Who Will Win American Idol 2014? Our Prediction From the Top 3!

Who will win American Idol season 13? We are down to just three finalists left and only one week until the American Idol 2014 finale! On Wednesday, May 21, either Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene Ascuitto, or Alex Preston will be crowned the next American Idol winner. But which one will take home the top prize?

Jena Irene on American Idol 2014

We’ve watched the fan polls and the betting odds go up and down for these three finalists all season long. Although rocker Caleb Johnson has often been called the front-runner in the competition during the finals, he actually hasn’t held the top spot in the American Idol betting odds as often as one might think. In fact, he’s been running pretty much neck and neck with Jena Irene for weeks.

In the latest American Idol Las Vegas betting odds, Jena Irene actually has the edge over Caleb as the favorite to win. Not by much, just a little, but she’s actually held that top spot for several weeks now. Alex Preston, meanwhile, is solidly in third place not just in the betting odds, but in most of the fan polls as well. He actually did come out as the favorite in the American Idol odds back in the Top 13 and the Top 9, but he has been third place or lower ever since.

Our fan poll last week was spot on when it showed Jessica Meuse as the least favorite of the Top 4. Alex Preston scored a few points better than Jessica, but the gap between him, Caleb, and Jena was very wide. In most other fan site polls and forum surveys we have seen, Alex tends to lag behind the other two by a healthy margin. Between Alex and Caleb, however, the race seems almost too close to call. In our fan poll from last week, Jena led over Caleb by just one percentage point. In other polls we’ve found, Caleb is still the one in the lead.

So who wins American Idol 2014? Well, we have to say it seems almost impossible to predict at this point, although we are pretty certain it will not be Alex Preston. At this point, however, we’re going to have to lean toward calling it for Jena Irene. She has the best American Idol betting odds for two weeks running. She comes out the favorite in our fan poll as well as quite a few others.




  1. Jena is back on the piano this week. Like Angie Miller she goes to another “LEVEL” when at the piano. Thus, if she is “ALSO” on the piano in the “FINALE” she will “WIN!”

      • Quit “DREAMING”! JLO said Jena would be here for the “DURATION” (about 5 weeks ago). JLO gets 17.5 million to know! LOL

      • Jena stole her version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” from Ingrid Michaelson and passed it off as an arrangement that she came up with.

      • Whoa!! I just listened to Ingrid’s version and they r different! The only thing similar is they r both on the piano. If u don’t care for Jena fine but I’m tired of the haters trying to convince people that she isn’t talented nor deserve’s to be there. Grow Up, the girl is talented and deserves to be there. Give her the credit she deserves!

      • I totally agree heather, get their facts straight, she has amazing talent, stage presence & personality. A wonderful choice for an American Idol

      • I cannot understand Jena when she sings…not ever. She is also too breathy. The tone of her voice is good but that’s it. It’s interesting that she did not make the top 10 but it looks like she will win. I don’t get it.

      • She should give it back. The way Jena wrecked that beautiful song was embarrassing, I absolutely hated it.

      • Angie was pushed at the audience very, very hard during her year, but she didn’t really connect as a person or as a singer. She did likely her best performance with Adam Lambert, but the rest of the time she was just annoying. Jena is a similar sort of annoying, but even less personable.

      • I agree, Jena is like Angie. You really have to have more than a voice and Jena is really, really boring..no offense.

      • sorry, Angie is not annoying. Nowadays, Angie Miller is the most popular one
        I have my own idols since 2011
        2011 = Haley Reinhart and Scotty McCreery
        2012 = Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez
        2013 = Angie Miller
        2014 = Jena Irene and Jessica Meuse

        If Angie Miller is annoying, how can she reach until TOP 3? she must be the winner because she is unique

      • Jena is super annoying, and she is in the Top 3. Angie had been prepped and pumped up as the winner, and then she got voted off. Neither of these girls is anything much, and neither will have much of a music career.

      • Yup, America was spot on with Candace, and her 19K records sold… what a joke, Angie for sure was the best last year

      • I didn’t like Angie, and didn’t fall for how much they pushed her, I just didn’t care for her voice or performance style. I wish they would give all of the candidates a fair chance, all of the support they need, and let the winner rise up out of the group, rather than feeling the ridiculous press of the producers and the judges. They work so hard to manipulate the vote, all I can do is hope it goes the opposite way.

  2. Caleb is my favorite. Jena is also very good and I think she will win because she’s more contemporary. I wouldn’t be totally shocked if Alex snuck into the final two, beating out Caleb, because once again he’s more contemporary.

    • Yes, Alex is the most commercial artist that’s left on American Idol. He really doesn’t have to win as he has a very distinct style and will do very well indeed. Jena and Caleb are good but where will they really fit in? Caleb would need a band and Jena is not that interesting on stage. I think she will have trouble.

