American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Round 2 – Groups

Up next on the American Idol 2016 group performances are Marcio Donaldson, Jon Klaasen, Kylle Thomason and Kacye Haynes, also known as Trick or Treat Tribe. And it’s not a perfect performance but it’s very energetic and it’s clear that they’re all really dedicated to their craft and are true entertainers. The judges were happy to see a group with some actual rhythm so they reward them all with passes to the next round.

Smooth Soul is ready to wow the judges with their performance. So Joy Dove, Daniel Farmer and Lindita do just that. Well, mostly. Joy and Daniel definitely are filled with smooth soul, but Lindita is a little out there. But for some reason the judges decide to cut Daniel and keep Lindita. Joy also moves on to the next round.

Diva alert! Eliz Camacho, Gianna Isabella and Dana Ordway were clashing from the get-go. But during rehearsals, things got super mess as Eliz is trying to outshine the others so much that she’s damaging the group. So how was the main event? Not much better. Even clear producer favorite Gianna is a mess. This is one of the worst versions of “Hit ‘Em Up Style” we’ve ever heard during group rounds and we’ve heard that a lot during this round. And Eliz is cut. Her overconfidence killed her. But we’ll be seeing more of Gianna and Dana.

Joe Dahman, Alesana Tolai, Olivia Thai and Jessica Paige decided to call themselves The Good Vibes, but there wasn’t much good about their performance and the judges called them out for it. They all seemed out of it and tired and didn’t even act like performers. Of that group, only Jessica makes it through to the next round.

We get a mash-up of a few groups next and only Thomas Stringfellow stood out enough to even catch our attention from those groups. So thankfully, he was easily put through to the next round.

Hoping to shine more than those last few groups is Rebirth, the group that LaPorsha dropped out off. Left to fend for themselves are Manny Torres, Malie Delagado and Christian Eason. And it’s clear they didn’t need a fourth member to shine. Manny stood out as I expect he will for much of the season. But the group as a whole was very in sync. It was a great performance and they’re all rewarded with a pass to the next round.

Speaking of LaPorsha, she and her group The Sistas are closing out the night. So we can expect some fireworks. Joining her in The Sistas are Tonie Starr and Marlena Johnson. And while LaPorsha and Tonie killed it, Marlena flubbed the words. A lot. But she held her own and still got praise from the judges. JLo even referenced the Dreamgirls. So it’s no surprise they’re on to the next round.





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