American Idol 2014 Top 3 Power Rankings

Jena Irene on American Idol's Top 4

Last night on American Idol 2014, we said goodbye to Jessica Meuse as she just missed a spot in the final three. That means either Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston or Jena Irene will become the next American Idol.

And it’s anyone’s title, really. That’s why my final power rankings are going to be pretty difficult. The fewer people there are, the harder it is, oddly enough. But here goes nothing.

American Idol 2014 Top 3 Power Rankings

3. Alex Preston. Earlier in the season I thought Alex would go all the way and become the next WGWG (White Guy With a Guitar), but now I think he’s likely to finish in third place. But this season has been all over the place, so I could be very, very wrong. Of the final three, however, I do think he comes in at third based on this performances and song choices.

2. Caleb Johnson. I might be the only person officially putting Caleb above Jena, but I’m going to take the leap. Caleb is a great showman and vocalist and he’s never had an off week. BUT. He is kind of one-dimensional and I don’t know how many fans are into his kind of music. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a HUGE chance he’ll win this season, but I think there are more things going against him now than before.

1. Jena Irene. I never, ever, EVER thought she’d be in my No. 1 spots, especially at Top 3, but here she is. And I think she earned it. She’s fought her way to the top and even though she sometimes puts off a “bratty” vibe (I hope I’m misreading her), I think she’s ready for this. I don’t know if she would have success if she were to win, but right now I think she’s poised to get that chance.

How would you rank the American Idol 2014 Top 3? Who is going to win?




  1. I agree with you for now, however, I WANT Alex to win, with Jena 2nd and Caleb 3rd

  2. I am agree with you very much
    Jena will deserves as the winner this year
    Jena #1

  3. I am rooting for Alex. If Jena wins I think Alex will go farther than she will. He is a true artist

  4. I think Jena wins just off of the Elvis song she sang… blew it away. However, I am not a fan of her style. Out of the three, Alex has the most talent, hes a true artist, and is totally marketable. Caleb has no marketability. From a business perspective, it should go Alex, Jena, Caleb, but from a fan vote I think Jena takes it. We shall see next week with the song choices, Alex could step up and kill it at the right time.

    • Caleb…no marketability? Are you serious? He has brought the Idol house down with his performances at least 5 times and the people in the house are today’s younger crowd. Oh heck yeah he’s marketable. Perhaps not to you, but to a very large group of people he certainly is.

      • Caleb called his fans retards and doesn’t want to be bothered by them,,,you can hear the link I posted above

      • He called the retards that bombard him on social media retards. He has since apologized and I accept that from him, although I didn’t need it. Can’t YOU accept his apology or are you going to perma-hate like so many others?

      • Arlene…Was hoping you would catch that. And to Champion…I agree with the Scotty take; just don’t look and stay out of the kitchen.

      • Caleb should have done like Scotty McCreery-don’t even look because as he said some hate, some love you.. If you can’t take the hate comments with the good-“Stay Out of the Kitchen!” Note; you can even see some “NEGATIVE” remarks about my Jena’s singing on this blog-“THANK GOODNESS” they don’t allow foul language here though!

  5. I’m between Alex and Jena. I think Caleb is a good rocker but also think he is very arrogant. But that’s me, may the best man or woman win!

  6. Jena is a very good singer but her voice is a little creepy at times. Although she can belt it out there and has stage presence. Whenever the judges offer any type of helping critique, she steps right in to excuse-ville with stuff like, “the high heels are bugging me” or “I was nervous to start the show because I’ve had to come on stage first 2 of the last 3 weeks”, etc… That attitude is such a turn off. Typical high school, not responsible for anything mindset.

    Alex…come on people. He’s a nice little coffee house performer for all the tree huggers, PC crowd and wannabe hipsters to fawn over. He and his music define boring. I could envision him playing street corners with a tip jar, and perhaps accompanied by an organ grinder. Plus, dude looks like he has a permanent booger jammed way up in his nose that he can’t get out. I keep waiting for him to stick his finger up his nose and pick it.

    Caleb…B-A attitude personified and I dig it. He is the antithesis of this pansy world that has evolved where too many people talk about absolutely nothing and do absolutely nothing and are worth absolutely nothing. Caleb brings it loud and hard and with fervent passion. That passion is NOT to be confused with “feelings” and little puppies and flowers and dandelions and wearing your girlie pants rolled up on your calves. Hey…to each their own, but give me a real guy that sings real music with an awesome stage presence any day of the week. Caleb # 1 and it’s not even close, except some will make you try to think that it is.

