American Idol Season 13 Top 3: Who Will Win?

We are now down to the final three for American Idol season 13. There are just two weeks left until the grand American Idol finale for 2014. Now that we know who the Top 3 finalists are, which one of them has the best chance of winning it all? Let’s take a look at the last three finalists standing and weigh their chances of being the next American Idol winner!


Alex Preston: Of the remaining finalists, we unfortunately think Alex Preston has the least chance of winning. Alex has proven that he is a gifted musician, and honestly we feel he is the most unique and creative of the final three. Unfortunately, he has several big obstacles in his way on the path to fame and fortune.

Alex doesn’t exactly play music that is really geared to ‘wow’ the crowd. His sound is quirky, softer, and generally more intimate than impressive. For American Idol, the voters want strong power ballads, or loud rock and roll from their future winner. Although Alex is most often compared to previous winners Lee DeWyze and Phillip Phillips when it comes to past American Idol contestants, Alex lacks the big ‘moments’ on stage that both of those guys had during their time on the show.

Unfortunately, Alex still seems to have trouble really connecting emotionally to the lyrics of his music and the audience. He has certainly grown and improved, but he usually comes across too introspective when he is performing. Of the three remaining finalists, he also seems the least comfortable truly owning the stage. Alex doesn’t command the stage or the audience when he sings, and no matter how good his voice or his musicianship is, a winner needs to be more than just talented.

Jena Irene Ascuitto: If you’d asked us three or four weeks ago, we would have told you that Jena Irene would never win American Idol 2014 over Caleb Johnson. However, Jena has pulled out some ‘wow’ performances over the past few weeks and her fan base seems to have exploded. We also think it is likely she picked up quite a few of the younger voters from departed contestant Sam Woolf. We could see her picking up a lot of votes from departed Jessica Meuse as well, since she is now the only female left in the competition.

In truth, we think that Jena could win this thing not because she is necessarily better than Caleb Johnson, but because he may have hit his peak too soon. A few weeks ago, it was like Caleb could do no wrong for the American Idol judges or the viewers. He was so good, and so consistent, that he seemed like a guaranteed winner. The problem when you are on top, however, is that you have no place to go but down.

Caleb Johnson: As it stands right now, we still give a very slight edge to Caleb to be the next American Idol winner. However, we feel his regrettable comments about his critics and his fans may well have lost him a chunk of loyal votes. Overall, Caleb has become increasingly less likeable off the stage in recent weeks with his statements about everything from making the “old ladies cry” to joking about hookers and cocaine, and then calling his haters “retards.” Appearances when you are NOT performing can be just as important as what you do on stage.

Plus, Caleb’s had two weeks of giving a mixed bag of performances. While he’s still had at least one awesome song each week, he has also had a couple of tunes that fell flat. This is the first time we’ve watched Caleb and thought maybe he just can’t get any better, or give any more. And that’s the last thing you want to happen when you are still several weeks out from the American Idol finale.

What happens next week on the American Idol Top 3 performances show may just seal the deal when it comes to who is going to win American Idol season 13. We can’t wait to see what happens!




  1. Alex is always down-to-earth with his performances. I think that’s what will separate him from Jena and Caleb. Caleb has the tendency to be overconfident (or is now overconfident). Jena, “sometimes”, is a little bit careless with her choices.

    What will separate Alex from them will be his dedication to every song he does and his passion for music. I hope everyone will see that through next week and vote Alex to the finale. He deserves to be there because he works hard with his performances. He may not have the “most powerful” voice among the top 3, but he has this uniqueness and artistry that is hard to find today. I believe in Alex’s talent and potential. He just needs a push that will motivate him to do better. And I hope that that push will be the homecoming. I do hope that Alex will prove his worth next week and deliver performances which will make him stand out, cause he is definitely worthy to be in the finale. I know he can do so much better. GO ALEX!!!

    • I agree, Alex deserves to win. About time Idol sees the talent that emerges from the Northeast!

