American Idol 2018: Top 10 Predictions

This week American Idol 2018 officially revealed the Top 14, and by Monday we’ll know the top 10. That means four people will be going home after the first round of America’s votes.

So there’s no time to waste on predicting who we think will be making it past the first votes and into the American Idol Season 16 Top 10. We are looking at several factors for this, including the edit the contestant has been given, their social media following, their it factor and the web searches that are lading people right her on this site.

Keep in mind these aren’t my picks for the Top 10. These are predictions on who I think will be in the Top 10. My picks would be a little different.

1. Gabby Barrett. Gabby has the most internet searches and the most social media followers (35,000 on Twitter). I think it’s a safe bet to say she will be in the Top 10.

2. Catie Turner. Like Gabby, Catie is leading the searches on our website and she’s also got an impressive Twitter following (33,000).

3. Cade Fohener. It looks like Cade might be the white guy with a guitar that makes it happen this season. Right now it’s looking like he’s the most popular guy according to internet searches and his social media followers.

4. Garrett Jacobs. Don’t count Garrett, out, however. He is also being searched a lot and his social media following is slightly higher than Garrett’s.

5. Jonny Brenns. And rounding out the WGWG trifecta is Jonny Brenns. Don’t be surprised if Jonny, Garrett and Cade are final 3. NEVER underestimate American Idol fans and their dudes with guitars.

6. Mara Justine. Mara is another one I think is safe to assume makes it into the Top 10. She’s one the more popular females in the competition and had a really good showing this past week on the American Idol stage.

7. Marcio Donaldson. Marcio isn’t huge on social media, but he’s killed it on the show week after week and he is one of the Top 5 most searched on our site. Hopefully that means he does make it into the Top 10.

8. Maddie Poppe. Maddie is one of my favorites, so I was happy to see she has a lot of social media buzz.

9. Ada Vox. I think Ada is one of the best singers on the show, and a drag queen singing for America’s votes is definitely new (to us, but not other countries – we are behind the game there), so I think she might squeak by.

10. Dennis Lorenzo. It got really hard to figure out this last spot, because the people I’m predicting will get cut are really talented. But I’m just going off of numbers and searches here and this is how it seems to be playing out.

So if my predictions were to be correct, Jurnee, Michelle Sussett, Michael Woodard and Caleb Lee Hutchinson would be going home. I think I have to be wrong. The only one of those that really makes sense is Michelle. I could see her not surviving the first votes, but the other three will be pretty shocking. Maybe it will be Dennis who gets cut instead of Jurnee.

Of course anything can happen with American Idol voting. Just because someone is popular on social media doesn’t mean all those people are going to vote. I could be totally wrong. But I will say, the people up there in the top 5 of this list (Gabby, Catie, Cade, Garrett and Jonny) I think are sure things. The rest of the contestants could go either way, really.

Who do you think will make it into the American Idol 2018 Top 10?