American Idol 2014 Elimination Results Recap! 5/1/2014 [VIDEOS]

When the American Idol results tonight are over, we can’t believe we’ll only be left with four finalists standing! Who will be the one was voted off American Idol this week and won’t get to join the Final Four for season 13? Will it be Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, Jena Irene Ascuitto, Jessica Meuse, or Sam Woolf who was eliminated on American Idol tonight? We’ve made our prediction, now it’s time to find out!

American Idol Top 5 Performances (12)

Going into the American Idol 2014 results tonight, we were pretty certain that Caleb Johnson and Jena Ierene Ascuitto would not be in danger. They don’t even know the meaning of the bottom two at this point, and we doubted the voters were going to suddenly abandon either of them. Things might start getting dicey next week when there are only four singers left to split the votes, but this week they both seemed safely in the clear.

That left us with a bottom three of Alex Preston, Sam Woolf, and Jessica Meuse. The sad part about Alex being in danger is that he’s probably the most talented musician of the three. However, his quirky style just doesn’t have the mass appeal of Sam’s boy-band good looks and pop sound, or Jessica’s Southern country/rock fueled growl. So we were admittedly a bit worried for Alex going into the American Idol results this evening.

Even so, we were fairly confident that Alex Preston would not be the one who went home on American Idol tonight. He may not have as mainstream of a sound as Jess or Sam, but he has a very dedicated fan group that isn’t really very split about their loyalties. Voters for Jessica are also the same kind of core group that might also vote for Caleb. Voters for Sam might also sneak votes over to Jena Irene. Alex voters are… Alex voters, it seems for the most part, based on what we can glean from social media and fan polls.

So if the bottom two did indeed come down to Sam Woolf and Jessica Meuse, which is what we predicted earlier today… who would be the one who got voted off American Idol tonight?

Well, we guessed it would be Jessica Meuse. She gave two really good performances last night, but she still failed to connect emotionally to either the songs or the listening audience. Which is really just a shame. Jess has the pipes, but she’s so restrained that she often seems stiff and cold in her delivery, and her determination sometimes comes across more like attitude. Voters don’t so much love that.

Did our prediction for who was eliminated in the American Idol results tonight come true? Join us for our live American Idol recap starting right here at 9PM ET and watch with us!

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Well, host Ryan Seacrest is starting us off with a bang tonight! He says we will have a shocking and unprecedented twist tonight that none of the finalists are going to be expecting. Oh my, now we’re feeling very nervous!

Ryan says a “game changer” will happen live on the stage tonight. All of the Idols will be asked to make a “very difficult decision.” This is killing us!

Before we find out anymore, of course, we have American Idol judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. doing their walk out and shaking hands with everyone. Keith will be taking the stage tonight for a guest performance.

Then we have the American Idol Top 5 talking about last night’s performances show and taking selfies with celebrities on the show. They all pull out their phones to vote. We assume for themselves… and then it’s time for a commercial break. Grrrr.

Back from commercial but no twist announcement or results yet. Instead we have a Ford car commercial disguised as a video of the Top 5 having a big fab party. And we move right along into American Idol judge Keith Urban performing his single “Good Thing” for the crowd. It’s an upbeat, catchy tune and we like it… but we’re ready for the results already!

More commercials and finally we are back. Another round of applause for Keith Urban for his performance. Some random chit-chat from the American Idol 2014 judges and then we have a play by play from Randy Jackson on the performances from last night.

He thinks Jena was amazing and she killed it. Randy was really proud of Alex for his “Say Something” rendition. Jessica has an amazing voice, but she didn’t have the best performance. Sam had an interesting night, it started off shaky but eventually got it going. Caleb really turned the place upside down and tore the roof off.

Before we dim the lights, we have a dramatic proposal for the Top 5 tonight. Either they can decide that the person with the lowest number of votes will go home tonight, or they can choose that NO ONE goes home —- but two people will go home next week. They each get a ballot to cast their vote. And then we go to commercial for them to decide. OMG, what?

The anonymous vote from the Top 5 is in and we would guess all of them will vote for everyone to stay another week. The votes are coming in and it is a yes, yes, yes, NO! And another no vote! We don’t know who voted for what, but this means someone will go home tonight.

The person who will be leaving American Idol tonight is… Sam Woolf! Wow, that was very dramatic! We really did not expect it to be Sam this evening. Neither did Jessica apparently. She looked very surprised! We thought it would be Jessica, and we certainly didn’t expect this crazy twist!

Sam has got to be feeling kind of pissed off right now that two people voted to make sure he didn’t get to stay another week… unless he was one of those voters.