      • It’s great to know that someone will agree with me. Most people here say that either Jena or Caleb will win. Yes, Jena and Caleb are great. But Alex has what it takes to become a very successful artist. Among the top 3, I could say that he really digs music. He really is into it and he will work hard to show what he have. Yes, he may not have that big of a voice like Jena and Caleb, but the subtlety, the intimacy, and the rawness of his performances speak out to a lot of people. There is a reason why he is still there in the top 3. And I believe that reason is because he needs this week to prove to the viewers that he deserves to be the next American Idol. Caleb and Jena may deliver great performances but it is only Alex who could deliver heartfelt performances. Jena and Caleb have the talent and skills to win this show but Alex has the heart and determination to grab the title. Good luck to the top 3. All of us should be proud of them. Wishing them all of the best. 🙂

      • An artist does not always make a great ‘idol’. I can see Alex knows how to re-work a song, and write his own. That’s awesome. But, in the current spirit, I don’t know if/how he can keep up with the dynamic duo of Jena and Caleb.

        Caleb and Jena have ‘stage presence’. Alex has none of that. All the passion of the stage goes to those two.

      • What’s your definition of an “idol”? All of us have our own definitions of an idol. For you, maybe stage presence is one of the things you look for in a contestant and I do respect that.

        I just think that stage presence could be learned through the years but artistry couldn’t be. Artistry is a gift. My definition of an idol is someone who has the talent, the artistry, the commitment and the passion to what he loves to do. And for me, Alex has those. I don’t know what will happen next week but I’m still rooting for Alex no matter what. Let’s just wait and see what Alex will do next week. The same for Jena and Caleb. I know the three of them will give their best shots next week.

      • It won’t matter…… Just how many AI winners have you seen after a win? Very few….. and some – never again!

      • They all sing well but right now it has to come down to who would one listen to on the radio. I don’t have a favorite of the top three.

      • Wait a minute…… everyong else is harping on stage presence — you’ve read it…. mostly referring to Jess, Alex, the guy that went home last week —– I agree with you, but most say stage presence…. as if they are going to only be on the stage ….. all the time…. just say’n.

      • I love his stage presence! You don’t always have to be jumping around and dancing all over the place to have stage presence! Alex is so good he doesn’t have to do that. He draws you in and commands the stage. I love his style and could listen to him all day.

      • I think Alex will end up having the most success long term regardless to how he finishes. I don’t think he has the best chance of taking this, but I could be wrong.

      • Yes, he may not take the title. All of the top 3 still don’t have the assurance of the title. But success after the show is what matters most. If you think he will be the most successful, then I’m hoping you are right about that.

      • Just like Daughtry(love him), Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert. You don’t have to win to be successful. You just have to get noticed.

      • Caleb is a powerhouse, Jena is overrated. Alex is a meekly character, with his ukelele and querky songs that seem to belong more on Broadway…. but his songs are not butchered — as Jena’s are…. and who cannot turn away from the energy that Caleb offers — it’s always a party!

      • thats because EDM is overrated

        but unfortunately EDM sells more records then Classic Rock, or Jason Moraz,
        so there you go…. “and the Next American Idol is Jena!!!!!”

      • I’m totally agree with you too, I beleive in ALEX as a great musician/artist. GO ALEX !!!!
        Caleb has the power, he is waking up rock audience.
        Jenna is more of the same, good singer but nothing new.

    • Caleb is a powerhouse bulldozer performer… not to be ignored… I have a feeling his personality is the same…. he will perform no matter what… it will be in his future. I just never got Jena… who was highly promoted by the show… to me she butchered the songs and she’s full of herself!! I agree with you that Alex is a true artist – not arrogant and hauty —– We have enough arrogant and hauty performers in this world — don’t need any more! I hope Alex wins.

      • Caleb will be a great ‘cover-singer’ for weddings .. hope he makes Adam Sandler proud!

