American Idol 2012: Which Finalist Will Leave The Top 6?

American Idol 2012 Top 6 elimination

We could be looking at another “shocking” elimination tonight on American Idol 2012, but then again, at this stage of the game, aren’t all the eliminations going to be of fan favorites? Anyway, someone has to go and it sure isn’t going to be Ryan Seacrest so let’s see who all of you are predicting based on your votes in this week’s Top 6 poll.

You’ll find the usual suspect leading the poll here again this week, Jessica Sanchez, but her numbers have spiked over night to 47% as the rest of the world woke up and joined in the voting here. She may have gone first and taken on a song no one should touch unless you’re in a Wayne’s World movie, but she’s still riding that elimination-vote wave so she’ll be safe this week.

Next up in the safe-zone we’ve got Skylar Laine who is currently drawing 14% of the vote for her performances last night. Skylar is the only remaining Country-themed singer and considering two performers from that category filled last season’s finale there’s obviously a market on Idol for her role. She’ll be safe and march on to the Top 5. Joining her in the no-worries category tonight should be Phillip Phillips who has 12% of the vote so far. If Phillip was splitting WGWG/P votes with Colton Dixon then that’s no longer an issue and like Skylar he now remains as the last of his niche.

That leaves us with the bottom three vote-getters in our poll based on your responses. Hollie Cavanagh with 10%, Joshua Ledet with 9%, and Elise Testone with 5%. Hollie was lucky enough to score the pimp-spot this week and that big performance as the last thing in viewers’ minds should help her enough to avoid elimination. Joshua Ledet had a strong night, but as the other singers are eliminated he’s going to start finding his back against the wall when it comes to votes. There’s nothing to scoff at when you can pull 9% of the vote here, but that’s not much consolation if he truly does wind up in the Bottom 3 tonight.

The really hot seat is likely to go to Elise Testone. Readers here have placed her in the Bottom 3 section for the past four rounds and in the lowest spot for the past two. Branden is predicting she’ll be the one to go home, you’re saying it’ll be here, and even Randy thinks Elise will be one of the next two eliminated. I’d have to agree. Tonight could be the end of the road for Elise Testone on American Idol 2012.

Who do you think will make up the Bottom 3 tonight on Idol?