American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Finale Song List Revealed

Kree Harrison - American Idol

Here are your very last American Idol 2013 spoilers! This week’s song list for the season finale has been leaked and we now know what we can expect to hear from Kree Harrison and Candice Glover when they take the stage Wednesday night to compete for your votes.

According to TheIdolPad, the Top 2 will be performing pretty solid reprisals from earlier this season but the picks by Simon Fuller are, well, not the greatest. As for those reprisals it looks like Branden just about nailed the picks on what they should perform again for their best shot at winning American Idol 2013.

American Idol 2013 Finale Song Spoilers:

Candice Glover:

Kree Harrison:

What do you think of these song spoilers? Are you excited to find out who won American Idol 2013 this week? We’re just two days from the new winner being crowned!

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    • From a vocal/interpretive perspective, there’s no doubt that Candice will out-perform Kree on every level, though being the very best singer/vocalist does not always ensure a victory.

    • Unfortunately for Kree, she lacks Candice’s ability to effectively interpret ANY song due to both her masterful control of her voice as well as her impeccable vocal instincts… So with the exception of the reprise of her (rather straight forward/karaoke) rendition of ‘Up To The Mountain’, Kree’s choices don’t seem very compelling.

      Also… Given that Kree has made clear that her ‘head voice’ is anything but strong or ‘clear’ there’s reason for concern with her attempting Sarah’s ‘Angel’, which relies heavily on the use of the female ‘head voice’ to convey its rather delicate/heartfelt message.

      We’ll See…

      • Candiice sings from her diaphragm Kree doesn”t, Candice has a natural powerful voice. . btw I dont’ even think Kree likes to try to sing country. She sounds more pop to me. If you had a southern accent youi can tell.

      • Candice sings from her heart as well. Anyone can hear and see that. Her voice is amazing.

  1. Why put I am beautiful song off on Candice. I could of thought of a better song She’ll get my votes anyway!

    And that Angel song for Kree? It’s no better!

    • Not sure where your complaint lies but “I Am Beautiful’ is a new song (apparently) written for/in collaboration with Candice Glover.

      You’re likely confusing the title with the song simply entitled ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera – Don’t, as they’re not the same song.

  2. Omg these song choices r like a Battle between “Power VS Grace”. I bet it’s gonna be Tough.

  3. Matt, What did I do wrong that my comment was not put through? I will try to not make the same mistake again. I said I wished Kree could sing the song she wrote called, “You Would Have Wanted It That Way.” I like both Kree and Candice and will vote according to performance. I also thought it was important to not let nerves play a part so it does not show up in the vocals, but that’s a tall order considering what finale night means. I AM looking forward to the finale and hope it will be as good as it has the potential to be. Sorry if I stepped over a line. Hope this comment is better.

    • As one who buys ALL of the season’s studio recordings, there’s nothing in Kree’s past performances that lead one to believe that she has the vocal ability to properly deliver the vocal nuances required by a song as intricate as Angel.

      Her consistent trend towards allowing more complex vocal phrases to fall completely flat by their end does not bode well for a song filled with so much complex phrasing.

      We’ll See…

  4. Just compared Haley Reinhart, Jordin Sparks, and Candice Glover singing “I (Who Have Nothing) .” All three were really good. I do think I like Candice’s version best. It was somewhere in the middle between Haley’s very high-volume and Jordin’s more-subdued approach. Candice’s version had some of the best of both of the other two. Hope she does it that way on finale night.

    • I can’t see all the great in Haley’s performances at all, especially in I Who Have Nothing. Too theatrical and weak vibrato.

  5. matt, just wondering why last night I saw that Kree eas singing her origanl song you would have wanted it that way now its changed …do you know what happened……..are the idol boses so afraid that KRee would win that they have to sabatoge her victory song……….what does the girl have to do to prove how good she is….i just dont get it….i know one thing just vote for kree everybody till the idol tile is hers..go Kree.

  6. Candace is just better..She will out perform Kree at every level..but they are both great singers..but as we know the better singer/performer doesnt always win

  7. im SURE they picked the better songs for Candace, because that’s who they want to win! They have been giving Kree the SCREWS for weeks now!

    • thats what I have been saying Kree had two of her 3 songs changed. that was done after Kree opted to let Candice sing last….i and then they adjusted Candices songs hmmmmm smells funny to me.

      • so simon fullers choice for Candice was chasing pavements and now its a taylor made song from dream girls…..while Kree went from jesus take the wheel…..carrie underwood to now its Angel by Sarah mckloklyn, so it went from uplifting to depressing…just doesnt seem right, is this a punishment for messing up their preffered final two…..i would like nothing more than to see Kree win mainly for her but also to let idol see they cant force a contestant on america.

