American Idol Results Show Tonight: Top 5 Revealed Live

On FOX the American Idol results show tonight is set to deliver this week’s Top 5 when America’s votes are revealed and another finalist is sent home. The American Idol voting is over and Ryan Seacrest has the results.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

* UPDATE: Find out who went home on American Idol tonight in our elimination show recap!

Thursday’s show will air at 9PM ET/PT with a quick, thirty-minute show that cuts right to what we want: who is going home tonight! With double the performances on Wednesday the singers each had two chances to win you over with their mix of Country and Rock music. Soon we’ll find out who impressed us all the most!

You can still vote in our weekly “who was the best” poll and watch all of last night’s Top 6 performances. We’ll keep tracking how each of the finalists do in your voting here from week to week.

Join us tonight during the show for our live recap and to discuss the performances with other fans in our Idol chat room!

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    • All Meat Loaf songs are too long for Idol and would suffer from being chopped. It would be like trying to do Bohemian Rhapsody in under two minutes. Bob Seger would be a decent alternative. But if Caleb makes it to the finale, maybe they could get Meat to perform with him.

      • Meat Loaf has some amazing songs but you are right; they are way too long for AI. It’s a shame because I think Caleb would sing the you know what out of them.

    • Meatloaf has an easily distinguishable voice, Calebs is quite a generic 70s hard rock sound. He’d be a good Led Zep tribute band singer though.

  1. I would rather like to see Caleb do a modern rendition of Motley Crue’s “Kick Start My Heart” or a Billy Idol piece. He’s got the chops for it.

    • I would like him to do Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right”. It’s perfect for him.
      I’d also like Sam to do The Wallflowers’ “One Headlight”. Sam delivers songs in a style reminiscent of Jakob Dylan.

    • I’d love to hear him sing Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” I think that would be cool. A great slow song, which is hasn’t done much of, would be “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” by Poison. There are some great Billy Joel songs like “Pressure,” “My Life,” “Movin’ Out,” Big Shot,” or even “All for Leyna.” Just my thoughts….

      • I never dug Billy Joel.. never really thought his songs were as good as they were promoted to be. “Dream On”, however, has potential for Caleb.

        I keep thinking back to James Durbin. Caleb is light years ahead of where Durbin was in Season 10 about this time. (And, Caleb was cut during Hollywood week season 10… where Durbin went on to be cut in the Top 4.)

        It’ll be interesting to see this play out… to see if he truly does top Durbin’s trip to the top 4 and make the final 3.

      • “Dream On” is one of my all time favorites and I’d love to hear Caleb sing it. Maybe some Bad Company or Boston or Guns n’ Roses or more Zeppelin? There’s so much out there!

      • Plenty of material to select from, to be sure. What Harry mentioned, though, is a valid point – sooner or later Caleb’s going to have to start putting his own ‘spin’ on these songs.

        Right now, Caleb could re-ignite rock-n-roll as a modern genre just with his vivacity on stage and a youthful presence to an aging group of musicians. His ‘Skyfall’ rendition was quite good—reminded me nothing about Adele’s single.

        Plenty of potential.

      • I totally agree with you about Caleb’s potential to re-ignite rock as a modern genre. Let’s hope he takes Harry’s advice about putting his own spin in things. The other contestants have (or a few of them) and he will need to do that to get my vote at least. I love his energy and (as you put it) vivacity on the stage and I love watching him perform.

      • I was thinking a bit more about Caleb trying to sing “Dream On”…
        there’s no way to sensibly cut that song down into a 2-minute drill…
        and make it believable on A.I. I’m sure Caleb would be seen ever more
        the ‘screamer’ some on this blog claim him to be.

  2. I liked the longer results shows, where the singers would take on something unexpected, or a duet. That night was when they could sing without the pressure of a vote. I would love to hear each of them do a song that seems out of their wheelhouse, something different than what they’ve performed so far.

    • Those long result night sing-alongs were awful. The choreography was terrible, the contestants weren’t every into it, and the whole scenario was just cheesy as a Wisconsin casserole.

      The long result nights were best with the guest performers… which, I think ought to be the former Idol winners from seasons past.

      Otherwise, I never keep abreast of what Kris Alan & Lee DeWyse are up to.

  3. RANKING: Most Likely To Leave From Top 6:

    1. CJ Harris
    2. Jessica Meuse
    3. Caleb Johnson
    4. Alex Preston
    5. Sam Woolf
    6. Jena Irene

  4. American idol is a dead show. please FOX cancel. It is boring and I will predict the winner tonight. Caleb will be #1 and gina will be the runner-up. Its so obvious. Its really sickening to watch Jlo lust after the young guys and Gina also.. She really detests Jessica because she is a threat to her. The only true judge on this show Is Harry Connick. He doesn’t get all gushy when they perform. But, I would like to hear Sam sing Hello, Mary Lou. He is a replica of Rick Nelson. Now that’s music.

  5. For the Top 5, I would say they need to work harder this time. This is my own ranking for the TOP 5 (best to worst) until the Finale!

    1. SAM
    2. ALEX
    3. CALEB
    4. JESSICA
    5. JENA

  6. I think Alex is the most talented this year. Alex is all around he plays sings and wrights his own music. I think that is what this is all about talent!! yes talent. Weather or not he finishes top he will go on for a long time and I don’t think many of the others will. Go ALEX

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