Who Is Going Home Tonight On American Idol? 4/24/2014

Top 6 on American Idol 2014

* UPDATE: Find out who went home on American Idol tonight in our elimination show recap!

The American Idol 2014 Top 6 contestants had a pretty good night for the most part last night as they each performed one rock song and one country song.

Standouts Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene should have no problem making their way to safety, but what about the rest? It could be any one of them heading home, but C.J. Harris had the weakest performances of the night, so will his nine lives finally be up? Let’s take a look at what I think might happen tonight.

Who Will Go Home On American Idol 2014?

Definitely Safe (I think)

Caleb Johnson. He’s never been in danger yet and week after week he’s turning out great performances. He’s also holding on to the top spot in our poll for the week.

Jena Irene. I think she’s come a long way and is positioning herself nicely in the competition. After two great performances last night, I don’t think she’s anywhere near the bottom.

Most Likely Safe

Alex Preston. I don’t see him dipping into the danger zone, even though those lame vote teasers Ryan Seacrest showed us indicated Alex wasn’t doing too well with votes. I don’t pay any attention to those.

Sam Woolf. I’m struggling whether or not Sam is safe another week or if I should trade him with Jessica. But since she was in the bottom last week and Sam did so well last night, I’m going with this positioning.

Probably the Bottom Two

Jessica Meuse. I don’t think she belongs here and if she’s not in the bottom, I’ll gladly accept I was wrong. But alas, this is where I have to put her. I guess there’s a slight possibility Alex and Jessica could trade places. Hmm.

C.J. Harris. If he’s not in the bottom two, I give up on this season.

Possibly Going Home

C.J. Harris. He HAS to go home. Has to. Right? Probably not, but I’m going to keep picking him until it happens.

Who do you think stays and goes tonight on American Idol 2014?




  1. Jena is so damn good. Definitely one of the best girls in the past few seasons!! I think the producers do have some influence on who stays and that combined with jena’s talent will push her to victory.
    Idol will promote her as the Wildcard until the end and she will be the first wildcard in the finale (correct me if I’m wrong). She will most likely win to keep American idol relevant with a female winner who is not a ballad diva and a wildcard.

    Nonetheless her talent will shine and she will have a bright career. We will probably see her on your with Paramore soon.

    • I’m curious to know who’s reworking the songs she’s singing. It’d be phenomenal if she were doing that on her own, but, I kinda doubt that. I’m betting she’s getting assistance from somewhere, just as Adam was getting pah-lenty of assistance in his season 8 run.

      • adam may have gotten “pah-lenty of assistance” but he couldn’t have pulled off the songs without his PHENOMENAL TALENT!!!!

      • Adam’s assistance came in the off-stage arena: lighting, stage settings, sound, and re-working a song to make it fit the 2-minute time constraints and still sound relevant to the original.

        Until Adam, only a few really had the talent to re-work a piece to a 2-minute condensed version that made sense. Chris Daughtry, e.g., was one of those. But, Daughtry did NOT have the backstage crew assistance that Adam had to have had to pull off some of the performances he gave.

        The absolute artistry of some of Adam’s sets was an innovation that until Adam’s time, even A.I. producers failed to capitalize on. Adam’s extra baggage was anything but a hindrance. Even his Season 9 opener of “Whatdya Want from Me” blew viewers away with a stunning visual to accompany his tactile singing style.

        In seasons 9-12, A.I. had to play catch up… give everyone the same chance(s) to produce a 2-minute masterpiece, visually. You could see A.I. doing what they could to help those contestants (who knows? maybe they hired some of Adam’s compadre to do that..).

        Yes, Adam had phenomenal raw talent. He coupled that with his experiences of stage performances and assistants helping him behind the scenes to master each deliverance.

        Now, Season 13, A.I.’s finally leveled the field—everyone has great visuals to accompany their performances. In a couple of cases, they have been too great. 🙂

      • I would place both Caleb and Jena above ‘Karaoke’ status. I believe they both have some performance skills that are innate to their personalities.