      • I agree with what you say about Alex. Caleb has an awesome voice but he has to do something more that regurgitated overdone rock songs. I haven’t quite figured out the draw for Jena. She’s cute as a button, but she shouts as she sings and her voice has this wavering frenetic quality I find unappealing – kind of like a not so good Bette Midler. But in the studio they could clean her up and I guess she would have some appeal to the popular market. I would personally go for Alex even though I know he’s in third place. Is it just me or have the girl winners done more than the guys over the years? It seems the really want a girl this year.

      • Last year was the forced girl winner. This year they are pushing Jena at us, but I don’t think there goal was entirely to promote a girl. Although all of the wild cards were girls this year, which skewed the numbers their way initially. None of the wild cards were any good, and that includes their precious Jena. Kristen didn’t have a personality, and Emily was just the one who is even worse than Jena.

      • none of them sing karaoke by the way, they are all great but Caleb is the best all around singer and performer. Some of Alex’s song are good but some not soo good, some he just changes way too much and can be boring at times, he just loses my attention!

      • Alex may pick up Jessica’s votes. That is a very real possibility which may put him in the finale. He really does belong there. He is the best technical singer and he will have a career for sure.

      • Singer, songwriter, instrumentalist – that is a lot of talent in one person.

      • Both Caleb and Jena are karaoke. Caleb is a karaoke rocker. Not sure what Jena is imitating.

  3. All 3 have talent. But, I do agree with the polls. Jena or Caleb in the first 2 spots. With Alex in a very distant 3rd spot. But, that can change if he has a performance like he did a few weeks ago, when he sang “Say something”

  4. Alex is doing so much better in social media though, he has the most twitter followers by a lot. In the past do twitter followers make any kind of difference?

    • No. Last year Angie Miller had quadruple the amount of followers that Kree and Candice had and she came in 3rd. Not everyone uses twitter so I would not count on that stat determining the winner.

      • Yeah after I posted this I checked facebook and the followers are actually the opposite amounts there. Caleb has the most on fb.

      • That was part of why she was so shocked to be booted off, she thought that her social media followers would translate to votes. They don’t. And votes don’t translate into music sales, as shown by not one of the Last 3 being in the Top 200 on iTunes today.

    • Alex may end up with votes from Jessica which might put him in the finale. Caleb called his fans “retards” which isn’t a smart move…maybe he should leave.

    • But Sam Woolf has almost 20,000 more Twitter followers than Alex, and he’s gone.

  5. Both Caleb and Jena earned but while being a massive Caleb fan at first (i m still rooting for him), I do think Jena EARNED her future win next week by improving by leaps and bounds , week after week AND Her Versatility in musical genres covered and ability to make each one her own while remaining faithful to the original material. Jena Irene will make for the most amazing female winner on any US Musical Show in YEARS !

    • Jena is a boring singer, and an annoying personality. She will have about the same sales as Candice Glover, virtually nothing. She hasn’t charted on iTunes in several weeks, I think her last chart was for Baraccuda. Nothing at all this week for Jena.

  6. I honestly don’t care if alex goes home tomorrow night. I think he has the most talent. he may not “rock” the stage like Caleb and Jena can but he performs in a way that pulls me in. when I hear yelling and screaming or what Caleb and Jena do, it just bores me. Caleb just sounds like any other rocker does. jena sounds different but something about her performances just don’t pull me in like alex. if alex goes home I’m not going to be sad. I will be proud of what he has done and what he will be. I think he will be the most successful, because if you look at Alex’s iTunes songs,he has had the most success other than one performance that Jena beat. sorry for this long message but I barely see any comments about alex

  7. I don’t understand why everybody likes Jena, most of the time I can’t understand her when she sings. I hope Alex or Caleb win!

    • Jena is the producer’s choice no doubt. They are in it to make money off the future song sales, and Jena fits their mold. Think about it. Who buys most of the i-tunes, etc. Young women. Do they buy hard rock? Hard rockers tend to make their money in concert. Jena cannot be understood half the time, she starts almost every song slowly due to the need to start in a low key so she can hit the big notes toward the end. She really lacks the range to hit high notes well, so if she can keep it .lower and scream, it comes off as range. And her screams are not hard rocker screams, they are simply screams. She is not the best. (Caleb is the beat at what he does.) Each show has certain nuances geared to promote Jena. Last night who was with the judges when Randy announced his choice for her? It wasn’t Alex and Caleb. Did you notice the phone numbers were not repeatedly shown at the end of the show as in the past? Who will benefit most from other voting methods? The fix is in folks, as it has been since season 2. Now we just have to see if America goes along with the program.

  8. The betting odds don’t mean much. They reflect who the show is trying to put forth. If they keep shoving one or two contestants down peoples’ throats, telling people the competition is “theirs”, that is where the bets will go. This method does not reflect who America will vote for.

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