American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 3 Finalists Revealed!

The American Idol spoilers for the season 13 Top 3 finalists will be revealed tonight! We’ll be bringing you the American Idol 2014 results live as the votes are announced. Will your favorite singer survive to make it to the hometown visits in the Top 3?


Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse, Jena Irene Ascuitto, and Alex Preston face one of the toughest eliminations yet on American Idol tonight. Everyone wants to get those big hometown visits with the parades, the awesome concert for the fans, and all the recognition and fanfare of going home as one of the Top 3.

The finalist who got kicked off American Idol tonight will still get lots of love when they get home, but it won’t be the same at all. The television cameras won’t be broadcasting their triumphant homecoming to millions of fans. Being the one who was eliminated on American Idol right before the hometown visits is just painful.

For those who just can’t wait to find out who got voted off American Idol tonight, or don’t want to wait until the show airs on the West Coast, we’ll have all the results for you right here live starting at 9PM ET. So stay tuned to find out who went home on American Idol tonight and if your favorite singer/s made the Top 3!

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And we have the results coming in for you now!

American Idol 2014: Top 4 Elimination Results


  • Jena Irene
  • Caleb Johnson
  • Alex Preston

Who got voted off American Idol tonight: Jessica Meuse




  1. GOOD LUCK Jessica, I really Looking forward for what you do next in your career!! Love you so much!! I’m proud that you true to yourself even though judge don’t really like you, but you always try to give the best you can be..and you have an awesome fans outhere
    next week BYE JENA..

    • Jessica for me just needs to be groomed more on the stage performance and all the drama. She has the best voice quality amongst all of them. Its just awkward and sad to see some of the judges seemingly campaigning for the others. I am hopeful that someone from the music industry will get Jessica as their artist.

  2. not sure y anyone would say caleb lacks character. bad thing to say unless you no him personally. I would never diss someones person, this is a singing competition, don’t forget that. all of these ppl deserve to b here my thot is jena is young but very talented. alex is also talented but I have a feeling he may b the next to go home

    • how can you have character when calling your fans “retards”……and looking forward to home week for…weed, booze, and cocaine…..hummm…guess he put his character right out there for all to see…a great American Idol Representative
      …. NOT

      • They should send him packing from the show, and let Jessica come back. I mean really allowing a contestant to run down his fans. Not Good American Idol!

  3. Caleb is going to win this i hope he can sing .he has the voice and can work the stage 🙂

  4. Go Caleb!!! He is extremely talented and deserves to win. His kicks butt on every tune – every time.

  5. All along I have been rooting for Jena and Caleb for the final two…Either one deserves the win!!!

  6. HUGE congrats to Jessica on making it this far .. IMO she has by far the most talent for this year’s show and I will no doubt be purchasing her CD and go to her concert if she ever comes to my area. I think that she can have similar success as a Daughtry, as she certainly has an enormous loyal following. She has an amazing voice and is also a very talented song writer as evidenced by her many original songs I saw on YouTube. As long as she continues working hard, which she was already doing before this show, she can parlay that with the exposure she’s gotten, and she will no doubt be extremely successful. Having said that .. I can’t help but be completely disgusted at how the all the judges tried to downplay and over-criticize Jess’s performance over the past few weeks and at the same time heavily promote THE-Jena and Caleb with favoritism at every turn. For THAT reason, this will be the last season I watch of AI as the judges and producers have ruined the show by completely manipulating the results. I’ve watched every season .. I’ve witnessed the debacles when Adam and Crystal lost in their respective seasons .. but somehow I kept watching .. no more .. I’M DONE!

  7. Is it possible to hate someone worse than a JLo? No wonder with her looks she can’t keep a man around.

  8. I am happy for Jena, I hope she makes it all the way! Her talent is undeniable! Amazing and only 17! I was sorry to see Jess go though. As a singer/ musician /songwriter myself I kinda got what the judges were saying about her feeling the lyrics. Her facial expression didn’t come through like it should have. She will make it far in the industry without all the number 1 hype behind her.

    • It’s rediculious how the judges manipulate the public into swaying their way! Jessica I hope you know girl that your voice was by far the better of the finalist. It’s sad that you were a victim. This is sappose to be a vote of the people, but you can clearly see that it isent. I don’t think the judges should get to critique the finalists this far along in the program because what they say does have a HUGE impact on how the people vote. This is definitely my last year of watching American Idol

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