American Idol 2014 Top 5 Performance Show Recap: America Picks The Tunes

American Idol 2014 Top 5 Caleb and Jessica

America got to decide what the American Idol 2014 Top 5 should sing Wednesday night, and for the most they didn’t do a terrible job. OK, there were a few times when I was like “WHHYYYYYYYY?” but I got over it fast. It was a pretty solid night over all.

As always, I’ll be reviewing each performance and assigning the letter grade I think each deserves.

Alex Preston, “Sweater Weather.” This was a pretty solid song choice for Alex and of course a solid performance by him. His vocals are always right where they want to be, but he’s never put down that guitar once this season, has he? He should try that some time. Performance Grade: A

Caleb Johnson, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” This song? Come on. There are definitely better songs for Caleb than this. I mean Caleb can actually sing anything, so it’s no big deal. His vocals were perfect and it was all really strong. Performance Grade: A

Alex, Jena, Sam, “Best Day of My Life.” Not bad for a trio of singer who really shouldn’t be singing together. It was at least entertaining. I’d give it a B

Jessica Meuse, “Human.” Well this was kind of weird. I didn’t really like this. And that’s a first for me with Jessica. So maybe it will have the opposite effect on America? I mean they haven’t seemed to like her much lately according to her vote placement, so maybe they liked this? I mean it wasn’t bad, just didn’t love her voice on it. It seemed stressed or something. Performance Grade: B

Sam Woolf, “Sing.” Oh America, I don’t understand you. I just must be out of touch. I think it must be time to retire because I don’t understand these song choices. Ha. But that’s OK, because this was actually a pretty solid performance by Sam. It was more upbeat, which he needed, and it was right there in his range. He seemed legit this week, which he hasn’t always seemed. Performance Grade: A

Jena Irene, “My Body.” Now here’s a case of me not know a song and actually really liking it. So much so that I’m going to download it. I think it was a great song choice and a fantastic performance. Jena slayed this performance and she’s moving on. She, at this moment, needs to win American Idol 2014. I’m just going to say it. Performance Grade: A+

Caleb and Jessica, “Beast of Burden.” Perfect song choice. Love it and loved this duet. Caleb was right on point. Jessica was a little weaker, but still sounded great. I’d give this duet an A.

Alex Preston, “Say Something.” Perfect song choice. I mentioned this song for Jessica this week, but I think it was probably a better choice for Alex. Anyway, it was a great performance. It was tender, emotional and just right — everything about it. Performance Grade: A+

Jena Irene, “Valerie.” This was another good song suggestion. The first performance was better, of course, just because of the song and the way she commanded the stage, but this was a nice accompaniment to that first song. Performance Grade: A-

Sam Woolf, “How To Save A Life.” Almost picked The Fray for Sam, but I decided his strong point is not soft-spoken singing, so I changed my mind. And I see that I was right. His voice isn’t tender enough for The Fray. This performance came off kind of harsh. It just wasn’t right for him. Performance Grade: C+

Jessica Meuse, “Summertime Sadness.” This was a better song choice that the earlier one. It was a better match for her vocals, but I was sort of bored. Maybe I’m not liking Jessica as much tonight so I don’t jinx her into going home this week. Performance Grade: B+

Caleb Johnson, “Still of the Night.” Whitesnake. Good choice. Makes perfect sense for him. And he killed it just like he always does. Never misses a beat, this guy. I don’t even know what else to say. Great. Performance Grade: A+




      • I thought this was Jessica’s best night ever and she was stunning in that red dress. Appeared to me she got the loudest applaud of the evening. Keith nor Jennifer doesn’t care for her because they can’t shake their heads to the music and stand and applaud – even if she deserves standing. (Ryne, I think Casey’s remarks was an attempt to tell us he did not care for Branden’s grades, etc.)

    • You got that right. Looking at both songs – she was the best of the night. It’s sad that too many people vote for who they think will win and not for the one that performed the best during the show. I couldn’t treat a person like that – even if I don’t know them personally.

  1. Ranked in order of individual performance I would say…
    1. Caleb – Still of the Night
    2. Alex – Say Something
    3. Jena – My Body
    4. Jess – Summertime Sadness
    5. Caleb – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
    6. Alex – Sweater Weather
    7. Sam – How to Save a Life
    8. Sam – Sing
    9. Jess – Human
    10. Jena – Valerie

    Just my personal opinion.

  2. JLo’s dislike for Jessica continues. I found Jessica’s performance of “Summertime Sadness” fantastic and have no idea how it left JLo cold. Give me a break!

