Did Jennifer Lopez Drop Another F-Bomb On Live TV? [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lopez seems to be having a tough time remembering that American Idol is live and live television is not the place to cuss and drop F-Bombs.

Jennifer Lopez causes another censor moment
Jennifer Lopez reacts to Jena Irene’s performance – Source: FOX

During tonight’s Top 4 performance show, Jennifer Lopez seems to have forgotten where she was as she turned to Keith Urban and started to mouth “what the …” before the cameras suddenly cut away. The cameras jump to the audience and show an awkward jump in footage and audio skips before returning to JLo.

Whatever happened, afterward Jennifer leaves the Judges’ table and goes up to to Jena Irene and gives her a kiss telling her how wonderful the performance was.

So did JLo realize she had been caught on camera possibly reacting negatively to the performance and then went over the top to try and cover it? It seems hard to believe JLo’s initial facial expression was very positive and if she did say “WTF” then that’s kinda odd too since it would conflict with her extreme praise at the end. Or was this Jennifer’s infamous “stank face” the Hopefuls previously discussed?

What do you think was going on there and what is with Lopez’s inability to not cuss on American Idol? Sheesh, Jennifer. I wonder how much mouthwashing soap she can buy with her $17 million Idol paycheck?

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Jump to 1m20s in the video clip below to see where it all goes down then try and decide for yourself what you think happened.