American Idol 2013 Episode 9 Hollywood Week Live Recap: The Girls Are Up


Tonight the girls take center stage on American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week. And even though they’re split Hollywood Week up by gender, they’re all shooting for the same goal: The American Idol 2013 Top 40. And yes, that’s 20 guys and 20 girls.

The guys weren’t so amazing last week, so let’s see how the girls do.

Hollywood Week Standouts (The Girls)

Sudden Death Round

Mariah Pulice. I’m not sure of the song, but her performance was solid.

Angela Miller. She seems a little irritating, but she’s got a great voice and the look, so she’s the complete package.

Victoria Acosta. Her version of “Killing Me Softly” wasn’t that great at first, but then it improved. She says she’s a storyteller singer, so it’ll be good to see her make it through.

Angela and Victoria make it through to the group round, but Mariah is cut.

Rachel Hale. Country girl and early fan favorite took to the stage and continued to impress everyone with her great tone and range. Expect Rachel to go far in this thing.

Janelle Arthur. The other star country girl went up right after Rachel and she brought a different side to country. Her sound is more old-school and I like it. Can they both make it the contest?

Janelle and Rachel both go through to the next round. Looks the battle of the country girls will continue.

Candice Glover. Candice continues to shine bright. We’re only a few auditions in but I can say that she’s the best of the night so far.

Megan Miller. Candice was a hard act to follow, but Megan did it. Her version of “Titanium” was great for a performance with no music.

Candice moves on to the next round, but Megan is cut.

Isabelle. It’s just Isabelle now. No last name. Diva. So I’m annoyed by that. But I guess her audition was good. And she’s on to the next round.

Kez Ban. Quirky contestant Kez had a strong audition and set the internet abuzz, but her audition tonight was not that good. Was it because she was sick? Will the judges care?

Brianna Oakley. Her performance was pretty solid. A bit boring, but solid vocals.

Kez and Brianna are both on to the group rounds.

Group round

Swagettes (Kamaria, Melinda Ademi, Candice Glover, Denise Jackson). Their version of Hit Em Up Style was very entertaining. And of course Candice Glover was the standout star of this group. Great job. They’re all through to the next round.

Raisin’ Cane (including Lauren Mink, Brandy Hotard). Their version of “Sin Wagon” was fun and upbeat and the vocals were all pretty solid. They’re all on to the next round.

Almost Famous (including Savannah Votion, Lizz Weiss, Daysia Hall). Wow. Their version of “Somebody That I Used to Know” was HORRIBLE. Missed lyrics, bad harmonizing, bad vocals. Ack. Only Daysia moves on. And she shouldn’t have. They all should have been cut.

The Dramatics (including Kriss Mincey, Janel Stinney, Cristabel Clack). Well, that was interesting. Some of it was great and some of it was horrible. Cristabel was clearly the standout. For some reason they’re all on to the next round.

Poosnaps or Boosnaps? (Zoanette Johnson, Erin Christine, Lauren Bettes, Isabelle). I just have to say I still love Zoanette. A lot. I’d send her all the way to the end and I’d vote for her to win. Like a trillion times I’d vote. Lauren is cut. The others move on.

The Dolly Chicks (Brittnee Kellogg, Kree Harrison, Brandy Neely, Haley Davis). Their version of “Sin Wagon” wasn’t as good as the one earlier, but it was a pretty solid performance aside from the obvious bad seed, Haley. Only Brandy is cut and that’s PREPOSTEROUS! Haley should not have gone through and Brandy 100 percent should have.

The Misfits (Kez Ban, Angela Miller,  Breanna Steer, Janelle Arthur). Their rendition of “Be My Baby” was very entertaining and well-performed. Kez was a little off because she kind of refused to be a part of the group, but other than that it was great. They’re all put through to the next round.

Up tomorrow: Solo round!





  1. Tell Randy stop acting racist, if he whoops and yells for the blacks, then yell for the whites equally

    • If you keep repeating that statement ad nauseum it only makes yourself sound racist. I think we got your point the first time.

    • Different this years to say the least. Some of the girls made it threw humming….how? Need to keep the standards the same for everyone no matter race. If you give one a break then they all should be given a break. The standards are different for each girl what is up with that? The show is not what it used to be.

  2. haven’t seen the show yet (recorded it) but after seeing the boys last week i wasn’t impressed. so far no one has blown me away. is the talent pool diluted?? and the judges leave a lot to be desired

  3. Brandy was definitely robbed in that cut… She did what Nicki praised other contestants for doing when they forgot the words– SHE PERFORMED. No rhyme or reason– but just like this sweet 17 year old said, GRACIOUSLY, as she left, “When it’s your time, everything will come together.” A true class act! Maybe too good for Idol 🙂

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