American Idol 2014 Results: Top 5 Elimination


Bottom Two:

Eliminated: Sam Woolf




  1. So, next week’s theme is make-ups and break-ups. Get your song lists ready. I have mine started.

  2. Of course Sam was going home tonight. Producers knew what they were doing, they didn’t want any backlash for sending Jessica home after the last few weeks of harsh critiques, and left the rest up to the idols.

  3. Watch Alex collect all Sam’s voters. So Alex is probs in finale with either Jena or Caleb…

    • I don’t think Alex will get most of Sam’s votes. Alex doesn’t give the young crowd what they’re looking for. I would think many of them will not vote now and those that do – they will be split fairly even between the other four.

  4. It comes off sooooo bad for American Idol now that they did that. It is now clear that they wanted the contestants to save each other just because the knew Sam would bring teen audience. Completely jumped the ship. AMERICAN IDOL IS BULLSHIT

  5. i am so done with American idol. I will be just waiting for Sam’s Album.

    • Relax its probably better that he didn’t win. He’s going to Berklee College of Music. He will only keep growing and will for sure be scooped up by a better label than American Idol could have offered all he needed was the platform

      • Yes, I know. He will be better level than idol. bye form here Stranger!

  6. What a bunch of BULL. I am so mad at the 2 that voted NO. And they call themselves friends. Friends would not have voted NO and would have wanted to keep the 5 together. Backstabbers is all I can say.

    • excuse me but the idol producers are to blame,they knew sam is eliminated and they wanted to save him again
      that just made me sick
      its not the contestants fault,they dropped them a bomb and they were all in shock and they had a very few minutes to decide but the producers oh,this shows that everything is rigged

      • Another BULL. No matter if they had 2 hours or 2 minutes if they call themselves friends they would have voted yes to keep the 5 together for another week. I can’t believe they can consider themselves good friends to vote that way.

      • friends or not, it would just be prolonging the inevitable. there can only be one person standing. a night that sends two people home leaves greater room for an injustice in the voting. I’m sure the decision was really hard for them.

      • But then two would have gone next week. Two still go home but the single elimination just carried out rather than a double. So who wlll you be mad at next week??

      • Colton, everything you said above is spot on and a precise evaluation of this ridiculous ploy!

    • I’m trying to figure out who voted “no”. It wouldn’t make sense for the ones that knew they had lower scores to vote “no” does that mean that Caleb and Jena voted “no”? Wow….That’s cruel.

      • The bottom person would probably go home next week anyways. I have to imagine they would have just combined the votes of the two weeks like they did last year. It doesn’t matter how much they like each other, it’s still a competition, and their friends are going to be leaving eventually regardless. I’m sorry for Sam, he seems like a great guy, but he has a bright future ahead of him. All he has to do is take it.

      • Watching it back, I know Jena voted No, not to sure but I think Alex did also…

      • If you watch as they were cutting to commercial, Caleb turned around and addressed everyone to his left. He said they should all just vote yes and then Ryan stepped in between the group and the camera so we couldn’t see anymore of the discussion. So, I don’t think Caleb was one of the “no” votes.
        I agree, though, this stunt was a cruel and horribly divisive thing to do to these kids. But then again, the producers are trying to feed the money machine, so feelings don’t matter to them.

    • I agree, I watched it back, Jena for sure voted No, and I believe when Caleb ask them to vote yes, Alex voted No

      • Jena would be least likely as Caleb and Alex, I think the bottom two voted no.

      • funny…i was just thinking almost the same thing…they’re there to win, so I’m not too surprised there were two no votes. I just think it was a tacky thing to do to polarize the group and gain rating$.

    • It’s not being a backstabber, I’m glad they voted no. I hate double eliminations.

      • Me too, if they wanted a double elimination they should of done it when Sam was saved in the first place. Would of made more sense.

    • This is a contest, some are friends, some are in it to win it. One of them might have thought no meant yes.

  7. I have pulled for Sam and for Jessica, but honestly, I have to admit both seem to reached his/her peak at this time. I doubt this was a quick decision to pull the save each other vote thing. The producers spend months deciding how to energize the show and the path of the shows is usually well established before air time the day before the performances. Caleb and Jena have handed some great performances the last two weeks. Not sure about Alex, but he IS consistently entertaining. I’m wondering about the IT factor for him. I wish all four well at this point. I’ve enjoyed the season and I’ve enjoyed seeing them all grow.

  8. I think Jessica has a good voice – for recording only —— she is NOT a performer, never feels anything, is always like a deer in headlights.. i feel absolutely nothing from her… she just does the movements they tell her to do and doesn’t have any emotion… sam is at least interesting enough and working on it ——-

  9. I will miss Sam I liked his innocence and I loved the sound of his voice. But, it’s not over for him because you don’t have to be the winner to have a great career.

