Caleb Johnson: American Idol Songs Special Request!

When we learned the American Idol 2014 spoilers for the song theme this week, our thoughts immediately turned to what Caleb Johnson would sing. We love all of the finalists equally, of course, but this just sounds like an awesome song theme for Caleb to really shine. So we just had to make a special wish request out there to the universe about what Caleb might perform when the Top 8 take the stage again.

Caleb Johnson sings on American Idol 2014
Caleb Johnson sings on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

We have to say, if Caleb is ever going to pull out a Meat Loaf song, this would be a great week to do it. Let’s face it, Caleb reminds us of Meatloaf. Everyone says it, and he just can’t escape it. (Although we have to say Caleb is much cuter, and much less sweaty…) We can understand why he might want to avoid coming across as too much like Meat Loaf by actually doing one of his songs. But wouldn’t it be more awesome to poke fun at the comparison by taking one on and blowing it out of the water?

While some of the best Meat Loaf songs were published in the 70’s, like “I’d Do Anything For Love” and “Bat Out of Hell”, we think there were plenty of great ones from the 80’s as well. Even if they are perhaps a bit less well known. For example, we could see Caleb having too much fun “I’ll Kill You If You Don’t Come Back” or “I’m Gonna Love Her for Both of Us”.

Too bad it wasn’t the 70’s though, because we’d love to see Caleb do a duet of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” with one of the girls! If he doesn’t do any other Meat Loaf song, we hope they at least find some kind of an excuse to get him to do this one!

Although, we gotta say, it would also be a perfect time for Caleb to give us a ‘soft’ Queen power ballad like “Play the Game” or “It’s A Hard Life”.

The song we would most beg for Caleb to sing next week, however, is “Who Wants To Live Forever” by Brian May/Freddie Mercury. This song would give the American Idol judges and the viewrs a chance to truly see Caleb’s softer side. Plus, if done right, can actually bring an audience to tears. Yes, Katharine McPhee already did the song on American Idol during her season, but she did a very pop/Broadway sounding “McPhee” version of it. We want to hear Caleb give it his rocker edge.

So there are our very special song requests/suggestions for Caleb Johnson this week. Alas, he’s probably already picked out his song and has been rehearsing it for weeks and it won’t be any of these. But we can still dream! And hey… there’s always next week!