American Idol 2016: Who Made It Through Groups Round In Hollywood?

Last night on American Idol we watched as the 108 remaining Hopefuls faced the Groups Round in Hollywood Week where many more singers were cut. So who made it through the Groups Round?

American Idol Judges at Hollywood Week
American Idol Judges at Hollywood Week – Source: FOX

There had already been a lot of cuts in Hollywood’s Solo Round when 82 singers were cut in the first two days leaving just over a hundred left to group up and face off. If American Idol 2016 was going to get down to just around fifty singers for its Showcase Round then there couldn’t be too many more eliminations between the Groups and the third and final Solo stages of Hollywood.

If you really want to get ahead, then find out who made the top 24 American Idol list this season. We have all the Idol spoilers waiting for you.

During Thursday night’s show we saw these singers highlighted as winning the Judges’ approval to continue on in Season 15. These were the singers featured and identified by the episode on FOX, so still incomplete as not everyone gets screen time or their name listed in each round. Here is what’s likely only half the actual list due to the partial reveals during last night’s show.

American Idol 2016: Hollywood Group Round Survivors – partial list

  1. Amelia Eisenhauer
  2. Andrew Nazarbekian
  3. Anatalia Villaranda
  4. Ashley Lusk
  5. Avalon Young
  6. Bri Ray
  7. Christian Eason
  8. Colette Lush
  9. Dalton Rapattoni
  10. Dana Ordway
  11. Gianna Isabella
  12. Jeneve Rose Mitchell
  13. Jenn Blosil
  14. Jenna Renae
  15. Jessica Paige
  16. John Klaasen
  17. Jordan Sasser
  18. Joy Dove
  19. Kacye Haynes
  20. Kassy Levels
  21. Kelsie Watts
  22. Kory Wheeler
  23. Kylle Thomason
  24. LaPorsha Renae
  25. Lee Jean
  26. Lindita Halimi
  27. Lynnzee Fraye
  28. MacKenzie Bourg
  29. Malie Delagado
  30. Manny Torres
  31. Marcio Donaldson
  32. Marlena Johnson
  33. Michelle Marie
  34. Sara Strum
  35. Shelbie Zora
  36. Sonika Vaid
  37. Stephany Negrete
  38. Thomas Stringfellow
  39. Tonie Starr
  40. Trent Harmon
  41. Tristan McIntosh

Reminder, this is a partial list and we’ll see more of the other singers during next week’s American Idol episodes. For more names, check our Top 51 spoilers list to see who survived all of Hollywood Week and moved on to the Showcase Round.