      • ITA For the 40 to 60 year olds on their second or third marriage, Caleb will be in demand as their wedding singer. Also to play at High School reunions for those who graduated in the 70s and 80s. Yikes!

    • I agree. I really look forward to each of his performances as I know they will be artistry and a different wow factor that a loud rock performance. JLO keeps on trying to change him…look at Ed Sheeran and John Mayer….they don’t dance around the stage. It is their sheer musicality that brings us in to the performance.

      • Speaking of which, Alex’s cover of “Gravity” at his hometown visit was Fantastic!! Check it out on Youtube of MJsbigblog.

  2. I’m pretty sure Jena is going to win this. Not because I have been a big fan, I’m wasn’t. But she won me over last night. Caleb is amazing but there are lots of guys out there with pipes like that still playing clubs. Alex I really really like and I hope to hear more from him….and Jessica too.

    • American Idol winners are rarely heard from after they win….. so, I’m assumimg they are all (except a very few) in those clubs you speak of.

      • Wow–you’re out of touch with record sales and movies and stage productions, etc. Do an online search of “American Idol Winners” and you’ll realize that 9 of the 12 are really successful. The seven who are regularly on the radio have sold millions and millions of records. (Kelly, Carrie, Phillip, Jordin, Scotty, David
        Cook, and Kris Allen.)

      • Good one — not out of touch….as I posted – a few, Carrie & Kelly have made it very big…. the rest nada and are rarely played or heard….. everyone knows this!

      • Maybe so, but still not big….. except his one big song which everyone sings… Did he write that song? or someone else? and if so then perhaps he’s getting credit for someone else’s work. Don’t get me wrong, he was my fav… and I believe ‘his’ original work was stiffled (as was Taylor Hicks)…. Just haven’t heard ‘that’ much from him – on the big picture of entertainment.

      • Carrie and Kelly have solid careers. Jordan’s last album was in 2009, David is done and Daughtry is fading. Kris Allen was never a popular contestant and can not fill small venues. Phillip and Scotty are holding their own. I believe that Adam Lambert will be the biggest and most enduring star from the show.

      • Thank you…. The biggest shocker of all AI finale’s was Adam’s loss…… He was talented in every way… Don’t get me wrong… I wish the best to all Idol contestants — it must be very difficult for those youngsters to compete at that level and I commend them. But My point is more — the winners are chosesn by the producers Not America and what follows is these winners never go on to have a great career — because they were only mediocre from the starting gate! The show’s history and the winners tell the whole story!

      • Adam??Love him but he doesn’t have near the numbers of Underwood and Clarkson.

      • It may be huge, but not the level of success of people like Underwood and Clarkson have their own tours.

      • Can’t agree with all the time…. but my point was more to the winners – who generally – not the best…. Daughtry probably should have one ‘his’ season…. He’s done alright and probably more than he ever hoped for. I, personally, don’t hear or see him…. If you do, then you are verifying my statement…. that losers of AI do better than winners…. just making that point….

      • Okay Kelly Clarkson, Scotty McCreedy, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry(didn’t win, but AI made him), Adam Lambert(again didn’t win but), Jennifer Hudson, Phillip Phillips, Jordin Sparks. Name one person from another show that has made it as big as any of these. Who from the Voice has made it?

      • It doesn’t matter…. your getting away from the point…. The show is rigged…. so rigged that the winners cannot have a big career because they were not the best… Kelly, Carrie and Jennifer — all my fav’s have made it big…. no one else… Jordin is not big, Philip – as much as I like him – is not big…. try again….

    • I would like to know to the “Clubs” you attend

      (and BTW where else do you hear performers?)

  3. Alex always draws me into his performances because of his artistry, vulnerability,and gorgeous voice. He often chooses songs never performed on Idol which is fresh and exciting. His falsetto rivals the big notes sung by the power singers and is very difficult to nail every time on live TV.