  10. I really liked Sam. You are still going to be a star don’t give up!

  11. they said they were friends oh boo hoo people. imagine having to be around all these people all the time putting up with each other constantly. they say they are friends for the image of the show. what would america think if they came out hating on one another every week crying like minaz and carrey did last season. yeah we’re friends but this is show business and nothing personal. idol is big money so of course the producers influence the show. its money fame and power people. don’t be so naive.

  12. Alex just stands there and sings – and gets praise for it.
    Sam just stands there and sings – and gets praise for it.
    But Jessica just stands there and sings – and you would think she had just kicked the judges’ dog or something the way they pillory her.

    Jessica doesn’t have the talent of Haley Reinhart but the judges’ treatment of her is sadly evocative of how they treated Haley. It just underscores the fact that they may call this a reality show but there is very much a narrative that the producers push and a way they want to see things pan out….

    • The subtle differences are not so subtle to some.

      You are quite keen, V-dan. Some of the quips are deserved, however, those same critiques ought also be used on Sam & Alex. Problem is, I don’t think Sam & Alex can handle critique (and, I think the judges know that, hence the over-flowery adulation for Sam & Alex).

      • there is some truth in this IMO. Jess has much thicker skin than Sam and Alex and can probably handle the truth better than the others.

  13. I personally like jessica her grit etc. but she is very stiff performance wise. I thought way back they should have picked jesse roach, instead i went to her page, what an awesome performer.
    And i agree AI will lose alot of viewers without Sam
    I loved his granparents too!

  14. for the last 2 weeks, Jessica has looked very shocked to find out she was staying.. BUT I have to say, Sam did not seem very surprised to the one eliminated.. Next week scares me.. It always seems that is the week the shocking elimination happens…

    • I was shocked to see Skylar Laine to go home on Season 11 and it was Top 5. Well and Hollie too on Top 4 I guess. I was hoping Jessica would of been 4th hopefully.

  15. For whatever reason Idol did not want Sam to go home tonight – but, actually American called it right. Sam is cute, yes – but as a performer he is boring, never chose anything out of his comfort level, has absolutely NO stage presence – no rapport with his audience at all. Idol was WRONG to pull off this charade tonight!!!! Actually, Sam should have left the first time and left Malaya in the running!!!!!! My humble opinion.

  16. Anyone with half an ear for music/vocals, would have to admit that Sam should have left several weeks ago. In my opinion, next should be Alex, then Jessica. I’m thinking Jena will win it all. Tough call though, as Caleb is also superb.

    • I want Jena to be runner-up she deserves to win, but I would rather her not be tied-down with the AI title Caleb probably should get it.

    • Alex and Caleb are my top two, I’m waiting for one to out shine the other, it hasn’t happened yet. Caleb has a powerful voice, yet at the same time Alex is more creative in music I’d love to hear his own work.

  17. Bottom line is ……..everybody has to go but 1. We all know that so with that being said unless it’s the one you want to win Idol, it really doesn’t matter which one goes before the other as long as it’s not your fav. ROCK ON CALEB…….YOU GOT THIS ! If Jessica or Jenna wins that’s great too…….Alex????? Dudes just a little weird for me and he’s really not “Idol material” in my opinion…..but we’ll see what happens. Sam was the “Bieber boy” so i’m surprised he got booted with all the little teenage girls screaming and hollering over him but it needed to happen.

  18. I think Jessica has the best chance to be a star of anyone on the show. She sings in a genre that’s easier to break into and her voice has a ton of character….and you don’t have to jump around all over the stage like a buffoon to be a country star (see Strait, George).

    I like Alex but he seems more suited for the coffee shop than the main stage (not that there is anything wrong with that).

    As for the presumptive front runners….I find Caleb to be a one-trick pony (as his absolutely terrible performance of Don’t Want to Miss a Thing showed); and I absolutely cannot stand Jena. She reeks of diva attitude, and I can’t stand the way she shrieks the lyrics to everything she sings.

    • George Strait, Alan Jackson, Josh Turner, Blake Shelton, Darius Rucker, Miranda Lambert

    • Alex, coffee shop, that’s what Harry said, I like Jazz myself, Alex is fantastic.

  19. Where Is Joy right now??? She was so confident about Sam. And Kelly with all her “degrees” and expertise? She is Always right about the top 2, right? They were so mean to everyone. That is the sole reason I take a bit of joy in the fact that Sam is gone tonight. I actually liked him until those two women made me hate him. Now he is gone.

