American Idol 2013: The Judges Save Has No Limits

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The Judges Save has made itself in to quite an interesting topic for American Idol 2013. In past seasons the Save has had a deadline of the Top 5, eliminating its use in the final weeks of the competition. That may have all changed for Season 12.

Last week when production reached its goal of an all female finalists pool the stars seemingly aligned as it was the last opportunity, according to tradition, for Randy Jackson to announce the Save would be used. Couple that with Nicki Minaj’s pre-show announcement of “shocking” results and the stage seemed set for Thursday’s eliminated singer to get a second chance. But when the time came the moment passed and Janelle was sent home.

So what happened? Why wasn’t the Save used in its last opportunity this season as we adamantly predicted it would be? The schedule clearly has an extra week in it on this current trajectory. We’ll be out of finalists before we even reach the May 15th finale show. Something has to take place to save the schedule and according to Janelle Arthur that’s all been planned out.

During Janelle’s exit interviews she made the revealing statement that there was no limit to when the Judges Save could be used this season:

“We thought the week of Lazaro (Arbos’ elimination) was the last week to use it,” says Janelle Arthur, who was ousted Thursday when the judges split 2-2 on whether or not to keep her. “Then they told us they had to use it before the end of the year, but they didn’t really tell us when the cutoff was.”

Well that’s not surprising. The judges can use their Save anytime before the end of the season as long as they do it by the time we go from the Top 3 to the Top 2. Could they be saving it to create a more dramatic three-way season finale show? Pitting Kree, Candice, and Angie against one another for two straight weeks?

This season of American Idol 2013 has felt the heavy hand of production tighten its control which makes this move unsurprising but all the same questionable. Are the producers free to do as they please? Of course! But at what point are they going to let go and allow things to just happen? They secured a female winner after working so hard for it so isn’t it time for them to just give in and let the viewers decide?

If you were a judge on the Season 12 panel, which remaining Top 4 finalist would you want to save with this special power?

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    • Amber doesn’t have an attitude problem. She is sweet and very talented, But she simply is not as good as the other three.

    • We all have our favorite singers, but when it comes to attitude, I don’t think of Amber as having a bad attitude. In fact, I think she is the last one I would think of when it come to bad attitude. Do some viewers have an “attitude” because the judges have praised her? They have praised the other three, too. As far as the save goes, I don’t see how it can be used unless the judges are ordered to agree to use it. Otherwise, these four will never agree unanimously on anything.

    • What attitude what is wrong with Amber she can perform and sing. Come on now people all these remaining girls are great.

  1. i would save any of the remaining four. they’re all talented. whether they win or lose, they’ll all be singing to us for a long time to come

  2. I really want Angie to win, but if Kandace wins, that will be great, too. They are both VERY talented. Kree is okay, just not my cup of tea. Not a country music fan.

  3. Reality TV at it’s best, just make up the rules as you go, and leave everyone guessing.

  4. Candice is amazing! Yet totally in her own league, far above the others. Sometimes Angie seems to have a conceited attitude but has changed quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Really would like to see Kree win. She’s as soulful as Candice. Irregardless, I believe the top 5 will make it big. 🙂

  5. Who cares. Idol with Nicki and Randy is unwatchable anyway. If it takes an extra week….who cares. This year stunk and really Jessica Sanchez was 10 tmies the singer Phillip Phillips is, and he won. Get ready to be disappointed

      • Lots of viewers need to vent their frustration with this entire season of Idol. I agree with the assessment of Jessica v. Phillip. Its hard to fathom why certain contestants were chosen over others who were far more talented and versatile.

  6. IN my book, Candice is the winner, with Kree coming in second place. Amber is third for me. Angie goes home this week. She is highly over-rated. I love them all. Good luck and may the most talented win AI.

    • I totally agree
      KREE will be the WINNER
      She has an amazing voice she is worldly she is beautiful , humble , kind ,lovable
      She has the X Factor
      I love kree she is my inspiration
      Her voice beautiful ,angelic , powerful ,soulful
      Kree is so talented
      Your voice is the Best in all seasons
      Kree has the whole package
      God bless you kree
      Will be praying for you to WIN
      You are already a WINNER
      Good luck kree
      Love you

  7. Kree deserves to win. 100%. She has the “it” factor. She can sing anything. Nicki Minaj was correct. She is worldly! I wantnhernto take home that crown.

  8. Nikki is gross! Acts like a child! And talks like she is in second grade. Mariahs boobs look like she been nursing a elephant.. so they must b real! Gross!

  9. They’re going to have to use the save tomorrow night, aren’t they? They are running out of singers and the finale is on May 15th!

  10. Angie for sure if need be.she the best.and she should b the winner.hands down.its ANGIE….

  11. What is with these judges? They have never carried on like these judges this year. They are over rating a singer and that is so unfair to the other contestants. THey need a new panel. I have very much disliked American Idol this year. The judges are making it very hard too continue watching. They stink.

  12. I do not know why anyone thinks their favorite is so much better than any other in the top four. As all 4 are great singers. In fact, I don’t think American Idol has ever had a year where all the top four are this good. Yes, the judges do try to push Angie and Amber a harder than the others. Because the judges are smart enough to know that Amber and Angie are more marketable (especially Amber). As they have the “pop star look” more than Kree or Candice does. That tells me these judges are not so dumb after all. Is that fair to the other two? Probably not. But, that is the way the industry is. And who can blame them for wanting a winner who actually sells records. But ultimately, the judges are not in control … the voters are.
    And why we are on the subject of judges, I have to say, I think without question, Nikki is the most passionate and honest judge in American Idol history. It don’t matter if she is saying something positive or negative about a performance … no judge is more passionate about that given performance than Nikki is. That I guarantee.

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