American Idol 2015: Vote For Best Top 11 Round 2 Performance [POLL]

It’s time to decide who had the best performance from American Idol 2015’s Top 11 Round 2 after the contestants performances earlier tonight.

Qaasim Middleton earns the Judges Save on American Idol
Qaasim Middleton earns the Judges Save on American Idol – Source: FOX

You’ll want to cast your official American Idol vote by phone, text, or online but once you’ve done that it’s time to vote in our poll too. Tell us who you think had the best performance and most deserves to move on to the next round.

Cast your vote here and then share your comments below. We want your opinion!




  1. How the heck do Rayvon, Daniel, & Nick continue on? Snoozefest City when those two sing. Nick even had a fairly decent arrangement for DangerZone, where he could have made his own version, but it was nothing but blah…. Watered down mac-&-cheese anyone?
    How much further will female hormones carry the vote for those three?

    Clark was fair. I think his performance stood out only because all the other guys (save Qaasim) were below mediocrity.

    For the ladies, Joey surprised me. I was quite impressed.. I thought I’d be comparing her performance to that of Adam L.’s season 8 performance, but it was different enough, and good enough, that I forgot about Adam. Well done, except, .. the ending did not finish on a strong note (pun intended).

    Jax, Maddie, Adanna are all about equal. Adanna’s a strong singer, but she’s not terribly unique in her artistry—like having a rich, warm chocolate souffle after drinking hot chocolate and nibbling on ~10 Oreos with chocolate ice cream. Still like Jax’s creativity; Maddie’s got her own charm. Jax & Maddie: one of these two really needs to put away the demure passivity and step into the pants of confidence.

    Tyanna, I think, could be in real trouble.

  2. Qaasim Middleton’s facial expressions & body language blew everyone’s performance out of the ocean! This kind of creativity is raw talent! If he continues to deliver show stopping performances like he did tonight, everyone else better step it up!! He was awesome & he owned it like a boss! Awesome job Qaasim Middleton! Save well earned! It’s the best save ever!

      • I’m with you. All I could think during Qaasim’s performance was that at 66 years old Steven Tyler [who sang it in the film] would still wipe the floor with Qaasim if they had a sing off now.

      • Tyler’s over the hill and hasn’t produced any new songs for what 30 years? Or before ‘any AI contestant was born!

      • You missed my point. I’m saying that even from over the hill Steven Tyler would out sing Qaasim on that song. Qaasim can’t sing.

    • I agree! He is all emotion, and he proved he has the voice to back it up! I was afraid Harry wouldn’t want to save him, cause he’s been pretty hard on him… But, he did! I think all Harry’s criticism worked!

    • He might be the next James Brown! Performance and artistry are ‘more’ important today than vocals. Note: Meghan Trainor was”‘just” a song writer that couldn’t get any singer (including Beyonce’) to take “All about that Bass” song-so she auditioned with one of them miniature guitars for LA Reid -sound familiar?


      • He can sing man. But, he’s more likely to be a performer because when he’s on the stage, his body moves faster and better than his vocal. I want him, just for one time, to sing calmly and focus only for his voice. I believe he can do it.

  3. Qaasim definitely earned the save! We have been rooting for him. He finally proved he can sing as well as entertain. Quintin was impressive as well! I love Clark! Of the girls? Joey hands down!

  4. Clark Beckham is the most consistent finalist and has the biggest chance to win this. He got a complete package. He’s like Phillip phillips with even bigger voice and so much better vocal technique.
    Rayvon has a fantastic voice, but too bad lately he used his falsetto too much, and his falsetto, in many times, failed. Please singing normally like wide awake. I still believe in him though.
    Maddie is maybe the next carrie underwood IF ONLY her singing technique is enhanced. She’s young and there still will be time to be better. I like her attitude :).
    Joey has a super unique voice and funny but lovely way to sing and pronunciate lyrics. But she should make a great arrangement of the song each week if she doesnt want to bore audience.
    And those four persons are my favourite this season :).

    To sum up, actually this season is filled with many singers with fantastic, unique, and great voice, but too bad many of em are lack in experience. The system also contributes to their performance as many of em cant control the nerve.

    Still, this season is SOOOO MUCCHH better than the previous one.

    • You are out of your mind. Clark Beckham is a real singer and artist. Phililip Phillips cant sing if his life depended on it. Phillips has no range and he makes weird faces whle he sings through his nose., no stage presence and CANT SING. Clark is a poential STAR.

      • Talk politely please 🙂

        PP CAN sing. When I first saw Clark, he definitely reminded me to PP, a Wgwg (plus keyboard, absolutely). But, Clark has more ability to sing with various vocal technics.

        Clark definitely is one of the dark horse this season, even if he’s in an off performance, not like Sarina Joi (who has a fantastic vocal and slightly similar with Candice, but drastically got the fewest votes right after she gave an off performance).

        I believe that all the finalists can sing, absolutely. It’s all about the song choice, the nerve, and the votes.

  5. Quentin was super-amazing in more ways that can possible be counted!!!
    I also like his suggestion for a theme week based on songs the contestants would actually choose to do at THEIR OWN concerts. The judges are always rambling on about picking songs that reflects one’s true artistry. What better way to show this?

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