  20. Jess will go home next week and then Caleb or Jena will go home the following week. Can’t decide which of the two will make the finale but one (not both) of them will. I feel like which ever of the two makes the finale will end up winning because I feel like its been the same people voting for Alex every week and whoever he goes up against in the finale will pick up everyone else’s fans.
    I’m having trouble deciding who I think will falter first out of Caleb and Jena. Caleb is a previous season reject while Jena is a wild card. Caleb is getting the one-trick-pony label while Jena is getting the diva label.
    Last of all, I’m kinda pissed they didn’t tell us who was in the bottom 2 this week. If they have a bottom 2 next week they were definitely hiding something.

    • HOw do you predict that??? Jessica has always had the votes to stay, bottom 3, 2 or not. She was amazing this can only get better. She gets my votes every week now that Dexter is gone. And my aunt has voted for her all along.

  21. Chris Trondsen @ChrisTrondsen Follow

    American Idol fans: Caleb, Sam & Jess voted YES, keep everyone together (2 home next week). Jena & Alex voted NO, send someone home tonight.
    This is from a reporter known to do post results interviews. Just as it figured this went down.

    • That sounds logical to me. Caleb was likely feeling pretty secure, and Jessica and Sam were likely very insecure. Yes votes from all 3 would make sense.

      Meanwhile Alex is a quiet guy but I see him as a competitor (plus he’s coming off of a very good performance last night) and I truly believe Jena would eat her children if it would help her win this thing…she just comes across as ruthless to me.

    • Chris needs to be fired for spilling beans that need not have been spilled. He made a mockery of the whole show. Per Blankens ought to come on stage and apologize to the audience for giving Chris the opportunity to make a quick name for himself, at the expense of the trust of loyal AI fans. Per (or someone near the top that made that decision) did something bone-headed.

  22. does not matter the best singers in this crap season went home week 1 and 2…rest is irrelevant, what matters is that american idol dims the lights permanently….this show is so done….The Voice is the new american idol….Idol has to bow out gracefully and realize it had a great run

  23. voters of american idol would not know talent if it smacked them in the forehead, teeny boppers vote like its a popularity contest and what do you expect from the main stream voters on that show who are what 12 yrs old? emily piriz and kristin oconner were the best singer that show had…then off went malayah another amazing singer…if i didn’t know better i think america has it backwards and is voting off the best singers, The contestants who are left, none of them will succeed in having a great career because they are all average at best. American idol is struggling to keep this show alive when its very apparent the show died a few seasons ago

  24. The thing about the “shocking twist” involving the Idol top 5 is that, if everyone had voted to save the entire 5 this week, the viewers might as well have not bothered to vote at all. It also was unfair for the contestants because whoever voted not to save everyone will be labeled as “bad team mates.” We are all guessing who voted “no.” If we find out, will it change how we feel about those contestants? It shouldn’t. The contestants should never have been put in this position. Bad judgment, Idol. From now on I’m not listening to the judges, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest, or Angry Cat. No more playing games, and no more carrying votes over from the last week. That was done in other years. It’s called manipulation.

  25. It seems that the deck is stacked against Jessica… First, the 3 Judges – week p week – could not give even fair reviews about Jessicas singing or song choices, now even Randy last night states – ‘that Jessica voice was amazing, but not a good performance’…. When are they going to give Jessica her due… Where Jessica’s with her beautiful voice (Like Stevey Nicks) – she can not seem to get one nice comment without something added to it that is dismal. I bet if Stevey Nick was a contestant, that the Judges would be against her too… And everyone knows how successful she is!!!!!

    As far as Alex goes, just like the winners of the X-factor, he seems to sing alternative music… His songs are pleasant. But pleasant does not make an Idol… I do think that he is a most talented musician though.

    Regarding Caleb. He is a good rocker… I think that he delivers most of the time a strong performance… He sometimes goes too far with running around…. If I was to compare him to Jeff Gutt – he would look like a beginner in the field of rock.

    Then there is Jena… Obviously the judges favorite. You know Jena was one of my top two in the beginning… But she would choose songs that I had never heard before, or she would wreck the great songs that I did know… Yes her voice is Great – but I just do not get her….

    I guess this year, I am totally dismayed over the judges comments – only in regard to Jessica.

    Regarding the Judges… I always look forward to see what Jennifer is wearing… I truly enjoy watching her in her movies, and when she is singing her songs, and as an Idol Judges.

    I love all things western – I think that the best songs to come out have been western for the maybe last decade… I am a fan of Keiths.

    Re Harry… He is probably my favorite Judge this year… He is funny, and knows music inside and out.

    Thank you for posting this.

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