American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Round 2 – Groups

Was this next Hollywood Week group called “Ooo Times Two”? Hmm. We’ve got Amelia Eisenhauer, Tristan McIntosh, Lee Jean, and another female singer. Keith says their group dynamic really worked in their favor. Everyone here is on to the next stage.

We also see Avalon Young, Colette Lush, plus one more. It’s never a good sign when they don’t even bother to mention your name. Harry praises Avalon for her performance both vocally and her stage presence. You’ll see more of all three of these ladies.

The groups continue to roll as we see Jeneve Rose Mitchell highlighted with Harry telling her she focused on the lyrics which demonstrated an artistry. The other two members aren’t named, but all three in this group are sent through.

Facing a big challenge we’ve got Trent Harmon who learned he had mono, something that kept him from joining a group per production’s restrictions. He’s singing solo on group day and I bet a hundred other singers wish they could have done this along. The judges love his performance of “No Place I’d Rather Be.” All the judges are supportive and send him on through to the next round.

Back to a group in the Group Round and we’ve got a challenged quartet that struggled to pick a song and then find its happy place. We’ve got Michelle Marie, Ashley Lusk, Lindsey Carrier, and Shelbie Zora singing “Undo It.” This was rough. Keith says everyone had something he liked, but notes Lindsey had some issues. This becomes more evident when Keith reveals Michelle, Ashley, and Shelbie are all through while Lindsey has been cut.

There’s a string of performances including MacKenzie Bourg, who makes it through to the next round in Hollywood while a mix of other familiar faces are cut and sent home. We say goodbye to Elvie Shane, Ashley Lilinoe, and Cameron Richard.

Jumping back to Dalton Rapattoni and Kassy Levels from earlier, Poh gets more screentime despite bailing on the show and screwing with the chances of her former teammates. They’re left to find a third member and come across Anatalia Villaranda who needs a new group too. “Chicken Noodle Soup” is back in the game and singing “Treasure.” Jennifer says the whole group did well and while some have to leave, this group is staying together. They’re all three on to the next round.

After some song choice drama, N.V. formed and they quickly found themselves struggling during rehearsal. Sonika Vaid, Stephany Negrete and Andrew Nazarbekian didn’t find much more grounding by the time they took to the stage. All three are clearly talented, as Harry pointed out, but that was not a great performance. It was seeming as if they weren’t all going through, but Harry delivers the news that they all are on to the next round.





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