Jennifer Lopez American Idol 2012 Contract Rumors: 20 Million Reasons

Jennifer Lopez

Has Jennifer Lopez signed a contract to return for American Idol 2012? Insiders are saying that’s the case and it was done with a massive raise from last year’s $12 million paycheck, according to The Wrap:

The pop star will be returning to the singing competition with a contract with the Fox Broadcasting Network that’s “a smidge over” $20 million, according to one of the [sources].

Both insiders said the deal is complete but has not yet been signed.

Another insider close to the show denied that a deal was in place.

Others disagreed. The $20 million was apparently the base minimum for Lopez, and after tough negotations with Fox, ended up just above that number.

Was Jennifer Lopez such an irreplaceable component of last season’s American Idol that she was worth $20 million this time around? I guess if Idol was previously paying Simon Cowell over $50 million then they’ve got that kind of money to throw around. Apparently someone was much more impressed than I was.

Hopefully this becomes official news soon so we can get on to more interesting news like the American Idol 2012 auditions taking place this summer and the follow-up callback events. The new season is almost here!

Source: The Wrap via MJs Big Blog