        I don’t equate them to Adam yet, but, they are doing much, much, much better than those four stand-and-deliver Ballad Divas from last year.

    • I don’t think Jena will be in the finale. I don’t think she will have a recording career at all, once the show is done. I would rather keep everyone except Jena, so that shows you we all like different types of singing. Jena doesn’t rise above high school talent show, for me.

    • I don’t particularly like Jena’s voice (too “pop masquerading as rock” for me), but she’s one of the few whose performances I remember every week and that says a lot.

  2. CJ, bless his soul, will most likely go home this week.
    I believe the top three will be winner Jena, 2nd Alex and 3rd Caleb unless Sam really spreads his wings. He puts me in the mind of a butterfly that is just emerging. The T-Mobile blonde (Jessica), well I’m not sure how she got this far to begin with. Her little tissy fit during group round should have eliminated her.

    • FINALLY!!!! Someone else mentions her attitude at the beginning during group rounds. Thank you!! Did you see her attitude when she landed in the bottom 2 vs Dexter, it was like “I’m way too good to be here”.. I’m so sick and tired of pink hair haunting me every damn week. I hope she goes home tonight!!

      • So true. Never have liked her and her voice, while good to some, is boring to me. Stevie was an enigma and Jess is a distant second. Her voice just doesn’t have enough originality or power to overcome her holier than thou attitude – although CJ is off key half the time I’d take him over her in a second.

      • not even a distant second nada she does not belong in this competition, as someone mentioned she should have been gone for her bad attitude at group round no matter how crazy the mother acted, better say nothing and leave it at that.

      • Two more jealous women out to get Jessica – what did you want her to do, smile, look up to heaven and say, “Thank you, Jesus.”

      • I wouldn’t of tried singing one of Dolly’s songs if I were Jessica, it was about the same as when Malaya tried singing Through The Fire… Chaka Khan

      • Jessica is charting on the Country iTunes chart with her version of “Jolene” so someone seems to like it, if they’re willing to pay money to hear it.

      • Her fans, those that vote for her, but after time they forget you. I can’t believe Phillip won when I look back on it now.

      • Yeah well he did and now he’s making money at it. Check out Forbes. And so will Jessica.

      • Jessica has a really good voice, she was the best of all of the female contestants in the live shows. I have always thought she would be in it until Top 4 or 5 for sure. She did really well this week, so I hope she stays. I also think she is beautiful, like a young Dana Delaney during the China Beach era. Jessica and CJ may benefit from receiving the votes that were previously going to Dexter, so there may be a big surprise in who goes home tonight.

      • Got that right – Jessica is now the only Alabama contestant. If they back her heavily – she could at least be with us a week or two more.

      • numb nuts irregardless Jesus wants you to smile no matter what. She’s horrible in all aspects needs to go home now.

      • I just thought she looked upset and ready to cry, and it was her first time to ever be in the bottom group of singers. I like Jessica’s voice.

      • Yeah finally someone that thinks Jessica wound up there by trial and error she’s horrible and a wannabe ……..what???, She’s better off in her little one man band environment since she’s so darn sure of herself and full of it.

    • What you refer to as Jessica’s little tissy fit was in response to an out-of-control stage mother who was over impressed with her nothing-at-all daughter. I think the mother was threatened to have someone with actual talent in the group.

      • Not to continue the argument, but out of curiosity, did you happen to see the footage before what happened with the stage mom? I thought Jessica was really rude and annoying with her previous group, and extremely bossy and critical of their “technical” singing, which is ironic, considering she doesn’t care about singing technically well for herself. It’s just interesting, but I felt the way I did about her attitude before they even showed what happened with the stage mom, although I also thought she was acting like a drama queen before her group performed on stage as well to gain sympathy from the judges (which to me, is like saying “I’m sick”, but that’s just me). I don’t hate her, and I think she’s gorgeous, but I don’t think she should have made it this far, personally. I don’t think that makes me “jealous” like Buddy Jimmy Dunn seems to think everyone who doesn’t like her is, I think it just makes me highly critical. I just hold her to the same standards of my favorites like Adam Lambert, Kelly, Carrie, Katharine McPhee, and now Jena. Other than Carrie, they all really felt what they sang, and for me that’s a huge part of the show. Jessica appears to have dead eyes during serious songs, either because she’s too subtle, or not feeling it, and I just don’t connect with her, just as many don’t connect with Jena, or Sam, Caleb, Alex, etc.

