Who Will Win American Idol 2014? Our Prediction From the Top 3!

Who will win American Idol season 13? We are down to just three finalists left and only one week until the American Idol 2014 finale! On Wednesday, May 21, either Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene Ascuitto, or Alex Preston will be crowned the next American Idol winner. But which one will take home the top prize?

Jena Irene on American Idol 2014

We’ve watched the fan polls and the betting odds go up and down for these three finalists all season long. Although rocker Caleb Johnson has often been called the front-runner in the competition during the finals, he actually hasn’t held the top spot in the American Idol betting odds as often as one might think. In fact, he’s been running pretty much neck and neck with Jena Irene for weeks.

In the latest American Idol Las Vegas betting odds, Jena Irene actually has the edge over Caleb as the favorite to win. Not by much, just a little, but she’s actually held that top spot for several weeks now. Alex Preston, meanwhile, is solidly in third place not just in the betting odds, but in most of the fan polls as well. He actually did come out as the favorite in the American Idol odds back in the Top 13 and the Top 9, but he has been third place or lower ever since.

Our fan poll last week was spot on when it showed Jessica Meuse as the least favorite of the Top 4. Alex Preston scored a few points better than Jessica, but the gap between him, Caleb, and Jena was very wide. In most other fan site polls and forum surveys we have seen, Alex tends to lag behind the other two by a healthy margin. Between Alex and Caleb, however, the race seems almost too close to call. In our fan poll from last week, Jena led over Caleb by just one percentage point. In other polls we’ve found, Caleb is still the one in the lead.

So who wins American Idol 2014? Well, we have to say it seems almost impossible to predict at this point, although we are pretty certain it will not be Alex Preston. At this point, however, we’re going to have to lean toward calling it for Jena Irene. She has the best American Idol betting odds for two weeks running. She comes out the favorite in our fan poll as well as quite a few others.