American Idol 2013 Top 8 Elimination Prediction

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Someone is about to be sent home tonight on American Idol 2013 and from the way things went during last night’s performance event I don’t think anyone should be surprised by what’s going to happen.

We can make our American Idol predictions for who will be voted off tonight based on solely your votes in our poll for the Top 8. There are three clear trailing singers: the last three boys. None of the girls even fall in to the single digit votes and that’s a big change from last week when we saw a girl in the bottom (both in our poll and on the results show) and another tied for the next place up.

This time around we expect tonight’s Idol results to safely secure all girls out of the danger zone and instead fill those seats with all of the boys.

Kudos, production, you’ve made your wish come true and we’re okay with that. Are the guys talented? Absolutely. Are they better than the girls? Not a chance. At least not on a consistent level.

When the results are revealed I believe we’ll find out that either Burnell Taylor or Devin Velez was voted off American Idol tonight. Lazaro’s public appeal should keep him safe at least another week and maybe even past the point when we see the first female finalist sent home.

Who do you think will be eliminated? Share your predictions for tonight’s news.




    next person to go: Devin/Lazaro
    last guy to stay: Burnell
    first girl to go: Amber
    typical ” surprising elimination of the season at #4″: Janelle
    top 3: Candice Angie and Kree

  2. I like Burnell but when he through Devin and Lazaro under the bus for the group song I lost all respect for him. Arrogance gets you nowhere!

  3. Top 7 surprise elimination last year was Jessica Sanchez remember. She was by far the best female singer of the season and was saved by the judges. The following week saw the elimination of Colton Dixon. So, on shows like this, you can’t predict anything. I would not be surprise that either Kree or amber go home this week or next. Also, remember Jennifer Hudson finished 7th only to go on to win both a Granny and an Oscar. So, don’t count on ANYTHING!!!!!

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