American Idol Spoilers: Top 3 Theme Goes Triple Threat

Idol 2013 Top 3

Are you ready for more American Idol 2013 performances than ever? Well you better be because the theme this week on American Idol will require our remaining three finalists to perform not one, not two, but three individual performances on stage come Wednesday night.

So what will they be singing? Choices, choices, but it won’t be their choice. Instead Angie Miller, Candice Glover, and Kree Harrison will take on three picks selected by American Idol. Jimmy Iovine will be selecting one song for each of the ladies as will the judges panel and the same goes for Idol producers.

Back when there were only three judges we’d hear how each judge picked a song for the final three during their hometown visits, but now that we have four judges it’ll more likely be a collaborative selection process there. I’d expect the judges’ pick to really just be another producer selection anyway.

We’re likely to hear the spoilers for American Idol’s songs this week well before Wednesday night’s show. We’ll report that news here when it’s leaked.

What do you hope to hear from the American Idol 2013 Top 3?

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  1. I hope they pick

    ONLY HOPE version of Mandy Moore for Angie for she can do it with her piano. Because this song was meaningful and can be sung emotionally. OH DARLING for Kree because it can be bluesy or make it country in her Kree style, She can show off her range in this song. TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS This is a powerful song for Candice perfect to drive her for the finals. She can do many runs in this sing like Jessica Sanchez did or like Mercedes ( Glee cast ) who did this version soulfully

  2. Candice – Thinking Bout You. A current song that’s also gorgeous; you
    don’t see many of those these days. Candice has a tendency to fill her
    performances with incredible vocal runs that occasionally feel a bit
    indulgent. If she dials that back a tad and plays this one straight, she
    could make this a really special vocal showcase.

    Angie – Gravity
    (Sara Bareilles). Sara is awesome. In my opinion, no other piano-based
    artist today writes songs nearly as pretty as hers. Just saying! That
    said, Gravity’s probably the best fit for Angie. It’s melodic, haunting,
    and dramatic enough that Angie’s rather, ahem, theatrical impulses
    wouldn’t feel completely out of place. Stay, also by Sara, would be even
    more awesome, but it’s not quite well-known enough to click with

    Kree – No idea. I’m not a big fan of Kree, so I guess I’ll leave the suggestions to those people who are.

  3. I’m hoping Keith Urban picks Kree’s song. He seems to have an encyclopedia of music in his head, and he can relate to her style .

    • He hasn’t been exactly supportive of her the last few weeks. I think the judges, unfortunately including Urban, do NOT want another Country winner this year. Too bad… Kree rules…you go girl!

  4. Kree’s voice is my favorite, when she has the right song she’s amazing! This really is Keith’s opportunity to select a great song for Kree. How about ‘On a Broken Wing’…love that song.

  5. Seen clips of Kree’s home town performances she was very emotional but the crowed was awe struck they loved her & so do I she will be huge win or not & if I could only vote it would be for Kree Harrison!!

  6. Candice is fantastic. Her voice outshines all the rest. She sings like she was born to sing. Her talent is undeniable and I will vote all the way for Candice. Kree has a very good voice and I hope she will be in the finale show with Candice. Angie is good too, but highly overrated. The other two girls have so much more in their voices. Good luck to all!

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