    • Wow James Sutherland!! Speak for yourself. You clearly do not like Alex’s style (and don’t know a true musician when you see/hear one) but you certainly do not have the right to say the nasty, mean things you said. If you cannot speak intelligently and with class, than you shouldn’t speak at all. Grow up!

      • Actually, Angie, I do have the right to say those things just as you have a right to your reply and to your thoughts. I respect that. And those “things” I said were not mean and nasty. Mean and nasty would have been using curse words and speaking un-truths. I don’t care for males that wear girlie clothes and appear to have no firm foundation for anything other than what they “feel” at the moment. It speaks to the weakness of our country, there is no strength in it and I just don’t like it. As for him being a “true musician”, he is a musician that for the most part is true to himself. He just has nothing with which to define himself.

      • “A permanent booger jammed up his nose” Really James Sutherland? Poking fun at people’s appearances isn’t mean and nasty? Where were you raised? It is people like YOU who weaken our country, not Alex Preston! I guarantee he has more class, not to mention talent, than you have in your pinky finger. He has everything going for him and is inspiring. Enough said. People like you are not worth my energy.

      • I agree with you Angie! People like James Sutherland who tear others down for no reason whatsoever are a waste of oxygen! Look in the mirror James! Alex is phenomenal. For James to suggest that People like Alex Preston are weakening our country is laughable! What a joke you are James! Haha!

      • Jeff, I did not say that people like Alex Preston are weakening our country. Read what I said. I said his music “speaks to the weakness of our country, there is no strength in it and I just don’t like it.” I can take the heat in here all day long, just be factual about it. Alex may be phenomenal to you, but he is not to me.

      • You did not say his music speaks to the weakness of our country. You made fun of him by saying he wears girly clothes and that he has no firm foundation other than what he feels at the moment. Unless you know Alex personally, I do not know how you can make such mindless presumptions.

      • OK…If you’re going to blatantly lie, then I will again tell the truth. Read what I wrote, Jeff. Here you go…cut and pasted for you: “I don’t care for males that wear girlie clothes and appear to have no firm foundation for anything other than what they “feel” at the moment. It speaks to the weakness of our country, there is no strength in it and I just don’t like it.” And just for the record, he does wear girlie pants. And if he’s going to wear them then it’s quite alright for anyone to say that he does. Later.

      • And that is exactly what I said you said. But in your previous response to me, you said (cut and pasted) “I said his music speaks to the weakness of our country”. And as you cut and pasted above, you clearly did not say that! Thank you for re-posting. You have contradicted yourself yet again.

      • Dude…what? You said I didn’t say that and I clearly stated that I did. I don’t follow what you’re stating as contradictory but, oh well. You like Alex. I don’t. Or maybe you just don’t like my views or what I wrote. That’s cool. People have different opinions.

        In a nutshell, here goes why I do not like this “musical artistcontestant”, although I do believe he is a very decent person: Our country has become weak and soft and people allow words to inflict as much perceived pain as weapons. Yet, those same people, that Alex’s musical style and appearance appeal to, become so offended at someone else’s words that they will use equally vile and offensive words to go on their own diatribe against whatever, or whomever, they wish. THAT is the big contradiction. Alex’s music and style, which represents a large portion of younger Americans, is that of the soft and weak America where political correctness rules the day and stands for NOTHING except a person’s or groups hurt feelings. Yet, those same PC practitioners will wreak equal havoc or worse upon others with whom they have a disagreement of words or opinions.

        We’ve now devolved a thread about a musical “contest” (although it may not be an actual contest) into a verbal banter among people that don’t even know each other. I have no apology for anything I’ve said or that I believe. It just amazes me that people that are so offended can so quickly go on the offensive.

        I’ll look forward to discussing next week’s show and who is sent packing with all of you, even though some of you may be throwing virtual rotten tomatoes in my direction. It should be interesting. Have a great weekend, everyone. For real.

      • Wow! Some “nutshell”. Hahaha!! I had to take an intermission half way through reading! Lol!

      • Clearly u think booger comments are funny too. Seriously? Have you read all of this guy’s comments?

