Who Wins American Idol 2014? Our Prediction From the Top 7!

The clock is rapidly counting down to find out who will win American Idol 2014. Which of the Top 7 finalists has what it takes to be the next American idol winner? We take a look at the current odds and results of our readers polls to predict who has the best chance to win!

American Idol 2014 Top 7

For weeks now, Caleb Johnson has been the leader of the pack when it comes to predicting who will be the next singer who won American Idol 2014. Alex did manage to claim the top spot in the American Idol Las Vegas betting odds after his stellar Top 10 performance of “Story of My Life” by One Direction. The next week, however, Caleb was back on top once again and Alex was sliding back to the middle of the pack.

This week, something new and very intriguing seems to be breaking up the monotony of Caleb’s reign at the top of both the American Idol betting odds and our fan polls. While our readers still place Caleb as the favorite finalist from last week, former favorite Sam Woolf just suddenly rose back up to challenge him in second place. However, Sam did not rise much in the Vegas odds, so we are still going to rank him pretty low as a possible winner at this point.

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Jena Irene Ascuitto, on the other hand, not only did decently in our reader’s favorite poll this past week, but she shot way up in the American Idol betting odds. Bovada Sports Book actually now shows her as the current favorite to win American Idol season 13. Looks like at least one of the girls is finally getting some traction this season!

We have to note that the latest betting odds also show Dexter Roberts tied with Caleb Johnson as one of the favored competitors. We find that a bit surprising but it could be that as more people are eliminated, more votes are shifting his way. Still, it just seems a bit off that Caleb, Alex, and Dexter are so clumped together in the odds, and so far apart in our reader’s favorite polls — which has Dexter nearly tied with CJ Harris in last place.

So with everything tallied up, what is our prediction for who wins American Idol 2014 from the Top 7? Well, we’ll have to actually call this one as a virtual tie between Caleb Johnson and Jene Irene this week. With our reader’s polls telling us one thing, and the betting odds telling us another, we just think it’s too close to call. A lot will depend on how the performances are from here on out, but we could easily see Jena and Caleb battling it out in the final two.




  1. Sam should be higher than that! He may not win but he should be higher than Jess and Dexter

      • yes they are no doubt and having to connect w/girls why??????????? They should save that for their one and only in the future and for now grandma or mom are perfect to connect to.

  2. Enough of Caleb and Jena, I am rooting for one of them to be the shocker elimination this week. The voting gets a little crazy here towards the end. Where do Malaya’s votes go this week? That will impact results. We also don’t know who is actually getting the most votes on the show, whether the numbers are close (like Ben’s and Majesty’s when Ben was sent home and missed the tour cut), and if there is someone who is really the clear leader. For the last X Factor, Simon Cowell told after the show ended that Alex & Sierra had been the winners of the votes each week of the competition, but a huge margin.

    • I’m still thinking Jessica is going to be the shocker -because she slowly grows on you each week. She appears to be having the best time of her life and is winning followers by just being her best self and not trying to be a performer.

      • Yeah I feel like that too, she’s great every week with no extra effort. And SHE KNOWS she’s good. Which can be a huge downfall.

      • Shocker elimination..: and so caleb… Dunno he is a good performer but am getting bored on him too…..

      • I think ‘she knows she’s good’ is going too far with Jessica. She just has confidence on stage and you would think she is from the ‘old’ school. She comes onto the stage to sing only – and if you don’t like it – that’s all you’re gonna get.

      • Yeah i think so too, i love Jessica don’t get me wrong I just think being too confident can really mess up the believablity of the performance. She looked really bored when she sang last week and of course I wasn’t exactly bored myself, but her connection was a bit lost to me on that performance. But she definitely can sing and has that star quality in her. Her performances vocal-wise are almost always on perfect pitch. I might of probably just had a problem with the song choice or something. I’m still looking forward to hearing her this week. 🙂

  3. One is the most marketable His type of music never goes out of style, I think he will be the next American Idol

  4. Jena is my favorite by far. Caleb is good, but he’s more of a front man for a heavy metal band, not necessarily a solo act. Jena is more current and more marketable. She can cover a broader spectram than just hard rock or ballads. Alex would be my second favorite because of his overall talent and current sound, but I’m not sure he’s much of a performer. I’m just not sure Caleb is all that marketable with his heavy metal style.

    • Dexter is likely the most marketable since he is country – appears they don’t last as long today in country music as in the past – primarily because of the outstanding talent coming and going in the country genre. But – it is still the best loved and the best place to start.

