American Idol 2014: What Cities Audition This Week? January 22-23, 2014

The American Idol auditions continue this week on FOX. Want to know which cities the judges will be visiting this Wednesday and Thursday? Let’s check the American Idol 2014 schedule and see what’s coming up.

American Idol San Francisco Auditions 2014 21
American Idol auditions continue – Source: FOX

Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban, with Ryan Seacrest in tow of course, will be heading to Detroit, MI on Wednesday’s two-hour audition episode. That episode will air Wednesday 8-10PM ET/PT and we’ll post all the highlights and a live recap.

The next night, Thursday January 23, 2014, the judges will head to Atlanta on American Idol Season XIII for the next round of auditions.

So far there have been nearly a hundred Golden Tickets handed out to the Hopefuls and with two more weeks of American Idol auditions to go we know there will be a lot more left to see.

Which auditions have been your favorites so far? We’ve got highlights from Boston, Austin, and San Francisco if you want to catch up on the new season’s talent so far.