  8. Two very good singers. What it comes down to, I think, is the style of singing one enjoys most. I was at first a little disgruntled with the song ‘Angel’ for Kree…..yet again, not a country song. Kree’s beautiful tone in her voice, I think, lends itself well to ballads, and she might very well give a lovely rendition of this song. For Candice, I have Haley’s rendition ‘I Who Have Nothing’ etched in my mind, it was so good, but so was Candices’. I would have loved to hear Kree sing ‘Stars’ but ‘Up To The Mountain was beautiful. Tomorrow nite will tell all! Best wishes to them both!!!

  9. Sorry Candice fans, girl simply can’t sing anything uptempo. And nobody’s going to buy an album full of gospel ballads, nor will they play that crap on the radio!

    • Hmmm… Which is why Candice received rave reviews for her ‘completely non gospel ballad) renditions of ‘Straight Up’, ‘Next To Me’, Heard It Through the Grapevine’, ‘Come Together’ and ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ ?

      NOTE: Which is far more genre diversity than any other contestant this season of American Idol.

      Do yourself a favor and do some actual research before posting such unfounded/ignorant tripe.


  10. Kree will connect to the lyric well and sing like a bird to victory but then Adam lambert did not win and he will never be surpassed on any show.

  11. Pulling for Candice ! Pure talent & perfection & it is her time to shine ! Kree is awesome , but I know she will be snapped up quickly for Nashville. SO Candice … You GO Girl !

  12. Candice is going to kill I Who Have Nothing again.
    Chasing Pavements is a good song, but I’m not sure the song is big enough for Candice. She needs songs that will blow everyone away, and I don’t think this song will. This is what I said about Next To Me last week.
    Kree will nail her reprisal, but Candice will outshine her in this category.
    Sarah Simmons performed Angel last week on the voice, and it is such a depressing song. Kree will have to really channel her emotion in this one, or it won’t do her any favours.
    Excited to see the coronation singles.
    I’m rooting for Candice and her stellar voice to win.
    Hoping for an exciting finale!!!

  13. normally I would be happy with Candice winning but the judges spoiled that by asking all to vote for her as if there was nobody else left to vote for….really….. so now I hope Kree wins

  14. judging by the coronation song name, Candice wins hands down. It’s like how Home >>>>>> Change Nothing last year lol

  15. Not watching the finale. Kree is boring and candice lacks star appeal and that’s something u wont be able to earn tru hardwork or perfect vocals.not worth it. Angie should have won. Yet its actually a gift she didn’t coz she’d be better off without the crown.

  16. Candice is not really spectacular for me considering that she is a church singer. She’s lacking in emotion and vocal prowess compared to other black church singer we know. On the other hand, Kree is unique and original. Her tone was exceptional. So its Kree for me!! Go Kree!!

    • And to think Elvis started singing with the choir of his local church when he was in elementary school. Candice is not lacking, she is a very gifted singer.

  17. Kree has been given some very unfair treatment by the judges and the show. Kree has showed herself to be a good person on and off the stage. And as far as talent candice isnt even close to what KREE brings to the stage!!!!! KREE KNOW AMERICA and the world loves you !! YOUR A GREAT SINGER!!!!!!

  18. Candice and Kree are both very talented, but only one of them has the best voice and is the most talented. Candice has that voice. She can sing anything and make it sound great. She deserves to win, and this has nothing to do with what producers want, but her true vocal talent and versatility. Kree is also a great singer, but she is not as good as Candice and there are times when she just doesn’t sing like an AI. I have been voting all season for Candice and Kree because I feel that they are the best and should both be in the finale together. Starting tonight I vote for only one and that person is Candice. My gut tells me she is the best and is worthy of the American Idol crown. They are both good, but my heart tells me to vote for Candice. I wish them both good luck. May the best and most talented win it all! They are both truly blessed with exceptional voices.

  19. Candice is awesome and very memorable. You can put 4 or 5 of her performances in thee Top 10 performances of Season 12 anytime

  20. As I always do, on the first night of competition I wrote down a name, put it in an envelope and open on the day before the finale. Candice was that name this year. In past years, some of those names were: Reuben, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert (we all know AT&T bought that one with the phone give away in Arkansas) , Jordin sparks, and Chris daughtry. So I’m pretty good at picking great singers, but you’re right, the best DOESN’T always win. Go Candace!

  21. Kree is my favorite,Awhsome pers0nality,Very sweet and .
    lovable girl.Beautifil voice!

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