  4. Alex is my favorite of the bunch that is left, however, I hope he does not win. He will be better off getting to make a record his way. I’d die laughing if Caleb wins. What would they possibly put on his album that will sell? 70’s and 80’s rock/hair band sound is not popular right now. He would be better off putting out a country album with rock leanings a la Jason Aldean.

    • You may be correct, but we have a widely listened to syndicated classic rock radio station in our city…. I don’t listen to it… but someone must…, I guess rocks lives!

      • My response was addressing rock music genre fans — they are still out there …Casey implied there would be no interest in this genre…. Comprende?

      • I knew and know it!!! No matter what the ‘critics’ state, rock is not going away…. I get in my car sometimes after my son has been in it and invariably – radio is on the rock station, which sometimes I leave it there because there is a great old song that even I liked….. Yes, it is still out there… and Caleb will have a place win or lose!

      • I believe they would make exceptions if callers started clamoring for them.

    • I would love him to win, but you are correct. AI has a choke hold on what their 1st album will include and when it will drop. Look what they did to Candance Glover…dropped it almost 9 months so they could promo it on the 1st week of Idol

      • Candice is SO good… AI so screwed her
        first effort.
        Imagine what she could do with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis playing with the knobs

  5. Though I pretty much agree with your analysis, I don’t know if we should count Alex out. I think with this final three, Alex knows he has to come out swinging. (And I hope he does- if only to make JLo eat her words). It’s going to come down to song choice for him. The song choices this week were “okay” but he’s certainly had better moments. (Always on my Mind and Say Something were a wow moments for me and I honestly don’t even like Say Something). Here’s hoping!

  6. All this stuff about “wow” factor and “connecting” is meaningless to me. It is clear that Alex was born to be an artist and a musician. More importantly, I love his voice and his music – the songs he sings and how he sings them. But music, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If more voters prefer listening to Irene or Caleb, so be it. Between those two, I would definitely pick Irene. I just can’t get over Caleb’s arrogance and stupidity (his off show comments). I would never vote for him no matter what his talent is. And I sure as heck would never listen to his music.

      • Very much so! I guess the audience wants to promote that kind of behavior!

      • Not so….. you would have seen her verbally arrogant comments — if you’ve been watching…. Jess was the humble one!

      • those who mistake confidence for arrogance only shows that you would probably never have stage presence. you know nothing of this girl.

  7. Jena place is not at TOP 3 actually, she deserves to go to TOP 2 and IT MUST!!!


  8. Caleb will probably win, Jena will be the runner-up I don’t feel she needs the title, she’s already good enough for me, and Alex will be third and pursue his music career. 🙂

  9. Just run around and ask the remaining 12 people that give a damn anymore.

    • If you took the time to come to this site and comment then you give a damn.

      • Not necessarily as you state, but whatever. I’m hugely dissappointed in the show (as compared to previous years) and I’ve always suspected the votes had no real effect on the outcome. The judges dialogue are so obviously scripted – to the point of ad nauseum. Favoritism is rampant, more so this year than ever before. Yes, we dissenters have a voice here…. for a show we once loved and couldn’t wait to see…. season after season…. I believe I can find other shows that are more fair to the contestants — I know I can.

      • Not to be that person but, saying to the point of before ad nauseam is redundant. Ad nauseam means “to the point of nausea” and please note the correct spelling of nauseam.

  10. There really is no secret as to who will win. The question is, who will be in the final? After the best singer/song-writer, Jessica has now been eliminated, most of her voters will sway their votes to Alex. The question is, will that be enough to overtake Caleb? Whoever survives will ultimately get throttled by THE-Jena in the final. The judges and producers are swaying the American public at every turn .. this is how it will be .. I’ve seen the ‘true-vote’ statistics and it’s not even close. I only hope the Jenna .. errr G-na does’t put my dog to sleep again with another ridiculously slow Elvis rendition! ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

    • Do you really believe votes actually determine winners on this show? I’ve suspected otherwise for a few years now. Angie Miller was way more talented than Jena. Adam Lambert way more talented than Caleb….. just say’n…. Angie & Adam, both should have won! I suspect Jena will win. The producers have willed it. I’m just not a fan of this very unfair show. Not watching…

      • I thought Candice was a top talent and deserved to win.. so that didn’t shock me. Adam and Crystal’s results were puzzling. I would like to believe the public does decide .. but that’s not stopping the judges and producers from swaying opinions. This year it’s just been more blatant than usual and I’m with you .. I just can’t be a part of something like that. I’ve been waning reality t.v. out of my repertoire for a while now .. and now, after this season I’m done with AI. I hope many do the same.