      • Cindy, I’ve stepped away from the booger comments and have tried to write just about the music. It’s his music and style that I do not like. If Alex had been voted off and Sam was still around, I would write the exact same things about Sam’s music and style.

        But….there is not one time in our lives that boogers have NOT been funny. Boogers are always funny!

      • Jeff…once again, read what I wrote. I said that the music Alex plays and his style speaks to the weakness of our country, not that the type of music makes our country weak.

        Country music has always been country. Popular music plays to the mood of it’s generation. Elvis, Chuck Berry and Little Richard in the 50’s and 60’s turned the music world upside down. Music became a voice of the populace. The 60’s and 70’s saw the British invasion of bluesrock and hard rock that coincided with an era of political change and war resistance. The 80’s were party, party, party with hard rock, hair metal and post-disco synthesis. The 90’s grunge era of anger, depression and “whatever, man” coincided with a massive infusion of heavy and dark metal that flowed into the 2000’s. Now it’s the touchy/feely, PC, I just wanna lay here and be sad and have people feel sorry for me music, or it’s country that is close to rockpop and on the fringe is death metal. The music of the era speaks to the era. Let’s also not forget rap, which has evolved quite in step through the generations and has it’s own unique voice. And…SOMETIMES…music can help define an era. I just don’t like the wimpyness and wussiness of today’s popular music.

      • I agree with Angie Jeff and Beth! James Sutherland, you are anything but manly, which is probably why you insist on calling Alex “girly” Real men don’t say the kind of things you said. Real men don’t make fun of others appearances. Alex is more of a man than you’ll ever be. Shame on you for your lame, immature, petty, girlie comments! You also are lacking in the intelligence department if you think mean and nasty comments are only curse words and untruths!

      • Right on Angie! I feel sorry for you James Sutherland! You are a sad, sorry little man!

      • So, Angie and Beth, you’re both denigrating me in the same manner as you say that I did about Alex. “sad, sorry little man” “Where was I raised?” I was stating my opinion about his music, what he wears, joked about his permanent facial expression and stated how I do not like the demographic to which he and his music appeal. Never did I say that he was a bad person or attack his character. Should I have put an “LOL” after the booger comment? Would that have assuaged the statement? Actually, Alex appears to be a decent person.

        I have not waged verbal assault on either of you about your opinions even though you have personally attacked me in your replies. How do you propose that people give credence to your words when you attack them in the same manner in which you find offense?

        Congrats to both of you on Alex making the final 3. Wager here is that it’s his final week.

      • Your booger comment was tasteless whether you put an LOL after it or not. Very immature and mean. If you don’t like his music that is fine, but making insulting comments about one’s appearance because you don’t like his music is tasteless.

      • I kind of that the “Booger” comment says a lot about Alex.He is kind of painful to watch at times. And it was funny.

    • I’m with James on this one!! Couldn’t have said it better!! ROCK ON!! (Y)

    • caleb rocks; jena belts; and alex whines. my opinion. everyone is entitled to an opinion. caleb brings it every performance which is what a rocker is supposed to do. and I just happen to like rock and roll. it has guts!! and it takes a gutsy singer to perform it. rockers last in this business. just ask jagger, springstein, fogarty, townsend, daltry, to name a few

      • Everyone has their own opinion. I like both Caleb as well. Sutherland’s comments about Alex were ridiculous though. You don’t have to agree with him because you are a Caleb fan. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Sutherland’s attack on Alex was uncalled for.

      • maybe he wasn’t politically correct but he gave me a chuckle. I don’t think he was THAT serious

      • FINALLY someone around here has a sense of humor, twisted though it may be!! you’re welcome!!

      • An attack? Seriously? Saying someone looks like they have a booger in their nose is not an attack. If you think it was a ridiculous comment, then that’s your opinion and I respect that.

        Think about this…remember on the final 5 elimination show when Jena asked Alex, at the table in front of ALL the other finalists, if he got a “stubby” when Zooey Deschanel walked out to meet him? Now THAT was rude and embarrasing, and I think much worse than my booger comment.

      • 2 wrongs don’t make a right. So as long as you are slightly less rude than the rudest person in the room that makes it ok. Such high standards!

      • I could talk about Caleb’s girly haircut, or how he has a baby-face, or about the fact that he is overweight and looks sloppy all the time, but why would I? He is very talented and his looks aren’t a factor. Grow up!

