 2014 spoilers on who went home tonight right here live as they are announced at 9PM ET. So come hang out with us and find out who will be the Final Four for season 13!

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Oh dear, host Ryan Seacrest says there is going to be a ‘shocking twist’ tonight and no one is going to see it coming. We can’t wait to see what kind of crazy they are about to pull out of their hat to try to spice up the near-end of the season…

And WOW, this is a very different twist indeed! The producers are actually forcing the poor Top 5 finalists to decide whether the person with the lowest number of votes will go home tonight, or whether everyone will stay another week but TWO people will get booted next week. Ouch!

It’s an anonymous vote and it actually is kind of a surprise to us what happens. We would have thought that since they are all supposedly such good friends, they would all vote for everyone to get to stay another week. But no! Two people actually vote that they want someone to go home tonight. So there will be no ‘save’ for the person with the lowest number of votes.

And that person is…. (scroll down for the results!)

American Idol 2014 Results: Top 5 Elimination


Bottom Two:

Eliminated: Sam Woolf