      • He performs but eats lyrics. Like his attitude on stage. But damnnnan cant understand most of his lyrics and so CJ. Well, maybe in country music.

    • For my taste he’s not marketable at all a wannabe w/a God given loud voice. When he sang Lady Gaga that was his down fall for me and went downhill from that point consistently and then his presumptuous attitude……he’s gotta go very soon, sorry.

  5. Caleb is a huge talent. He delivers every week. Jena is the next Katie Perry. I think the others will be forgotten in two years. Dexter is not unique. There are more just as good, but better looking. Sam is too shy. CJ sings out of tune and Alex will just continue to do what he was doing before the show. He already had a career. His quirky sound is cool, but again, precense gets in the way. I can see Jessica going country. Shes a Southern girl, has that twang when she wants it.

    • But isn’t Jessica really from Texas she doesn’t have the southern drawl… There is a difference.

    • Jena looks like Gonzo+Gina Gershon, she screams and her pitch is horrible and she has crap for personality. Katy can actually sing AND has the look. If anything, Jena is the next Kesha.

      • You’re not even worth to debate against… You are so biased it’s not even funny.

      • FYI I loved Jena in the beginning, but now she rubs me the wrong way. She’s full of herself and shows no improvement. Also, I have criticism for all of the contestants, but you CHOOSE to only read the ones about your precious Jena- not my problem, psycho.

    • Well, there are those who won idol and also forgotten even just a year lol. But there are many who didnt get the title but shining on up to this time. We’ll never know someone might make history on AI 🙂 and too many loud artists already in the market. Nuff or them. Also, caleb qnd jena’s style aren’t even new, only copied from past season’s performances. Peace 😀

    • YOU DID NOT JUST SAY SAM WAS “TOO SHY”? That’s his personality. He can sing great and like the judges said “your pitch is perfect”

    • Jena is great but don’t insult her w/Katie Perry she’s way better than that.

  6. I am shocked at how this site barely mentions Alex Preston in terms of predicting him as a potential winner. Despite decent to great performances each week, not to mention he is FIRST PLACE in vegas odds right now, he is a legitimate contender. ALEX FTW

    • YOU ARE RIGHT ON!!! I have observed them trying to slow his lead. For some reason, they want Caleb and Jena. I listened back from last night … it was sort of like screaming. Alex does music, and it is music for all ages. Timeless. Listen up, AI!!

  7. I think SAM WOOLF would get the title of American Idol! He is now beginning to get out of his way and face his competitors fairly. Let’s see how he steps up. GO SAM! Make the most out of it! You are a substantial American Idol!

    • Jackie I so agree! He so deserves title and he deserves higher in the vegas odds! just cause he is shy (which I totally adore) doesn’t mean he can’t sing. He is best when it is him and his guitar. Like last week. You can be the next American Idol Sam!! I’m voting for you max times!

  8. Like my sister said “I don’t think a girl is going to win this year” and I frankly really agree! Because the talent is really with the guy. I’m tired of Jessica being there and I have no idea why she is still there! And I’m starting to get tired of all this “Jena and Caleb in the final two.” I hate it and I agree with my older sister.

    • Totally sick of: “Jena and Caleb, final two”. The numbers just aren’t there. You watch. I hope nobody is surprised at the results.

      • Yay someone who makes sense. Idol for whatever reason pushes these down our throats like the force shots of JLo’s middle aged face while contestants are singing.

  9. OMG, time for CJ to go. And then Sam and then Alex. I am in pain when I hear them. Alex sings that genre of music really well, but it isn’t good to start with. IMHO. Go Caleb and Jena all the way!

  10. If Jessica will start showing more Show-womanship I would take the 12-1 odds. She is talented rock and country singer and is so dark at time she loses fan appeal but she is talented.

  11. Guys, can’t wait to see the Top 6 Idols’ performances next week! So excited! I’ll stick to my favorite SAM WOOLF! He is meant to be the next American Idol! Not just the usual AI but a substantial one! He will surely make a HISTORY!!! GO SAM! Time for you to shine!!

    • I agree with you Jackie! He is soooo… Talented. He will slowly but surely give his best performances and steps up to the top! YES, GO SAM!

      • Jessica is fantastic the only negative I have on her is she is being to cocky thinking she is a shoo in and no one has a chance to beat her. but I think she is the one to beat.

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