American Idol 2013: Las Vegas Round 2 Photo Gallery

Las Vegas Round 2 - American Idol 2013

It was the guys’ turn on American Idol 2013 last night and some of them took the opportunity to shine while others focused on performing. No matter who you wanted to get through the decisions have been made and half of them were eliminated on the spot.

Here’s a gallery of photos from last night’s Las Vegas Sudden Death round featuring each of the singers giving it their all for a chance at the Top 20. Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch Jr, Paul Jolley, Elijah Liu, and Devin Velez were the five singers sent through to the live shows while the rest were cut from the competition.

Check out your favorite singers from American Idol 2013 in the images below.

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All images: CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright / FOX.



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  1. Charlie askew is the best ffor male vocalist,
    im accutualy excited to see who makes it this year,
    i think he will make it to the top 12, this years a little different, i think the judge panel is worst ever!! keith is terrible, im also sick off all the singers choosing a keith urban song to get a extra praise, im sick off the same old singer like for example Curtis reminds me off jacob lusk, joshua ledet, chikezie, its like the same old recycled performers, theres 0 origniallty, im bored with that, i think that american idol girl is stronger than the guys, but its sepreating the good from the great, however i think that elijah liu was terrible, his voice is so young, and he’s way to ugly. i dont care what anyone says. i think that charlie askew will be the only guy in the top 5 then elinmated number 5. leading to a top 4 girls.

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