American Idol 2014 Elimination Results Recap! 5/1/2014 [VIDEOS]

When the American Idol results tonight are over, we can’t believe we’ll only be left with four finalists standing! Who will be the one was voted off American Idol this week and won’t get to join the Final Four for season 13? Will it be Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, Jena Irene Ascuitto, Jessica Meuse, or Sam Woolf who was eliminated on American Idol tonight? We’ve made our prediction, now it’s time to find out!

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Going into the American Idol 2014 results tonight, we were pretty certain that Caleb Johnson and Jena Ierene Ascuitto would not be in danger. They don’t even know the meaning of the bottom two at this point, and we doubted the voters were going to suddenly abandon either of them. Things might start getting dicey next week when there are only four singers left to split the votes, but this week they both seemed safely in the clear.

That left us with a bottom three of Alex Preston, Sam Woolf, and Jessica Meuse. The sad part about Alex being in danger is that he’s probably the most talented musician of the three. However, his quirky style just doesn’t have the mass appeal of Sam’s boy-band good looks and pop sound, or Jessica’s Southern country/rock fueled growl. So we were admittedly a bit worried for Alex going into the American Idol results this evening.

Even so, we were fairly confident that Alex Preston would not be the one who went home on American Idol tonight. He may not have as mainstream of a sound as Jess or Sam, but he has a very dedicated fan group that isn’t really very split about their loyalties. Voters for Jessica are also the same kind of core group that might also vote for Caleb. Voters for Sam might also sneak votes over to Jena Irene. Alex voters are… Alex voters, it seems for the most part, based on what we can glean from social media and fan polls.

So if the bottom two did indeed come down to Sam Woolf and Jessica Meuse, which is what we predicted earlier today… who would be the one who got voted off American Idol tonight?

Well, we guessed it would be Jessica Meuse. She gave two really good performances last night, but she still failed to connect emotionally to either the songs or the listening audience. Which is really just a shame. Jess has the pipes, but she’s so restrained that she often seems stiff and cold in her delivery, and her determination sometimes comes across more like attitude. Voters don’t so much love that.

Did our prediction for who was eliminated in the American Idol results tonight come true? Join us for our live American Idol recap starting right here at 9PM ET and watch with us!

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Well, host Ryan Seacrest is starting us off with a bang tonight! He says we will have a shocking and unprecedented twist tonight that none of the finalists are going to be expecting. Oh my, now we’re feeling very nervous!

Ryan says a “game changer” will happen live on the stage tonight. All of the Idols will be asked to make a “very difficult decision.” This is killing us!

Before we find out anymore, of course, we have American Idol judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. doing their walk out and shaking hands with everyone. Keith will be taking the stage tonight for a guest performance.

Then we have the American Idol Top 5 talking about last night’s performances show and taking selfies with celebrities on the show. They all pull out their phones to vote. We assume for themselves… and then it’s time for a commercial break. Grrrr.

Back from commercial but no twist announcement or results yet. Instead we have a Ford car commercial disguised as a video of the Top 5 having a big fab party. And we move right along into American Idol judge Keith Urban performing his single “Good Thing” for the crowd. It’s an upbeat, catchy tune and we like it… but we’re ready for the results already!

More commercials and finally we are back. Another round of applause for Keith Urban for his performance. Some random chit-chat from the American Idol 2014 judges and then we have a play by play from Randy Jackson on the performances from last night.

He thinks Jena was amazing and she killed it. Randy was really proud of Alex for his “Say Something” rendition. Jessica has an amazing voice, but she didn’t have the best performance. Sam had an interesting night, it started off shaky but eventually got it going. Caleb really turned the place upside down and tore the roof off.

Before we dim the lights, we have a dramatic proposal for the Top 5 tonight. Either they can decide that the person with the lowest number of votes will go home tonight, or they can choose that NO ONE goes home —- but two people will go home next week. They each get a ballot to cast their vote. And then we go to commercial for them to decide. OMG, what?

The anonymous vote from the Top 5 is in and we would guess all of them will vote for everyone to stay another week. The votes are coming in and it is a yes, yes, yes, NO! And another no vote! We don’t know who voted for what, but this means someone will go home tonight.

The person who will be leaving American Idol tonight is… Sam Woolf! Wow, that was very dramatic! We really did not expect it to be Sam this evening. Neither did Jessica apparently. She looked very surprised! We thought it would be Jessica, and we certainly didn’t expect this crazy twist!

Sam has got to be feeling kind of pissed off right now that two people voted to make sure he didn’t get to stay another week… unless he was one of those voters.

American Idol 2014 Results: Top 5 Elimination


Bottom Two:

Eliminated: Sam Woolf