American Idol 2016: Ranking The Top 14 (Part 1)

Last week we saw as the American Idol 2016 judges got to work on assembling the Top 14. La’Porsha Renae, Sonika Vaid, Gianna Isabella, Avalon Young, Thomas Stringfellow, MacKenzie Bourg and Jeneve Rose Mitchell were announced as the first half of the Top 14. And since we’re still days away from the rest, I couldn’t wait to start ranking the Top 14, so let’s do it in halves also.

Sonika Vaid in Top 24

I’m going to rank those seven from greatest potential to least potential.

1 Sonika Vaid. I keep singing her praises, but I just have a good feeling about her. I think if she loosens up a bit, she will be the best performer this season.

2 Thomas Stringfellow. What I like most about Thomas is how real he is. He is a true artist and he’s one of the most unique contestants we’ve seen this season.

3 La’Porsha Renae. I think La’Porsha has the best vocals hands down. Her power and soul are unmatchable. But I’ve yet to see any diversity in her performances, so right now she comes in third.

4 MacKenzie Bourg. He’s got the look and the presence and he’s a pretty solid vocalist, too. I still think I’d pick Thomas over him, but there’s still something special about this guy.

5 Avalon Young. I’m not a fan of her style, or lack thereof, but I think she’s got a great voice and some originality to her.

6 Jeneve Rose Mitchell. She’s weird and she has to knock off that look she’s got going, but she’s a true musician.

7 Gianna Isabella. It’s possible I’m being unfair to Gianna since I’m so tired of hearing about her mother, but I just can’t see what they’re seeing. Her vocals are just OK and her immaturity shows through when she’s performing.

How would you rank the first half of the Top 14?