Did Jennifer Lopez Drop Another F-Bomb On Live TV? [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lopez seems to be having a tough time remembering that American Idol is live and live television is not the place to cuss and drop F-Bombs.

Jennifer Lopez causes another censor moment
Jennifer Lopez reacts to Jena Irene’s performance – Source: FOX

During tonight’s Top 4 performance show, Jennifer Lopez seems to have forgotten where she was as she turned to Keith Urban and started to mouth “what the …” before the cameras suddenly cut away. The cameras jump to the audience and show an awkward jump in footage and audio skips before returning to JLo.

Whatever happened, afterward Jennifer leaves the Judges’ table and goes up to to Jena Irene and gives her a kiss telling her how wonderful the performance was.

So did JLo realize she had been caught on camera possibly reacting negatively to the performance and then went over the top to try and cover it? It seems hard to believe JLo’s initial facial expression was very positive and if she did say “WTF” then that’s kinda odd too since it would conflict with her extreme praise at the end. Or was this Jennifer’s infamous “stank face” the Hopefuls previously discussed?

What do you think was going on there and what is with Lopez’s inability to not cuss on American Idol? Sheesh, Jennifer. I wonder how much mouthwashing soap she can buy with her $17 million Idol paycheck?

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Jump to 1m20s in the video clip below to see where it all goes down then try and decide for yourself what you think happened.




  1. I had the feeling she was annoyed at the cheers interrupting the middle of the song

  2. I didn’t care for her rendition of a nearly sacred song which is loved by millions. Of course that doesn’t mean the song can’t be “touched”, but Jena chopped it up beyond all recognition.

  3. I think it was obviously her usual weird “disgusted” expression to describe her “I can’t believe you just did that” emotions. She seemed to really enjoy it, and her facial reactions were just ugly because she possibly didn’t know she was on camera (for once).

  4. I think Jlo did an awesome job causing the “bleep” jump in the program, which will surely increase iTunes sales for the amazing performance. Smart move!

  5. What happened, during the song, somebody on a mike was talking and broke through I could hear it on my t.v.. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned it.

  6. Jena is awesome. If you dislike Idol then why comment here (get a life). My Fav Jena Irene performances are Creep, Falling in love with you, Valerie, My Body, Best day of my life (with Alex,Sam).

    It amazes me Haters will go to a website of a show they pretend to hate and gab there. I mean isn’t there a zillion places on the internet that might allow you to be constructive or at least use up your remaining brain cells?

    Thumbs this up if you agree a) Jena Rules, b) Haters who land here are ridiculous.

    • Um…we are allowed to say negative things about Jena. That doesn’t mean we “hate” the show or even Jena for that matter. She did a horrible job with Bad Romance, but the judges praised her. She did a great job with the Elvis song, and JLo gave her a kiss. Favoritism backfires against Jena. She can’t help that JLo is in love with her, but we are all sick of it. Harry is the only judge that acts like a judge.

      • if my comment, “If you dislike Idol then why comment here” does not apply to you then why do you think it was directed at you. Everyday someone says how much they hate Idol now and yet they make time in their day to come here and peek (guess they missed it after all).

        So I was not talking to you.

        J-lo DID NOT PRAISE JENA FOR BAD ROMANCE. She said she prefered original arrangement.

        J-lo does not need to pick the winners as Vegas accepts betting on this so it is highly calculated and fairly predictable. Unless there is an upset Jena or Caleb will win 1-2 with Alex 0r Jessica as 3-4.

        The judges do not vote in this competition. America voters take over before top 10. Harry is “his version” of a judge and according to you is a decent one. Even he seems to favor Jena.

        I did not even put Bad Romance on my list of songs she did well. Her popularity on itunes is proof beyond this comment. She has more potential than many Idol stars. It is funny she was a wild card pick.

        So maybe go easy on theses kids that must learn 3 songs per week now, and pay attention to comments to see if they concern you. You obviously are not a show hater but my comment was towards those fools (fools because they are obsessed with show enough to comment here, even though they claim to hate it.)..

      • The good thing about Harry and mostly Keith is that they have their opinions but they don’t necessarily try to push them onto the voters.

      • The last time Jennifer was a judge, she did a great mentoring job — haven’t seen that this season — She’s been very silly, showed extreme favoritism – sinful for any judge, and acts more like a teenager than a classy woman her age. I really used to be a huge fan….. but not any longer…. not since she showed us her crotch in her ‘who’s you pappi’ performance. Don’t care for Jena!

