Caleb Johnson – “As Long As You Love Me” – Coronation Song For American Idol 2014

If he is the American Idol season 13 winner, Caleb Johnson will be singing a love song as his coronation single next week on the 2014 finale! Naturally, it will be a ROCK love song, because otherwise it would just be wrong! We got to hear a small portion of it on the American Idol Top 3 results show and now you listen to the whole tune here, and download the full version on iTunes!

Caleb Johnson makes Top 3

As the final two on season 13, Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene will be singing their possible ‘coronation’ songs next week as part of the final battle for the win. We don’t know if Alex will also get to sing the song that would have been his future single if he’d won, but we hope he will get the chance.

Take a listen to Caleb’s song below and tell us what you think. Honestly, we aren’t loving it all that much. It just seems a bit too cheesy and not contemporary rock enough to be a hit single on the radio right now. Maybe 30 years ago it would have been something you’d love to hear on the jukebox at your local bar. But it’s just a little too much ‘classic’ in the rock department for a modern hit.

Full song now available in the SoundCloud embed below.

Download the song on iTunes here.




  1. its charting on itunes pop chart…thought he was a true rocker? His others charted on rock chart…why change him

  2. A pretty good song that could use a little more time in the studio to define dynamics in the breakdown and bridges so it’s not just one continuous push to the finish.

  3. As someone who loves classic rock from “30 years ago” I absolutely LOVE the song and I will definitely buy it!

  4. I think it was better then Jena’s but honestly neither was fantastic!

  5. I actually like the Caleb singing this song. He can make it a hit where anyone else singing it, not so much. It is interesting to hear his higher register that we haven’t really heard so far. I would buy his CD and I am over 50.

  6. I would actually buy this CD by Caleb. I think he can make this song a hit with his voice more than anyone else could. And I find it interesting to hear his higher register since we didn’t hear it much throughout the season. Makes it different, yet still cool I like it.

  7. Well I love the song and for that much, so does my 15 year old daughter! She had to download it and appreciates the tone and beat his voice and the music together. She loves him singing it just as much as “Dazed and Confused”. So age has nothing to do with it! 45 or 15, its just good music sung by a good singer!

  8. I love it. You can understand what he is saying unlike Jena who always sounds like she has a mouth full of cotton.

  9. Does any of you think Caleb Johnson will win this years’ American Idol?? I know for a fact that HE will win this year’s Season #13!!! And his number is #13 btw!!!

  10. Why must these two make the finale even more difficult? I’m rooting for them both! Their songs are equally amazing…

  11. Between Caleb’s “As Long As You Love Me” and Jena’s “We Are One,” hands down and no question it goes to Caleb. It is not even a contest. Down to this: Team Rock verses Team Bubble Gum and for me it is a no brainer. Caleb!!!

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