Who Is Going Home On American Idol Tonight? 04/17/2014

It’s getting harder and harder to predict who will go home each week on American Idol 2014 now because we’re at the point where we’re not sure who has been leading the pack all along. Has it been Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston or Jessica Meuse? And have they maintained hold or has Jena Irene swooped in?

Dexter Roberts

Will one of those names first three names finally fall into the bottom? It’s possible. What isn’t possible, though, I believe is Jena making a return trip to the bottom. I’m pretty sure she had a moment last night that will carry her on for the rest of the season.

* UPDATE: Click here to find out who went home on American Idol 2014 from the Top 7 in our recap of Thursday’s elimination results show!

So let’s take a look at how things could play out tonight.

Definitely Safe

Jena Irene. The pimp spot, the right song, a flawless vocal and a standing ovation from two of the three judges. Yeah, she’s good this week.

Caleb Johnson. He continues to be solid and I think he’ll again be fine this week. His performances were strong and he’s coming off very likable in his edits. And throw in what looks like a budding showmance with Jena and America will go crazy!


Alex Preston. I don’t get it. I haven’t all season. But someone gets it. I think he’ll be just fine again this week.

Most Likely Safe

Jessica Meuse. I think she and Alex are pretty close in this race and are interchangeable in the rankings, so I’ll just go ahead and put her in this category this time.

Sam Woolf. This is risky of me. I think Sam is very soon going home and it could even be this week. But I think he might be able to ride that judges’ save wave for one more week. Maybe. Or he’ll go home. Ha.

Possibly the bottom two (if they’re doing bottom two again this week like last)

Dexter Roberts. His voting outcomes have been as hit and miss as his performances. I think he might be back in the bottom this week.

C.J. Harris. This guy seems to have nine lives and I think we’ll see that again tonight. I think he should go home, but I don’t think he will.

Probably going home

Dexter. As I said, it should be C.J., but I think it’ll be the country dude. Unless Sam’s save buzz has worn off. We’ll see.

Who do you think will be heading home tonight on American Idol 2014?




  1. I think Alex, Caleb and Jena all have unique qualities that are very different from the rest of them. I think that Ms.Muese or Dexter are going home tonight. I love them all though!! Its gotta be tough!

  2. I hope it’s not Dexter, I really love to hear him each week, In truth after last night I think it could be any one of them.

    • I agree, however it will not Jena she was superb tonight. I thought hers was the best of the night IMO.

      • How am I being biased? I don’t think she will be leaving after that performance. What’s wrong with that?

  3. Can not believe CJ was in before Jessica-oh well, my vote is for Jena anyway. Love, love, love Harry-he gives the best critiques-Hope he is back next year. He really knows music.

  4. Jessica and Caleb both have very little humbleness in their <3 don't know if that'll fly. Jena Alex Cj and Sam show a lot of character and are humble and genuine artists and original all around. Dexter is not too transparent hard to judge him all together. He's just cruising along whether its good bad or indifferent……..time will tell.
    As Harry mentioned this years group are definitely one of the most talented contenders of all shows so far. Good luck to y'all. 🙂

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