      • No, I kind of agree with his review of everyone, including Alex. I admit, Alex had a couple great moments with his version of “Yellow” and “Say Something”. But, he always does the same old soft ballad thing each and every week. And that can get VERY boring. At least Jena can mix it up. And Caleb version of “Maybe I’m Amazed” shows he can as well. So who is the “one dimensional” person left.

  7. I think an Alex and Jena finale would offer the most diversity while Caleb and Jena will be forced to outshout each other for the title. All are talented but I prefer subtlety.

    • Yes, but I think America is getting sick of the judges and starting to see through them. Hopefully most voters are stronger than that and won’t let judges weigh in on their decision

  8. The most marketable are Alex and Jena. Caleb is outdated but could do well if follow in Taylor hicks shoes.

    • The song that I thing was Caleb’s strongest moment was just last week, when he sang “Maybe I’m Amazed”. That song proved he was far from being “one dimensional”. As that song showed he cover the soft and intimate part of the song, almost as well as he did powerful high notes. Jena can do that sometimes as well.

      • It was the only slightly different song that he has ever sang, and after the first 10 seconds or so he quickly turned it back into a rock song like all the others. I thought it was fantastic though. All the rest sound the same though, so I don’t think the first 10 seconds of that song necessarily make him more than one-dimensional

  9. The made the decision to have JENA win weeks ago. They liked the whole “not good enough to make ten on her own” angle. They don’t tell you what the votes were, they don’t have an independent auditor for the votes. They never said judges or producers don’t have super votes, that can change outcomes. The shows a fiction, like Amish Mafia, and your input changes counts about the same in both.

  10. Alex and Jena are my favorites. Both fantastic singers, songwriters, and overall musicians. Caleb’s arrogant and one-dimensional, and I pray that he goes home this week. Both Alex and Jena, we will hear from after the show. The thought of Caleb having success after the show is laughable.

    • People, if you want a good example of “one dimensional” look no farther than Alex. Has that guy ever sang a song that was not a slow ballad yet? And can any of you imagine the train wreck it would be if he merely attempted a upbeat song, delivered with the passion and power Caleb delivers each and every week. At least I’ll give Jena props far trying songs sung with passion and power. But, Alex seems to always sing the same dang thing week in and week out.

      • Not every musician sings rock! It doesn’t make them boring. All of Caleb’s songs sound the same, but that is clearly what you like to listen too, so it doesn’t bother you that they all sound alike. You don’t like Alex’s music, so it bores you that he seems the same type of music. Each week. I like all different kinds of music, but I couldn’t listen to an entire album of Caleb. I am never bored with Alex’s performances and always look forward to them. Vote for Caleb, but stop bashing Alex in the process while shoving Caleb down our throats!.

      • Angie, I think you are missing the point. I responded to other people on this website who said Caleb was boring and one dimensional. Oh, I forgot, “all he can do is scream and screech” according to fans that like Alex’s soft ballad style of music. Am I not allowed to say the same thing about Alex?

      • Alex is so talented that he could probably sing anything. I, however, do not see him singing rock n roll. Simply not his style.

      • Angie, you responded to what I wrote, but you failed to answer a single question I wrote you. So, I will attempt to ask one more time:
        1- Do you think I have a right to respond back to Alex fans who criticize Caleb for “just screaming music” and being “one dimensional” … When I think if anybody is “one dimensional”, it would be Alex.
        2- Personally, I do not think Alex has the musical range to remotely even attempt the music style Caleb performs. Just as I know Caleb could not do the soft ballads as well as Alex. But, should Caleb be called a screamer, just because his “style’ is not soft and gentle ballads, like Alex performs week in and week out? And does that say a lot about how musically closed minded a lot of Alex fans are?

      • My answer to you is YES, you have the right to respond to the Caleb critics and defend him as much as you want and draw all the comparisons you like between he and Alex, as difficult a task as that may be (considering it is like comparing apples to oranges). My criticisms initially went to Sutherland who went on and on making comments in which he blamed the weakening of our country on Alex’s style, music, following, etc. (which is utterly mind-boggling, you have to admit), and then went on to attack the way he dressed, calling him girly, and the way he looks (with the booger comment). You agreed with him and supported his comments. Had you not done that and simply said, “I do to like Alex’s music. I think he is the one-dimensional singer and not Caleb” I would not have left any comments for you, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Sutherland went way beyond that and you supported him.