    • Up until last night Jessica was like Caleb, thought she was the stuff, sneered at being critiqued. Unfortinately I think her sudden humbleness came too much too little too late.
      Caleb needs to pay attention tonight. Although you may have a great voice attitude is everything.

      • I don’t think she sneered at being critiqued nor do I think she thought she was the stuff. She listened to the judges every week and tried to correct/adjust her performances. JLo even mentioned it last week. I found her to be extremely humble all season unlike someone else who I won’t name.


    • Jessica looked too good for JLo in that red dress – that’s what she didn’t like.

    • I think J-Lo likes all the contestants. She is a judge, and does great. When Jessica is told what she needs to work on she responds with, ” I feel i did well on this performance.” Instead of saying something like I will work on whatever it may be or say nothing and listen. I get a sense that she is not showing the courtesy that a viewer would expect from person having such a great opportunity. The hope of becoming the next American Idol. This is a big life changing deal. I do wish her the best and I hope she can record her own music…

  3. Caleb was off tune on Don’t wanna miss a thing….can no one hear it!!

    • He was out of tune the first third of the song, I love Caleb, but that performance was definitely sub par for him. I don’t see why the judges don’t appear to hear when their favorites are not up to par and pick on those they are not as fond of. I thought Malaya and CJ were both out of tune on most of their performances, they’d call CJ on it and every time gave Malaya a pass

      • I was glad that the save was gone when Malaya went, I had been over her for weeks!

    • I sure did…again… only jess… gets the hit and everyone else babysit city!

    • Sam should get an A on the song by the Fray; it was awesome! I have watched the video of the performance over and over and can’t get enough of it. I downloaded the Itune and I absolutely LOVE his voice on it!

  4. will never buy any of Caleb`s CD, he could be a vocalist of a rock band but not a solo artist, it is all screaming it gets to much on my ears, just terrible

    • So what if he becomes a vocalist for a rock band. Is that so bad? Just curious if you care to venture what sort of career Alex and Sam will be having after the season is over. And would you be willing to wager any money on who will go farther, between the 3?


    • I wonder what j lo would do if we critiqued her song I lu u popi…, hated it!!!

      • I have loved Jessica from her start at auditions, cant stand how they put her down, we don’t know her whole story, I think she has down great every week

  6. Caleb could be Meatloaf’s son the boy is just outstanding and deserves the title if you’ve been listening each week he makes all the other’s sound as if their in a high school talent show.

    • OK, I can see the comparison between Caleb and Meatloaf as far as looks go. They both have the long, blond hair and chubby physique thing going on. But, I think Caleb hold more talent in his little finger, than Meatloaf ever did. Yet, people here on this website will continue to say “all he can do is scream” until the season is over.

      • You’re right, he is far better, I think he is too good for Rock and Roll Calebs voice is fantastic. I still would like him to sing Wheels Of Life by Gino Vannelli.

  7. Caleb did great on the last song! I don’t know why everyone’s picking on him lol. Sure, the first song was meh, but the second one definitely made up for it!
    If anyone, I feel Alex didn’t do so great this week.
    Hopefully he goes home tonight, but sadly he is probably getting some of the girl votes so he’s gonna stick around, and Jessica will go. :/

  8. The best true musicians are Alex, Sam and Jena. The judges said it right, Jessica sings great has a great voice but doesn’t emote. The sincerity of the words therefore don’t come through so it is hard to engage with her. And for a rocker, Caleb rocks.

  9. I have only been watching AI for the past two weeks, as I have been out of the country. And in those two weeks, I always saw Calab and Jena in in the top 2 spots, with Jessica in number three. With Alex and Sam being so far back, there was really no close comparison. And that has been rather consistent (for me). But, this week both Sam and Alex both had performances that were not so sleep inducing. Especially Alex’s version of “Say Something”. Great job Alex. That was a very heartfelt performance. It really opened my eyes for him a bit. Still not sold on Sam, but he is improving.

  10. Caleb A+ and 5 stars, next in line would be Alex B and 4 stars, Jena B- and 4 stars, Sam a strong C+ and 3.5 stars, Jessica D+ and 2 stars…I think the bottom 2 will be Sam and Jessica tonight…with Jessica going home only because Sam has the young girls out there voting for him…where as Jessica does not have that type of following…guess we will see in a few more hours!! Caleb…you know your my #1…and you did an awesome job last night…

  11. i think you should switch sam’s grades how to save a life was wayyy better than sing

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