American Idol 13 – Best Top 6 Performances Of The Night [VIDEOS]

The American Idol Top 6 were put to the test last night when they had to perform not one, but two solos for your approval. Doubling down gave them twice the chances to impress but also another opportunity to slip up and be sent home. Which of them pulled off the night the best?

Jena Irene on American Idol Top 6
Jena Irene on American Idol Top 6 – Source: FOX

Here’s our list of who had the best showings from the Top 6 performances, but we want to hear who would make up your “best of” for the night! Did any of them earn two spots in your Best 5 performances? Share your thoughts below!

#5 – Sam Woolf – “It’s Time”

#4 – Alex Preston – “Always On My Mind”

#3 – Jessica Meuse – “Jolene”

#2 – Caleb Johnson – “Sting Me”

#1 – Jena Irene – “Barracuda”

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  1. You are kidding, right? Jena, in my opinion, is one of the bottom performers and singers. Half the time you can’t understand what she is singing. Her annunciations are terrible.

    There have been two solid consistent contestants throughout the entire competition that will have a large after Idol music career. Caleb – who is unfortunately stuck in one genre – has been consistent almost every week. His rendition of “undo it” last night, not his best. However, it is Carrie Underwood.

    Sam has been consistent the entire time. He is also easy on the eyes. His overall is a producer and PR manager’s dream. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea because of the genre, however, just remember Bob Dylan was not liked at first either.

    Jessica has a great voice. However, that is it. She lacks as a performer.
    Alex, the same as Jessica. His vocals are spot on for the most part. However, he lacks as a performer.

    CJ, I can picture him in a smokey club playing to a smaller audience. Not on the big stage.

    • Jena does have intonation problems, but I think she is a performer- she puts on a show! Her vocals aren’t perfect, neither is her look- but look at Kesha, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, etc.

      • Jena is a horrible singer, and I hope the shocking results that Idol tweeted out are coming tonight includes Jena going home. She doesn’t look good, sound good, or sing well. Please spare us any more of Jena.

      • I know MANY people don’t like her, I think a lot of that has to do with her “cocky” attitude and at times appearing “fake”. I really enjoy some of her takes on songs, but others I haven’t. I think she has a lot of work to do, but I don’t think she’s a “horrible singer”. To each their own!

      • American Idol says there are “shocking results” for tonight – sounds like a forced frontrunner is going to go home.

      • First, the correct form is “most humble”. Second, she is absolutely not the most or even third most humble on the show. If anyone, I feel that title would go to CJ, with Sam as a runner-up. Jena is arrogant and she clearly thinks VERY highly of herself- which is partially due to the pimping of her by the judges.

    • CJ may surprise us someday, he has a big fan base. Maybe not a big stadium kind of guy, but I can see him opening for someone big for a few years, and doing a record. His AI studio recordings have been very good, zero pitch issues.

  2. Puzzled! Why now put Jena at number 1? I’m a Jena fan but Caleb ruled last night. I didn’t like either of Jena’s choices for songs and agree with Harry on the 2nd Carrie Underwood (different arrangement). Jena got the Alexitis on that one.

    • I agree. I would rank Caleb and Sam higher than Jena based on last night’s performances.

    • No way Jena is #1 from last night, or any night of the show. Sam is the only one to chart in the top 200 songs on iTunes.

  3. I’m sorry but Caleb does nothing for me .. I’m so sorry … Jessica … I thought was awesome last night … and Jena …. the boys are out for me!

  4. Really glad to hear them each do two songs, although it would have been nice to hear Caleb actually sing a country song as a country song, with just a little rocker added in. My favorite performance from Caleb all season was “Skyfall” and I was hoping to hear him do a good country song with just a bit of Caleb thrown in. I think Caleb has a better voice than we usually get to hear.

  5. Jena ‘s enunciation of the words are terrible.. and I agree she sounds like she has something in her mouth..just like Harry stated at her very first audition. Her stage presence leaves much to be desired,,she comes across extremely fake and certainly doesn’t know how to speak to media. It’s as if everyting she does is very unnatural. She is definitely not as consistent as some of the others..and it’s annoying to see the judges favoritism toward her. and she knows it…She is very fortunate that she came into a”weak season” of performers..she never would have lasted this long in other seasons.

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