Will Judges Save Be Used Tonight On American Idol 2013?

American Idol Judges

American Idol last night featured an all-girls lineup now that the boys are gone which means for the first time this season a female finalist will be forced to sing for her Idol life. That also means the judges may actually decided to use it.

We had long suspected the judges closed-fist approach to using the Save was linked to wanting to keep the girls around for as long as possible. Now with all the guys gone and this being the last week the Save could be used we’re fully expecting some extra drama at the end of the night.

Another big clue is looking at the American Idol 2013 schedule. Should no one be saved tonight we’d be down to the final two singers facing off on May 8, 2013, one week before the Season 12 finale.

With all that in mind, yes, we expect the judges to use the Save tonight on American Idol when the lights are dimmed and Ryan Seacrest reveals the results.

What do you think will happen? Do you want to see all five of these ladies take the stage again next week for the wild card & one-hit wonder theme?




  1. I thought the judges could not use the “save” after they were down to five contestants?

    • I think it’s until, but not past, the Top 5. Considering the schedule issue it seems like it’ll have to be used tonight if it’s their last chance.

      Of course you could be right. Idol seems to make up its own rules as it goes, so who knows what they’ll do for sure.

    • After tonight the save is no longer in play. They can only use it up until there are five contestants left. If they do use it tonight then two go home next week.

      • Based on the schedule, the two goes home thing is no longer the way they do it. Since I think last year they just extended the schedule by a week anticipating the save so only one goes home the following week. The question is then, will they use it just because they have an extra week? They’ll come up with something but I fully suspect they will use it no matter who is voted off.

      • While I think the right contestant was voted off, I’m still shocked they didn’t use the save. This is, after all, about making money… and I can’t believe the show didn’t compel the judges to milk an extra week of publicity and revenue out of it. They must be itching to get this over with and get far away from each other… 🙂

  2. No matter whether the save is used, or not, it will just prolong the inevitable–that Janelle or Amber will be the next to go. The last three standing will be Candice, Kree, and Angie. I don’t think Amber’s voice is “dumb.” I would like her to be in the top three, but for a long time now the majority thinks differently. Janelle’s personality along with her voice makes me like to watch her. I look forward to hearing Amber sing, too, so I really hate to see either of them leave. Good luck to all of them. Use the save–I’d rather hear them than some of the guests that are brought in.

    • I’m all for Amber, too. Definitely the prettiest voice of all. Hear Amber has least number of twitter followers and that is killing her – likely the very young. Hear they vote only for the prettiest or cutest – hate all ballads – and stop watching when their favorite is booted off.

      • Amber by no means has the prettiest voice. I believe that title should go to either Candice or Kree. Another thing, after she finished her second song last night and she was standing nect to Ryan Seascrest, she looked like she was as bored as can be. Her smile looked incredibly fake as well.

      • Beauty lies in the “ear” of the beholder. Where one person finds Amber’s voice the most beautiful, someone else thinks it’s Candice. Or Kree. This doesn’t mean anyone is wrong; they just have different ideas of what a beautiful voice is.

  3. I love Janelle and I also thought Amber did great last night. I think any of the five girls could win it. I hope they do use the save because whoever has to sing for the save would really give it their all next week. I will buy Janelle’s cd for sure if she puts one out.

  4. I Feel This Has Been A Great Season, I Would Love To See Candice, Kree, Amber Be In The Top Three, Janelle Has A Sweet Voice, I Do Like Janelle Alot, I Would Like To Wish All The Best Of Luck

  5. I think Janelle will be the one to go tonight and the judges won’t use their save. Now if Amber goes, they might. Top 3 was Angie, Kree and Candice. Candice is still my favorite buy boy wasn’t Angie good last night!!

  6. i think the save has expired. it had to be used by top 5. i think.
    anyone know differnetly?

  7. oh and also. if the save was used. two would be elinmated next week. the reason this year gets over with quicker it was a top 10 and not a top 12

  8. All I know is when Candice sung her second song my fourteen year old actually stopped texting her boyfriend but her phone down and had tears. She hadn’t even looked up since the show started.

  9. This was their last night to use their save… so I don’t understand why they didn’t just use it and then let America decide the fate of the rest?!?!

  10. Angie is the best to me… she has an amazing tone to her voice, she can hit every note, she can write songs, she is an amazing musician, she can play the piano and sing at the same time with ease and she performs with no awkward moves and is fearless…She is also beautiful and looks the part of an Idol… I think Angie is the one who has it, she is oozing with talent and the is the best. Angie will make it in the Music world with or without American Idol !

  11. AMBER WAS GREAT On the ‘Celine Dion song~ The Power of Love! But I did not like her McAurther Park at all. So we will see what america say’s tonight.I hope one icky song will not put her either out, or in the bottom 3.She got all 50 of my votes.

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