      • I feel the same. I was also a big fan of Dancing with the Stars… but the very same thing is happening there — no longer quality that I call entertainment. It’s really a shame because it could be one heck of a show! On to PBS – always quality!

      • The producers wanted Candice to win because of the racial discrimination lawsuit that is still going on. Candice has a nice voice but is a bland performer.

      • Exactly, so obvious….. She will progress no further than she is right now…. she is not being promoted for a reason….

      • Almost everything in life is at least a little unfair (in the sense that when $ is involved things are going to get controlled to some degree by the head guys). Ratings have dropped significantly – big $ is involved – there is no way the voting is totally fair! I still enjoy the show and the top 10 still get major recognition!!

      • When you state $ involved, are you referring to bribery? As far as being unfair, there are other talent reality shows that do not blatantly flaunt (in your face) unfairness —- and we certainly can watch what we want to…. AI has dropped to the depths – for me!

      • This isn’t “Publishers Clearing House! AI has a _non-discretional Co. “verify” the voting results!

      • The Hoax of American Idol: American Idol Votes, A Colossal Hoax!” We vote & the Producers Pick the Winner…written by Kolsch, Kerry Yahoo Network September 19, 2013.

  11. Alex, if your read this, I think …. I Write The Songs by Barry Manilow , would be a winner for you. You have the voice and skill.

    • I always found it amusing that it was a big hit for him and he didn’t write it.

  12. Alex is overrated! His voice is pretty good but not as amazing as Caleb or Jena. And Alex usually pulls the same face in most of his songs anyway (you need to convey the song’s emotion through the face as well as the vocal).

    Jena seems to be forgettable for me even if she’s turned out great performances. I was rooting for Caleb since he had stage presence (and a awesome voice) but after the comments he made this week about some of his fans, I don’t know who to cheer for but if I had to pick, it’d be Jena (barely).

    • I like him. He gets my vote. He can sing, play and write. I find his quirkiness charming, and I think has a real passion for music.

    • I so disagree Alex is the best and most talented on the idol this year. Go Alex!!

  13. Not liking Caleb’s choice of words while being interviewed one day…..thought he was the winner up until then…..Alkex is differen and unique but I am going with my girl Gena….I have loved her voice since day one and I feel she is the most humble, sweet and adorable o all three and that song of Elvis’s she sang is just the best I have ever heard…..If no one gets goosies during that song, they are not human….GENA is the next American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Team Alex…and on a different note. Sam should be picked up by Disney. He would be a perfect fit.

    • He would not be a perfect pick for Disney b/c Disney has a real bad influence on the kids in many ways yet choose not to discuss it in detail.

    • Thank you……. She needs to grow up and be a classy lady…. her actions are unbelievable! I hope she reads this!

      • Will.I.Am…..he is hugely talented….. Someone adult, for sure…. not someone who is going to regress before our very eyes!!

      • Will.I.Am doesn’t qualify as being female—I doubt many would be happy with AI having 3 male judges.

        I agree, however, the judges should not detract from the contestants, they should compliment them.

  15. I will admit I’m and old 80ies rocker! I graduated in 88. That being said I hope Caleb wins in all! The dude flat out rocks!!! If he doesn’t it’s all good. Chris Daughtry didn’t win and he is having a much better career than Taylor Hicks! lol As far as the comments he made…please! Haven’t we call said dumb things a long the way. Think about it a lot of people in the music business have put their foot their mouth. As long as the music is good that’s all that matters! Besides all that Caleb seems like a great guy!

