American Idol 2016: Ranking The Top 14 (Part 1)

Last week we saw as the American Idol 2016 judges got to work on assembling the Top 14. La’Porsha Renae, Sonika Vaid, Gianna Isabella, Avalon Young, Thomas Stringfellow, MacKenzie Bourg and Jeneve Rose Mitchell were announced as the first half of the Top 14. And since we’re still days away from the rest, I couldn’t wait to start ranking the Top 14, so let’s do it in halves also.

Sonika Vaid in Top 24

I’m going to rank those seven from greatest potential to least potential.

1 Sonika Vaid. I keep singing her praises, but I just have a good feeling about her. I think if she loosens up a bit, she will be the best performer this season.

2 Thomas Stringfellow. What I like most about Thomas is how real he is. He is a true artist and he’s one of the most unique contestants we’ve seen this season.

3 La’Porsha Renae. I think La’Porsha has the best vocals hands down. Her power and soul are unmatchable. But I’ve yet to see any diversity in her performances, so right now she comes in third.

4 MacKenzie Bourg. He’s got the look and the presence and he’s a pretty solid vocalist, too. I still think I’d pick Thomas over him, but there’s still something special about this guy.

5 Avalon Young. I’m not a fan of her style, or lack thereof, but I think she’s got a great voice and some originality to her.

6 Jeneve Rose Mitchell. She’s weird and she has to knock off that look she’s got going, but she’s a true musician.

7 Gianna Isabella. It’s possible I’m being unfair to Gianna since I’m so tired of hearing about her mother, but I just can’t see what they’re seeing. Her vocals are just OK and her immaturity shows through when she’s performing.

How would you rank the first half of the Top 14?




  1. 1. La Porsha – she can sing anything, has power, sensitivity and groove and I see a lot of diversity in her performances
    2. Avalon – Kinda unique, she knows herself, great voice and great attitude
    3. Mackenzie – great voice and style
    4. Thomas Stringfellow – true artist
    5. Sonika – beautiful voice but she is kinda boring, no surprises, it’s always the same type of ballads – she’s the next pia toscano according to me (beautiful voice, praised but the audience is gonna get bored)
    6. Jeneve – True artist also but maybe a little more immature
    7. Gianna Isabella – I like her joyful spirit, her voice is OK but she has nothing special (compared to the other contestants)

  2. Top 14 (Part I) Power Rankings
    1. MacKenzie Bourg (He has the looks and voice to carry him a long long way, he will make top 5 no problem, reminds me of Sam Wolf but better voice and stage presence).
    2. La’Porsha Renae (Voice, Stage Presence… I would rank her first but at this point in time MacKenzie seems to have a larger social following. Watch for La’Porsha to be the most consistent competitor as Caleb was two years ago).
    3. Jeneve Rose Mitchell (Obviously the most unique this year, recent seasons lead me to believe that her style in and of itself will carry her through the first few rounds)
    4. Sonika Vaid (Best natural voice, but her stage presence and comfort may be her downfall… she definitely has potential)
    5. Avalon Young (She’s good, but the tom-boy thing has not worked for female contestants in the past, American Idol fans tend to be very superficial, watch for her to be an underdog, i’m fairly positive she won’t win).
    6. Thomas Stringfellow (The Alex Preston of the season, but not as talented. The style only appeals to a fraction of AI fans and the squeeks and moans will get annoying, he’s not bob dylan)
    7. Gianna Isabella (AI producers are promoting her too much which could backfire, she’s overrated but has potential)

  3. 1. Sonika- I could see her winning the whole thing.
    2. Gianna- I’m sorry I don’t understand what you aren’t seeing in her
    3. Mackenzie
    4. LaPorsha
    5. Avalon- could possibly be a dark horse.
    6. Thomas
    7. Jeneve- really don’t know how she’s gotten this far

  4. Ridiculous that Stephany didn’t make it, she was 2nd best to Sonika. Unfortunately, I think the fix is in for LaPorsha. Great voice but not nearly the best performer.

  5. 1. Avalon Young – has the voice of an idol. very strong performances all-around. her voice will take her all the way to the top. her style is impeccable. she’ll stay true to herself. definitely a dark horse in the competition.
    2. La’Porsha Renae – damn, this woman can sang her behind off!! shut the stage down when she performed with Fantasia.
    3. Mackenzie Bourg – cute as can be, appeals to girls and young women. voice is very strong.
    4. Gianna Isabella – surviving off her mother’s connections.
    5. Thomas Stringfellow – only because he’s cute. voice is not strong enough for an american idol.
    6. Sonika Vaid – lackluster voice, no stage presence.
    7. Jeneve Rose Mitchell – shouldn’t have made it past the top 51.

  6. Someone consistent and creative should win (jenn or mackenzie maybe), not a robot with a pretty voice. Also that winner very much should be able to write their own lyrics. I think LaPorsha is great, but i hope she’ll learn that practicing a little restraint will be impactful for her singing and performance, the true splendor of her voice will emerge through that mastery. She tries a little too hard to make every line loud and succulent. Like really good cake with too much icing.

    4.the rest
    5.jordan. i shave my legs in the bathtub to that celine dion song.

  7. Idol is looking for a “Bookend” for Kelly Clarkson. With that in mind I have to think of what will sell and most of these contestants..good as they are, won’t. These aren’t in order of who I think should be there-Just my thoughts on each contestant at this point:
    1.Sonika- Best natural voice but as already noted, another Pia, great voice but always sounds like she’s singing the same song.
    2. Thomas-Artistic but that cutting off notes and ending each line with a squeak is already making me cringe.
    3. Avalon-Nice voice, nothing outstanding and for me her biggest “thing” is that she is the tomboy who has no intention of changing.
    4. Brenda K. Star (sorry I meant Gianna)- Enough said. A little too much push for who her mom is and not who she is which is average.
    5. Jeneve-I get that she’s different and and dances to her own drum, but I think TOO different for what Idol says they are going for. I really don’t understand how she is still there. Totally random confusing arrangements and I’m just never sure if that was even the key she meant to be singing in.
    6. LaPorsha- Great voice, no denying it but not every song has to be a powerful top of the range belting it out and holding the long notes full of runs. I’m already bored. I’m just glad she has a good personality and really seems to enjoy herself on stage. It holds my interest.
    7. Mackenzie- He’s the only one in this group that to me sounds current, has the look that young music buyers are looking for and has that alternative soft artistic quality that today’s hit makers such as Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Lorde, etc all seem to possess.

    That’s not to say some of the other singers aren’t great, but a bookend for Kelly means a radio success story. Another Kelly, Carrie, Adam, Daughtery, etc. Sure Hoping some of them surprise me and change my mind as we keep going!

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