American Idol 2013 Elimination Predictions: Top 5 Edition


We’ve made our American Idol predictions for tonight’s Top 5 results show, but what are you all expecting to happen? Let’s take a look at our weekly performance poll and see which Season 12 Hopefuls are getting the least love when it comes to your votes.

Based on your votes, with over two thousand votes recorded so far, here’s what you all are predicting.

American Idol 2013 Top 3:

American Idol 2013 Bottom 2:

We’re not surprised to see Amber and Janelle trailing the other three ladies. All are great performers, but Candice, Angie, and Kree have consistently delivered stronger performances week after week. Now with no male buffer from elimination we agree that one of these two ladies will be forced to sing for her life.

Would you want the judges to use their Save this week if either Amber or Janelle are up for elimination? What if a shocking result hit and sent one of the top three listed above in to the danger zone? Remember, this is the last week they can use the Judges Save so I’d expect something to happen with that.




  1. Save Amber! I’ll do a headstand if you do. Seriously, the lady can sing. I’ll give her pep talks . I want Mariah and Nicki to make up. I like them both. It is the way of peace and love. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. Much love. xoxo

    • Amber definitely has the prettiest voice in the competition and oh so easy for her – while others are fighting to try to prove themselves to us. That girl don’t need to scream for her votes – she touches the hearts of listeners instead.

  2. For me, it is now the Candice Glover Show with guests! I still believe (if possible via a contest program) that she should be nominated for a Grammy for “Love Song”!

  3. It would be really dramatic to see one of the chosen three, for some reason, be in the bottom and sing for her life. I can’t imagine that happening this year, but I remember on Season 2 Reuben landed in the bottom group one week, and the judges scolded the viewers for not using good sense in their voting that week. Except for Randy, the judges are different, but I wonder what the judges’ comments would be if Candice, Kree, or Angie were in the bottom two or, even worse, the bottom. Like I said it would be dramatic, but I don’t expect it to happen. And, the save would definitely be used. I really do expect the save to be used, but all the judges have to agree. That in itself has been unusual this season.

    • May be wrong – but if Janelle is in the bottom – I don’t believe they will save her. That’s what the judges believe, too and it would be going against the voters – and really it would not accomplish anything – because Janelle will be right back in the bottom again next week.

  4. @AmericanIdol @ryanseacrest @dizzyfeet #idol Cut the BS and announce no one’s getting eliminated tonight since the save MUST be used! (RT)

    • Well I do believe this is the last time the judges can use the save so they might as well use it & to be honest I would prefer Janelle over Amber. Janelle knows exactly where she’s headed!

  5. No surprise to me the bottom 2. Candice and Kree never been in the bottom. They won’t save Janelle but they will save Amber. To the life of me why they like Amber over Janelle. I think Janelle is much better. She knows what style singer she wants to be. I don’t think Amber still has a clue.

  6. I do not think Amber ever belongs in the bottom. I think Amber ~Candice or Amber These girls one of them should be the winner. I do not like Kree. she is nice but has no personality what so ever.Candice and Amber have such good control of their voices. They both can go from a low register to a high register with out skipping a beat. Give the props for their excellent voices. Candice give me goose bumps when she sings in that beautiful voice.I think Janelle is a real sweet young lady. But her voice was just not as good as the rest of them Maybe keith Urban can hook Janelle up with someone in Nashville he is a nice person! And daRn one reason I hate to see AI over is because I won’t get to see him and his nice personality each week. I really enjoyed Steven Tyler too. He was so funny!.

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