      • My point was it would take an extreme loser to come to these comments if you do not watch or are not a fan of the show. If that describes you then so be it.

  7. JLo’s reaction last night is the very reason why American Idol is losing viewers, even if Jena’s song is or isn’t the best in AI history it was lost to the JLo pimping, which is a total turn off. I like Jena and have from the beginning but I do not like to be told how I should feel based on the opinion of an experienced autotuned actress turned singer like JLo and the Idol producers obvious scripted text that the judges read every Wednesday. I feel sorry for whomever wins Idol because this grey cloud will overshadow their achievements

    • JLo wasn’t “pimping”, she was coaxed in to demonstrating what she meant when she referred to how to strut your stuff on stage in heels. I believe ratings for this season are actually up over last year’s battle of the diva’s train wreck. Even at its lowest ratings, the show is still a hit for Fox and will not likely leave the air anytime soon

      • JLo doing squats on stage is called theatrics,JLo giving over the top praise and kissing contestants on live Tv is called pimping. Ratings are at a record low this year more then any other in the past 13 seasons

    • This show is mega scripted by the producers and Jennifer will do want she’s paid to do – whatever the producers tell her to…. IMO this would be a show a real star would want to be on — being at the mercy of the script — I’ve seen Jennifer and Harry look like fool’s this season…. There are new script writer’s because the show does not have the entertainment value of prior years — nor the talent competition — mediocre is the best I can give all of them and that’s too bad because the premise of the show could have super ratings!! I’m anxious to see the new singing competition show due out in June!

  8. Jennifer Lopez makes lots of odd faces while the Idol contestants are singing and maybe if they kept the cameras on the performers more and not J Lo every 30 seconds, they would not have to worry about editing her reactions. Your interpretation of what happened is entirely different than what I thought happened…. J Lo did make a face and did utter the F-bomb, but I think it was in disbelief as to how amazing Jena was doing, not a sign that she hated that part. That was further proven when she went up on stage and kissed Jena. It was not her way of apologizing for the odd look and f-bomb, it was a term of endearment.

  9. What exactly does JLo add as a judge other than drama? Very unprofessional and very unfair to show favoritism to one contestant. C’mon, girl, you’re the one picking up the big bucks and for what?

    • Thank you….. to answer your question —- absolutely nothing….. a pretty face! Correct me if I’m wrong… I caught her say this last night (while mispronouncing the word – I guess that word was just too big for her)… She was speaking to Alex and said he was ‘in tegg gral’ rather than in te gral….to the show …… Why use a word if you don’t know how to pronounce it and probably don’t even know what it means!!

      • And for this she’s paid millions! I haven’t heard her offer one piece of constructive advice. She repeatedly asks the contestants to move her emotionally. Does she really believe that she’s moving the audience emotionally when she lip syncs ‘I Luh Yo Papi?’

      • So true! And she squatted widely purposely to show her crotch….. trashy…. there is nothing she has that she can offer the contestants…. she is a mediocre singer and dancer at best —

  10. There’s so much hate in the comment section that it makes me sick,. Can we just enjoy a beautiful rendition to an even more beautiful song? Stop hating, people!

    • No one used the word hate, but you. Are you implying that anyone who disagrees with you feels hate…. I think you are the one. We are simply commenting our opinions and we disagree!

  11. Catching that on live tv was awesome!!!! It was the only REAL moment of the whole season. Watching how JLo really felt about a performance and catching it on camera was priceless…..that was not a look of admiration people WAKE UP!!! America you may think you pick the winner but we don’t. And the judges are payed to sway America toward the prechosen one. My thought was the J was expressing her true feelings, forgetting where she was lmaooo. Priceless!!

  12. Between her rants about who gets sent home and that whole mess on stage with Jena last week, I pretty much don’t care of Lopez falls off the slow boat to Chinatown.

    • I’ve had it with her and the show. I watched the Voice tonight and it was a nice change…. instead of choosing one contestant to chew on – all received encouragements and positive constructive critism. I’m done with Idol… forever! If you’ve not read Yahoo’s American Idol’s Voting Hoax….eye opener…. always suspected this!

  13. There are no contestants left for me to be interested this season. So, as much as I enjoy Harry in any aspect, and Keith performing, I have no reason to watch Wednesday. On Thursday I’ll watch long enough to see Scotty McCreery perform his song, then I’ll watch something else.

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