      • I see it this way as well. She may not be bad, but all the other things that went down especially group round. She made one person leave who was sick and the other guy hanging, but when it came to her unprepared group gig she did not know one lyric. If you are so eager to criticize others don’t wonder about other people doing it to you. That goes without saying.Don’t go whining about it. There are always bad vibes I get from her, even though I did like some of her songs.
        Plain and simple she does not deserve the title at all bottom line and guaranteed won’t get it.
        The title belongs to either Sam or Alex those two have real artistry going on and with or without the title will make it far in the music industry. I come from a long line of musicians in my family. Alex sounds a lot like my brother who is 30 years older and resides in Germany, I wish they would have had A I back in the day.My Grandfather was a famous opera singer. This is one of the reason I have watched A I since I moved back to the USA . Only show worth watching for me really.

  3. I don’t see Jessica leaving just yet… so hold on to your horses! Alex really was LAME last night and should be the one going home! Sorry, but this is just the way I see it happening.

  4. Sam will not be in the bottom 2. He is going straight to the top. He is the dark horse. Watch and see !!

  5. Caleb and Jessica i thought were the most solid last night. They should be safe.
    Alex’s rock song was not that good (hurts me to say), but he recovered with an awesome song for country. He should be fine.
    I wasn’t really into Jena last night, but she’ll be safe probably.
    If they do a bottom two, it’ll be Sam and CJ. Or maybe they’ll just send CJ home without a bottom tier. That’s my prediction

    • so solid that she was in the bottom 2 where she belonged and next time go home Jessica it’s time.

  6. ALEX< SAM<JESSICA are the ONLY ones worth listening to. Cj is precious but omg he is never in TUNE and Caleb is so annoying. He and the Italian chick think they are so hot ! Please get them off the stage. They are not good. Jennifer Lopez is NOT a good singer and should never judge anything but a dance contest! Best judges that say meaningful stuff are the two men! BTW Keith would be awesome on my fav THE VOICE ! The VOICE improves the singers and the contestants actually MOVE on stage and get better each week. These on A Idol have not had much of a change. The DAWG better listen up and DO SOMETHING ! Ryan is very, very good !

  7. I am not a fan of Alex, never was, never will be. I can’t even figure out why he made the top 20, but to each his own. Personally I felt Jessica did a great job last night. I love her voice, to me the problem with her Jefferson Airplane song was the guitar. If she ditched that guitar and just let her body help her sing that song she would have walked away with it last night. The guitar made her too stiff, you don’t always need a musical instrument to help you convey your talent. But I do see CJ in the bottom and most likely on his way home. Both his songs were flops.

  8. I’m an old rocker…..’50’s, ’60’s, 70’s and some of the ’80’s! Caleb will be a headliner, and I hope he keeps his head in it without going the drug route. Jena is a rocker too….She’s a headliner! One of the two will win this years Idol.

  9. CJ should be finally going home,long overdue in my opinion..almost can see Jena,Jessica and Alex as final three,Sam’s has a good voice also and Caleb has the most ordinary voice but hides it with loud music and chorus..

  10. Caleb, Jena, Sam, and Jessica are safe no doubt, Alex could be in danger tonight and CJ is obviously in the bottom tonight. CJ is going home this week.

  11. American Idol tweeted that there will be “shocking results” tonight – may be a perceived front runner going home.

  12. Sorry To see CJ leave. Regardless of what those Dream Killers say he could sing. Dexter should have stayed too. The judges talk to much. Let Ryan do his job.

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