American Idol 2013: Judges Results In Las Vegas Round 2

Chris Watson in American Idol 2013 Las Vegas

Tonight in Las Vegas the American Idol 2013 judges revealed their latest eliminations when they sent home another five singers, crushing their dreams of becoming the next American Idol winner. Meanwhile five more Hopefuls join yesterday’s survivors to form the first half of our Season 12 Top 20 singers.

We’ve been sharing the guys’ first elimination spoilers all day and now they’re official. Read Branden’s full recap of tonight’s show or jump straight to the results below.

Safe Singers in the American Idol 2013 Top 20

Eliminated Singers from Season 12:

  • Chris Watson
  • Jimmy Smith
  • Kevin Harris
  • J’DA
  • Johnny Keyser

Did the judges make the right decision tonight or did the wrong singers get sent home from American Idol 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.




  1. This not right, Keyser was great and they picked bad singers over him. , American Idol has sank to a new low, The proof is there they are setting it up for a girl win.

      • I think Johnny has more potential…but after watching last nights show…he played it safe and got beat…the guys the judges selected were the best 5 vocal performers last night…that is the difference between making the top 20 an actual competition and not a selection process…I like this format and understand, Johnny got cut because Johnny got beat…it is a shame for the show…but it happened

      • His vocal was perfect, that guy at the end sitting with him did not beat him in voice nor song choice. I happened to like Johnny’s song besides that country boy was good also. They should have not have been sent home. Elijah was awful, so was that guy holding onto the mike for dear life, they were bad.

      • johnny was now sent home 2 years in a row during Vegas week…it is not because he sings perfect…I wish Johnny made it through…but I am not going to pretend he sang perfect because he didnt…he got beat, it is what it is…

  2. I have been a fan since season 1 and this is the first time I have lost interest. The producers have made so many changes and it is not believable at all this year. I don’t know if I will watch it this year. So sad !!!

    • I’m digging the Vegas round this year. So much better without those terrible group performances that rarely come off well. Better chances this way of getting something decent if not great.

      • I agree, I like this Vegas format much better…and I like what they did in Hollywood this year also…I think they have a great crop of girls this year, the guys, not so much

  3. Worst season ever. Bad judges bad judgment. Looks like producers know who’s going to win. Even Ryan is not the same.

    • Totally agree.. Ryan is missing that spark… He looks like ha can’t wait for this whole sham to be over!

  4. It was so nice to hear Curtis bring it …A Luther pure love song. Wouldn’t it be great if R&B could have a pure heart bring true love songs once again?

  5. I am convinced that AI is putting forward a set of guys that young
    Girls will NOT connect with so that they can guarantee or at least influence a female winner. I can not believe that those were the best 10 guys out of thousands nor the best 5 out of that horrible 10!

  6. Randy SHAME, I guess you don’t want a guy in it that can win it!!! I still can’t believe what I seen last night.

  7. Can you audition again next year if you get out of the semifinals? I wish Shubha went in instead of 2-3 guys that went through 🙁

  8. I think it was the right 5 out of last night’s group. Johnny was just not great. Deven and Charlie are my favorite guys from this group. Curtis is good, but is anyone else sick of his arrogant, yet falsely humble attitude??

    • Johnny was better then most of them. You’re going to say that those guys were the best? It was the right 5 if you don’t want a guy to win, makes some want to stick around just to vote for the worse guy of the bunch.

      • disagree johnny shoulve made it but charlie was the best of the guys, i thought that elijah was a bad singer, shouldve went home.

      • you are partly right partly wrong Charlie was a mockery he was a like clown but Johnny had the real talent and quality. Elijah was horrible, Why not, the so called judge Nicky thinks he is “sexy” and she wants a baby from him so Why not !!!

  9. i thought elijah wasnt a strong performance,
    and shoulve went home,
    as for curtis, ive seen it a millon times, im so sick and tired of the same old singer, i swear its like listening to, jacob lusk, joshua ledet,

    • He is just like the others u mentioned. Randy likes that voice though so im sure he will keep supporting him. Look forward to another season of songs being screamed out the tv by the “joshua/jacob clone.

  10. Keith and Mariah are too polite. Nikki is acting like the teenyboppers that vote only for a cute guy always-until their fingers bleed from voting so many times.. Randy’s trying to be real but Nikki’s in his face when her boo gets an honest critique.

  11. Not big surprises there, and can’t complain about the cuts other than not really necessary even keeping 5. I get the feeling the judges want the singers to be a bit more controlled this year. Curtis could be very good if pulled back somewhat. Last year they pushed the singers to go wild and I found it boring for the most part. Elijah seems overrated but lets see what happens. Charlie will make up for it with his style, but the voice needs to improve. Devin has potential but not sure if he has the stage presence. No problem with Johnny being sent home as he just wasn’t that good. So far the girls rule this show, and if the judges can get the singers to not go over the top it could be a good competition.

  12. Listen, folks, the show’s producers can let thru any singer they want and not worry about the girl teenybopper votes. They can just ignore the teenybopper votes. The audience will never know….There are still 5 more guys and 5 more girls for the judges to pick, so don’t get your knickers in a twist. Remember: this show is NOT about winning! It’s about EXPOSURE! And that is what these kids are getting. As soon as they get cut from AI, some talent agent scoops up anyone who is good enough to be marketable. Marketability is what the show’s producers are looking for. They want a winner who will enhance the image of AI….

  13. This season is very disappointing. Last nights decision for the red headed kid who can’t sing and has no star quality was questionable by far. Randy you are my favorite but Nikki is an insult to the show. Get her out of there! I’m not sure if I will continue this session.

  14. The American Idol is very interesting talent search show I enjoy watching. But this season the four judges have lost their credibility. They seems to have failed miserably in identifying the deserving contestants to the next round. The attitude displayed by Nicky is simply annoying and arrogant with her comments. I don’t see the judges making their own stand it looks like after Keith making his comment the others follow his. This is where deserving candidate are not appreciated and sadly leaving the competition with tears. Shuba Vedula is one fine example, the four say the same old story ” you are seventeen, it is amazing you have such great voice and great potential” but we cant see what we are looking for, that is really stupid.

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