Scott Borchetta Confirms Double Elimination On American Idol 2015

Following last night’s Save of Qaasim Middleton from elimination on American Idol we assumed the show would be forced to play catch up and send not one, but two Hopefuls home next week. In-house mentor Scott Borchetta has confirmed that double dose of drama for next week on Idol.

American Idol Mentor, Scott Borchetta
American Idol Mentor, Scott Borchetta – Source: FOX

Borchetta spoke with FOX All Access about how the stakes have raised now that the Judges Save is off the table:

“Double elimination.  They have got to be on their game next week and they’ve got to kill it next week.  Qassim getting the save was a game changer.  Now everything just got amplified even more.”

That confirms it. Next week when the Top 11 return on Wednesday night two more singers will be eliminated to leave us with the Season 14 Top 9, skipping right over the Top 10.

I love the extra drama and pressure this adds. In recent seasons there have been those stand outs that you just knew would be Saved if something went wrong (Jessica Sanchez) and you knew they’d use it when things got down near the end of the line. Now anything can happen and that’s way better. No safety net, Hopefuls.

Who do you think is most in danger of being sent home next week? Vote in this week’s poll and support your favorite American Idol 2015 contestant!

Source: FOX All Access




  1. It’s a crapshoot, but if there’s any justice Daniel will be eliminated. He’s just too green and his voice too thin to be a viable recording artist. And Qaasim is a visual performer who won’t sell music either, so those two would be my choices to go.

    • I agree. Hes cute as a button, very talented and will probably be a star in 10 years. Its unfair to keep him in the compettion as t the xpense of relal artists.I think they are keeping him so tht the teeny girls keep voting..Its good publicity.

  2. If VotefortheWorst was still around who do you guys think they would support right now?

  3. American Idol Top 11 Power Rankings:
    Based On – Performance Quality and Social Media Following
    1. Clark Beckham
    2. Joey Cook
    3. Tyanna Jones
    4. Jax
    5. Nick Fradiani
    6. Rayvon Owen
    7. Qaasim Middleton
    8. Quentin Alexander
    9. Daniel Seavey
    10. Adanna Duru
    11. Maddie Walker
    Who Will Probably Be Eliminated? Adanna Duru and Maddie Walker
    Who is at Risk? Quentin Alexander and Qaasim Middleton
    Who is Definitely Safe? Clark Beckham, Joey Cook, Tyanna Jones and Jax

      • Quentin Alexander might be at risk. And that would be sad because he is true artist and I want to see more. Nick should be gone. He is just another bubble gum Kris Allen. Same old thing. Same movement, same facial expression and same tone. I tell myself if Phillips could win anyone could win.

      • I don’t quite know what you mean by that last comment, Phillips was a great American Idol and one of the most successful winners.

    • I don’t know, Tyanna has been great, but this last time it was excruciating listening to her. It was just plain awful – even worse than Maddie’s performance. What I want to know is that if 2 are eliminated, aren’t they already eliminated by votes before the show starts? Didn’t they have to perform well already to get those votes?
      If Tyanna stops yelling and Maddie sticks to country, both will go deep.

  4. Qassim will go home anyway because they judges don’t know what America wants.

  5. I think Daniel and Maddie, for my money, will be the two going home. Even is Qaasim was lowest last time, the save always seems to surge some votes their way.

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