  16. I have adored Caleb since his audition and really believe the kid deserves the win…I enjoy listening to Jena, she does have that different sound going for her….Alex, well I don’t see him winning…I enjoy listening to him and wish him the very best, as I do all of them. It will be interesting to see what happens next week….I will of course be glued to the television…I just want to wish them all the best at this point…they all bring something special to the plate….GOOD LUCK….and have fun!

  17. I think Alex has this, no matter what the judges would try to make us believe. JMO.

    • I tend to agree. alex has had steady performances and him knowing he was in the bottom for the first time will most likely result in an unexpected spectacular twist.

  18. People always say Alex is “Humble”. And I will agree that he is. But, does anyone ever notice what remaining performer is usually the VERY FIRST to congratulate other performers when they have a great performance. And when you see videos of the performers having lunch together, it is usually Caleb who is the most friendly and outgoing. Yet, for some reason he is always called “arrogant” by many on this website. I never understood that.

  19. I’m so sick of the judges favoring Jena and Caleb. I think they are both great, but Alex is the most overall talented imo. Last week they just kept putting Alex and Jess down. Jennifer basically told Alex he had no chance of winning against Caleb and Jena. I just thought it was unprofessional. I hope Alex sneaks up and wins. He will be getting my votes and probably a lot of Sam and maybe Jess’s votes.

    • Jennifer is ghastly…. There is a Yahoo article… The American Idol voting hoax… or something like that…. I just cannot continue to watch such an unfair show….. just not going to!

  20. Alright I hate Caleb. Doesn’t anyone notice how he’s trying to be a camera hog. Like when Jena and Caleb were announced to be in the top 3. Jenna was normal about it, but then Caleb was all like screaming and wailing, to me that made a fool of himself. He’s obviously just trying to charm the audience, but he doesn’t have my vote. Jenna is my fave. I know you guys say she’s annoying and is overrated, but I don’t. I think she has a special voice and makes songs better than they were. I’m huge Bjork, Tori Amos, Nirvana, Kate Bush, Arcade Fire, Hole , and Chilli peppers fan. I listen to all them constantly, but I will take time to listen to Jena because she really speaks to me. My rank of the contestants 1. Jena 2. Alex 3. Caleb. Also I think Alex is really talented and so is Caleb, but he’s annoying and screams too much for my liking. Thanks for listening to my opinion 🙂

  21. I don’t really like American Idol too much. That being said, early on when I saw Jena Irene perform Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist,’ I was absolutely blown away. This girl is amazing and she truly made a great song even better. She has the most talent out of the field and *should* win. That being said, I remember America not allowing Adam Lambert to win when he was 10x the most talented person in the field. Can anyone even remember who won that year? Sad. Vote for someone if they have the ‘it’ factor, not because they are religious or you don’t like gay people. Cheers~

    • Kris Allen. If you would like to read one man’s research and opinion on the AI voting. on Yahoo… The American Idol voting hoax….. I’ve always suspected such. Yes, Adam Lambert was by far the most talented, overall, of any AI contestant… after than it would be one’s genre choice — Jennifer Hudson would be my next choice, the Carrie, then Kelly….and a few more, not too many… I liked Phillip.

  22. What the public isn’t aware of is the power of the producers of the show. ..they control the show.



  25. I’m more blown away by Alex’s performances, because it doesn’t just sound like a good cover. It sounds like he wrote it himself. Alex is the real artist.

  26. I have used that word before. It certainly doesn’t mean I feel that way about disabled people! I just think it’s a lame excuse to not vote for him. Your either a Caleb fan or not! I love hard heavy rock so therefore I’m voting for Caleb. It’s all good! =)

    • No I am serious about the use of that word. I seriously find it offensive and ignorant. I has nothing to do with liking Caleb. I was shocked when I heard he said that.

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