      • OK, I get you. But, try to understand that I think a lot (if not most) of Alex’s fans are a bit misguided in their comments. After all, how can they say Caleb is “one dimensional” when Alex clearly is as well. And how can they always call his style of music “screaming” … Just because it is not the soft and gentle ballad style they themselves like. Like you stated many times, it is just different types of music. But, I can see that because I embrace all styles of music. I know most do not.

      • Unlike most people, I am not locked into one narrow style of music that touches my soul. Yes Alex and Caleb sing two different styles of music. Not only do I get that, I embrace it. I was blown away by his version of “Say Something”. But, I saw Caleb do a amazing rendition of “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Which required a soft balled-like beginning to the song. Can you in your own viewpoint tell me what would happen if Alex remotely tried singing a upbeat rock song? Can you same train wreck I do?

      • I cannot see Alex singing Caleb’s type of music anymore than I can see Caleb’ singing Slex’s type of music.

      • Alex is so talented that I think he could sing anything he wanted. I do not see him singing rock n roll, however.

    • It’s not laughable. How many times has he received prolonged applause after his performances? Many. How many times has Harry Connick Jr. told him his performances were phenomenal and couldn’t have sung them any better? Many. How many high-fives has he received from Ricky Minor and the band. Many. Caleb is an outstanding performer and his voice and stage presence is powerful. That is lacking in today’s music industry.

  11. Jena’s rendition of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” is direct imitation of Ingrid Michaelson’s version.

    • not even close. the piano is the only similarity. but after all, they are covering the same song

  12. This season was so much better than last season. All three are fantastic. I would be happy with any of them winning.

    • One thing I like much better about this season is the results show has been slimed down to half a hour. No more annoying musical skits and guest performances. I hated setting through all the mush, just to see who was voted off.

  13. What is wrong with you out there, Jena was terrible. All she ever does is scream, she never sings a melody; she should have been eliminated before Jessica. at least i can hear a melody when Jessica sings. Caleb is the best!!!! Alex is O.K. but would you listen to a whole soft album by him??? Adam should have won and so should Bowersox; what happened to those that did win???NOTHING! its not a popularity contest, its who is the best singer!!!!

    • Oh Jeeze, not another “all she can do is scream” response. You do know that is the battle cry of people that do not like Caleb’s style of music, don’t you?

  14. Winning american idol is no guarantee for i don’t care who is the winner…

  15. I’m going to base off my vote on how well they perform next week. It’s never too late for someone to surprise us. Alex could surprise me, Sam has a little bit in the past, who says he couldn’t? I’m rooting for Jena and Caleb too, but I’m hoping Alex does great too, I want it to be hard to vote for someone personally, and mostly my votes would always go to Jena or Jessica. It’s Hometown Week though, I’m sure I’ll get my wish. 🙂

    • Hometown week is the reason Angie Miller was eliminated last year. Kree’s parents were killed in an accident and Candace grew up in poverty. Angie was the only one with a happy, “normal” upbringing. Her hometown visit was the only one that didn’t make people cry. She was then eliminated right after. Not to say that both Candace and Kree weren’t amazing. They were! The difference between Angie and the other 2 that made her stand out was the fact that she played piano and wrote her own music as well. I also think she was the favorite to win. I felt like the hometown visits persuaded some of Angie’s voters to vote for Kree and Candace. People felt like they were more deserving after all they had overcome. So, as unfair as it may be, I think he hometown visits could be game-changers. I have no idea about the personal lives of these contestants, so it will be interesting.

      • Angie…would you believe I agree with you? That is a great take and so true. Last year, I thought Angie had the most amazing performances and her own music was great. She would have been my choice to win and was sad that she did not.

    • I too am a fan of Caleb and Jena. I highly suspect one of them will win. But, Alex has surprised me a couple times. So, I am not ruling him out.

  16. There is a kind of true artists who will be successful undoubtedly.
    There is also a kind of favorite contestants that American adores (and somehow abandons after the contest is over).
    Luckily, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, PP belong to both of these.
    Unluckily, Jena and Caleb belongs to the 2nd group.
    So whether they win or not, I don’t think I will hear their names after 2 years. 🙂

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